Life Is a Test (a poem)

Life is a test of our spiritual strength, in Him we can rest no matter the length;

If trials are drips and we let them grow cold, our love is like icicles as we grow old;

Our journey through life has many a trial, let’s not be like Eve the serpent beguiled;

The Son is our strength who gives living water, and we are like clay in the hands of the potter;

When hearts cannot thaw and Ill feelings we meet, its worst than the tares infesting the wheat;

Proverbs says hatred stirs up strife, but not how it ruins a man and his wife;

But then it says love covereth all sin, through Him we can bring it out from within;

He healed the blind man and we can be too, He said according to faith be it unto you;

This really hits hard the biblical truth, it’s only through faith our life is moved;

I can’t stress enough our strength through the Son, It’s just like it says in Matthew 21:21;

Lets conquer this beast old Satan the devil, so we can begin to live life on the level;

Were struggling and drowning and deep in the mud, when we have victory through the cross and Christ’s blood;

Satan is boiling us ready for stew, let God’s word and faith stick us together like glue;

God shows us the future is in his hand, but a house divided against it self shall not stand;

I know we can do it through patience and love, and courage and strength that comes from above;

Time does not heal but love is the cure, our diligent faith and trust will secure;

The timeless commitment we made at the start, let faith in the Lord Jesus heal our Heart;

Oh how silly it is to think we're in the last days, but look how were tempted and led so astray;

Jesus talked about the days of old, how the love of many shall wax cold;

In Matthew 24:12   I dare to say, He spoke the truth about a coming day;

And because iniquity shall abound, what is iniquity, just look around;

The love of many shall wax cold, as born again Christians, is this our story told?

Oh how easy it seems to defend, instead of reaching out as a best friend;

Difference of opinions aren’t so bad, can we feel different without getting mad?

Walking in our great Lord’s shadow, how we act will prove what we know;

Jesus showed us his example, now it’s time we show our sample;

How we’ve learned to set aside, all our arrogance and pride;

How in love and peace we act, keeping our family's intact;

By Mark Aldrich (c)


My hope for you is that you have had a prayer of salvation,
and if you haven't and you want to ask Christ into your heart and life,
then I offer these words for you to repeat,
but only if your heart is sincere,
because God knows it if you're not.

Dear God, I now know I have needed you and have
rejected your calling, so today, right now, 
I ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and my life, 
and forgive me from all past sin and Lord cleanse me 
from my unrighteousness. I believe that Jesus was 
crucified for my sin, died, and was buried and rose from
the dead according to the scriptures. I want you forever more
to be my guide and I want to follow you as a believer. 
I ask for your strength to change my heart and 
my earthly ways so that I can become a better 
child in your kingdom. Show me how to depend 
on you in all things. And show me how to do 
your will in my life. I thank you and pray this 
prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

April 19th, 2009 - 11 rev.