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Antartica the home of the manmade U.F.O

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Antarctica Mysteries

Wait until you hear all the unusual things that have been happening in Antarctica. A few easy to research facts, will leave you wondering, what on Earth is going on down there? Antarctica has been visited mysteriously by many of our world leaders, including John Kerry during Obama’s election. The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church also visited Antarctica. This was after Russia’s navy went to Saudi Arabia to pick up and deliver an ancient Ark to Antarctica. Buzz Aldrin – Antarctic Pyramid. Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut who walked on the moon, went to Antarctica and had to be emergency medically evacuated out of there. Now this part is controversial. He supposedly tweeted on his Twitter account when he got back, “We are all in danger, it is Evil Itself”, and showed a picture of the Antarctic Pyramid. Then the tweet was erased, and that become the conspiracy theory, some claiming it was a fraud and never happened. You guys can decide on this one, but after you hear all the other weird things going on in Antarctica, you might wonder, could this possibly be true?

The Ark of Gabriel. A powerful weapon.

One of the strangest stories in recent times though, with Antarctica, is with what many think is the Ark of Gabriel. First we should start with how they found it, and the crazy events that occurred when they tried to remove it. This is what makes people believe it’s the Ark of Gabriel. So here’s the story. Underneath the Masjid al-Haram mosque, the holiest place in Islam, they found what looked like the legendary weapon, that is known as the Ark of Gabriel. When they tried to remove it, in September of 2015, there was a huge lightning, or plasma emission, that reportedly injured 107 victims. There was a second attempt to remove the Ark 13 days later, which resulted in a much larger plasma emission, this time killing between 2000 to 4000 people, depending on the news source. The Saudi authorities blamed it on a stampede, and the panic of the crowd. Although the injuries didn’t support this, and the witnesses described what made the people fall to the ground, as being a huge electrical discharge. The emmisaries from the Grand Mosque then reached out to the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. It’s unusual that Saudi Arabia would ally with Russia, but the Russian Orthodox Church was in possession of an ancient document known as, Gabriels Instructions to Muhammad. this may have had instructions on how to safely approach the Ark of Gabriel.
So how does this fit in with Antarctica?

Russia transports the Ark to Antarctica. In December of 2015, The Admiral Vladimiski, a Russian Navy Research vessel, arrived in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, this mysterious meeting of Russia and Saudi Arabia was called a business trip by officials, others say that they picked up the Ark of Gabriel and gave it safe transport to the Antarctica. One thing is for certain, the Russian vessel Admiral Vladimiski did go to Saudi Arabia’s port of Jeddah at the end of 2015, and then made it’s trip to Antarctica. It’s difficult to find exactly what was loaded on the ship. One thing you should question though, is the timing. Just after they find this object that many believe is the Ark of Gabriel, is when this happens. Is this just a coincidence? Keep in mind that Russia and Saudi Arabia are not the best of friends.

Pope Francis & Patriarch Kirill’s historic meeting.

To make this even more interesting, in February of 2016, the Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox church, met with Pope Francis in Cuba. Patriarch Kirill then left for Antarctica. Keep in mind, these two have never met before. The Pope is said to have given Kirill, some sort of ancient manuscript. It’s uncertain of the entirety of the material in the manuscript, but they absolutely did exchange documents. Then Kirill rushes off to Antarctica afterwards. It’s interesting that the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Churches have not met in nearly 1000 years. Now they meet, and Patriarch then Kirill goes to Antarctica. Coincidentally, this all happened right after Russia transported, what’s believed to be the Ark of Gabriel to Antarctica. Between the Ark of the Covenant, and the Ark of Gabriel, many believe it was the Ark of Gabriel that was the most powerful, of the two legendary ancient weapons.

World leaders quietly visit Antarctica.
Now back to all the world leaders and famous people, who have made quiet visits to Antarctica. There are the ones we already mentioned, John Kerry, Buzz Aldrin and Patriarch Kirill. To add to this list we have Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Harry, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Admiral Byrd of Operation High Jump, just to name a few.

