Communication the DNA of Life!

Today, I had an astounding revelation I feel from God about communication. I was in the shower and as usual, my mind wanders off to many things. I was thinking about a communication problem I was having with a certain person and I felt this inrush of wisdom from above and this is where my mind went next.

How did Jesus communicate to those around him?

First and foremost, with sincere truth, sometimes, so sincere and truthful people were shocked, offended and hurt, but it was the kind of communication with no errors.

The next thought process I had was about the human body and our nervous system communications. Without perfect central nervous system communication, our body starts to become sick, we get diseases in the form of our body not being able to do what comes natural and fight off foreign substances in our system.

I thought about my many visits to my chiropractor and how I felt after being adjusted. Most of the time when I got off the adjustment table, I felt like I just woke up from a nights sleep. Sometimes my head felt in a cloud, and my body felt much different. The nerve communication pathways had been opened again from being pinched off by my vertebrae.

Another example that came to my mind brought me back to the human factor. Without honest and sincere communication, and in some cases of course the actions to follow, we have wars. All of my sayings below could be defined in different ways.

The next thought I had was that of chemistry functions. Every element reacts to other elements in a precise way, it never varies. This is communication between elements and their natural position in the TABLE OF ELEMENTS.

The next thought I had was about biology. How do the processes of nano or pico cellular synthesis take place. Through nano or pico electrical chemical and biological communication. Without communication, there would be no transformations. So communication is the essence of life!

Before reading on, ask yourself, how has communication affected your life?

What does bad communication do?
What does good communication do?
How does no communication affect us?


Without communication friendships deteriorate. 

Without communication there is no knowledge.

Without communication there is no vision.

Communication is the essence of friendship.

Loneliness is quelled with communication.

Who can you know without communication?

Without communication there is no direction.

Communication promotes love and understanding.

Communication IS the essence to learning.

Communication is the meat in relationships.

Without communication there is no understanding.

Without communication hope is lost.

Rain waters the land, communication waters the soul.

Communication is music to the ears of the unlearned.

Like water and sun is to plants, so is communication to marriage.

Without communication, who can know?

If you care, communicate with the ones you love.

Without communication the world is a desolate place.

Love blossoms with communication.

By Mark Aldrich (c)

February 17th, 2010 - 10 rev.