Flora's Baptism

Many saved!

I have to say God sure knows what He is doing all of the time. We had several guests at Flora's baptism that Saturday the 14th of November, 2009.

As we sat before the service started I knew my wife's friends were going to show up, and so they did, there was Manda, Connie, Iris, Kathy and then Jenny. All were non-believers except for Jenny!

The service began and we sang some praise songs to our magnificent God. Then the baptisms started and my wife was fifth. As I sat there I was praying for all of the guest's that were non-believers to get saved. Oh, I forgot to mention that Ricky, Edwin and Flora's sister were part of the guests and onlookers. As the service progressed, I continued to pray for the individual testimonies to have an affect on the spectators. Several of the people getting baptized exhibited tears while they were testifying of their experience and what brought them to this point.

I am observing the faces of our guests and they were very serious and some I could see were being touched by the stories. However I would not know how much until later. There seemed to be 13 participants getting baptized and the last one, an older gentleman had cried giving his testimony, the speaker who was hosting the service started to talk again. Now understand this, it was all in Guangdong Wah and I understood nothing.

Now I figured he would give an alter call as our church is very consistent at that and we have many come to Christ on Sundays. So, as the speaker progressed, I noticed one of our assistant pastors had made his way to our side of the church as I had chosen to be right up front to video Flora going under the water and coming up a new person in Christ. So as the pastor motioned in an inviting way, as to say, why don't you come and make Christ your Lord, to my surprise, Ricky, Edwin, and Joven, Flora's sister all slowly rose and started to walk toward the front of the stage just a short distance. I still did not completely know what was happening as I had no interpreter. When the pastor motioned to Flora's friends, Kathy, Iris, Connie and Manda, they kinda motioned with their hands that they were not ready.

At that point I got up to support my family and made my way to the front of the church. Well it was only a matter of minutes and I looked over and there was the four friends, who came to support their good friend Flora, all standing at the front of the church. The speaker than shortly led all through a sinners prayer to receive Christ as their personal savior. I don't know what happened, but I praise God for his ushering of the friends and my family.

I confirmed afterward that all four friends, Joven, Flora's sister, my non-believing step sons, all got saved that night. God is Mighty!