Alone in Time (a poem)

Why alone as I grow old, it seems that people's love grows cold;

Every one I me
et seems all complete, with kids or life they live alone;

Older folks don't want to chance, another broken, fumbled romance;

They'd rather think it's too much hassle, and grow old with a little hassle;

That means sharing, and facing the music, with a person, not so amusing;

What’s the problem, we all have pride, but how to humble our self inside;

Here's a thought, God made them at the beginning, woman for man, and man for woman;

But selfishness it seems to rein, and bitterness has all the gain;

Broken hearts, relationship woes, people stepping on our toes;

But what the hay, we were meant, to be together, straight or bent;

This I mean the bible told, how in the end, the love of many shall wax cold;

Why is this, old people stay, all alone with bitter ways?

Yes, most been married a time or two, so what does that have to do;

It makes one think that it's a shame, to keep on trying, just the same;

It's not our fault, people change; it's not our fault they re-arrange;

Maybe doctrine wasn't kept; their foundation was quite inept;

Couldn't find the right person, maybe we weren't taught that kind of discernment;

Did our parents teach us right, or did we learn through error and plight?

Any way we’re now like bones, cursed to walk our life alone;

Because our trust has taken a hit, mankind has ruined most of it;

Words don't show in-consistency, even behavior is lax, hind sight was 20-20;

Now dare we get involved, with people we can't judge at all?

Even mature Christians make us doubt, cause their self-wills have caused them faults;

Here I sit, I've learned my lesson, my ex's Christian maturity really lessened;

You married someone with a sure foundation, but when it gets tough, their like a foreign nation;

On your side when things are good, when bad, they treat you like Satan;

Taking sides of those who flaunt, and whine to get anything they want;

Stead of standing firm with God, they run in the way relief is found;

No convictions, senses dulled, faith is lost, where's their trust in God?

Why are covenants of marriage lost, through secular courts ruling default?

When God was the creator of the first covenant, and marriage followed heaven sent;

This is serious, can't you see, you just don't quite in difficulty;

No just excuse we create in our mind, justifies actions of the blind;

We can't justify a no fault divorce, through our stubborn or backsliding force;

Wading knee deep in sin, we will pay through consequences from HIM;

No matter what our excuse or justification feeling abused;

Usually we are both at fault, whether words or actions sink the boat;

God requires reconciliation, after forgiveness has been insinuated;

Repentance and sincere hearts are required, to heal the hurts and re-light the fire;

Love is important awaking sincere desire, of two hearts grown spiritually tired;

God's strength is made perfect in our weakness, but can we overcome our human weakness?

Living alone for years is not the answer, self sacrifice and humility is the answer;

Don't give up on God in despair, because He knows just how to repair;

Our broken marriages and our personal despair, giving us love in amounts so rare;

Let's in faith confess our faults, and experience the miracles our Father wants;

By Mark Aldrich (c)

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July 9th, 2009 - 13 rev.