Admiral Byrd – Operation High Jump.
If your wondering, Operation High Jump was an operation starting in 1946, where United States Navy sent 4700 troops, 13 ships and 33 aircraft to the Antarctica. The official story of why they came back was bad weather. But then, in the March 5th 1947 edition of the El Mercurio newspaper of Santiago, Chile. Quoted Admiral Byrd in an interview with Lee Van Alta, where Byrd stated that, it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. Byrd then stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly, but it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war, the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.So this begs the question, if Admiral Byrd returns from the Antarctic with statements such as these… Anyone here think it was really, bad weather that made them turn around?

A huge crack in Antarctica.
Here’s something else that is going on in Antarctica right now, it’s called operation ice Bridge. There is a huge crack running through the ice that is very impressive to look at. The piece that is breaking off is about the size of New York City.

History Channel – Antarctic Pyramids.
A documentary from Ancient Aliens on the History Channel asks questions about the pyramids in Antarctica. They asked if there were made by an ancient civilization, or maybe ancient astronauts or aliens. They then question whether Antarctica was always covered in ice or not, because there’s a 500 year old map depicting antarctica with no ice.

The entrance to hollow Earth?
Another one of the Ancient Aliens episodes, asks about Antarctica’s connection to the hollow Earth, and they include Admiral Byrd’s description of the South Pole. Byrd reportedly had a journal, where he described a lush green area in the center of Antarctica, with an entrance into the Earth, and advanced beings. Very few people have ever been able see this area. Even the satellite images are either whited or blacked out there. The reason they generally give for this is, that the satellites can not fly directly over the poles because of the magnetism. The only problem with this is, the true magnetic South, is no longer any where near the blacked out areas. Signal anomalies from Antarctica strengthening hurricanes? Many people have noticed these massive signal anomalies on the MIMIC map that appear to be coming from Antarctica. What’s concerning about this is, they are usually directed towards an area with hurricanes, and they are noticeably strengthened while the signal passes them. There have also been reports of large earthquakes as these huge signal anomalies emanate from Antarctica’s direction. Unfortunately the MIMIC map doesn’t go low enough to see exactly which part of Antarctica these signals are coming from. I’ve included a video from DAHBOO77 where he really makes a convincing arguement for this, the video does show without a doubt the eyes of both hurricane John, and hurricane Hector, increasing in strength at the exact same time as the signal goes between the two hurricanes.

You might remember when hurricane Hector in 2018 was heading for Hawaii, and grew unusually fast and strong in a part of the Pacific Ocean that this doesn’t generally happen. Did this signal coming from what appears to be Antarctica help to fuel hurricane Hector? This video was the most convincing that I’ve seen of the signals coming from Antarctica, how the hurricanes both immediately strengthened as the waveform passed. Maybe it was too convincing though, because it has been removed.
Below, you can still see an image from the video, notice the two bright dots in the center of the hurricanes, they both lit up and the storms strengthened immediately after the signal passed. I had to replace it with another one from DAHBOO77, Which is good in a different sense, he shows the general area they seem to be coming from, and tells a little bit about the base. It’s the base near the Antarctic pyramid, called Princess Elisabeth Station. Here’s the video.

( Video from DAHBOO77 of Massive Signal Anomalies coming from Antarctica. )

I have to wonder, just how much power it would take to create a signal so large that it would show up on the MIMIC map like that? Especially if it has the ability to fuel hurricanes. I guess we can add this to the long list of Antarctica’s mysteries.

Antarctica’s huge gravity anomaly.

In 2006, NASA satellites detected a very large and unusual gravity anomaly, deep underneath the ice of Antarctica. This tells us there is something massive down there, it’s about 300 miles across, but even at that size, it’s a mystery how it can effect the gravity like that. This was found in a part of Antarctica called Wilkes Land, and is now known as the Wilkes Land Gravity Anomaly. The most common belief is, that it was an asteroid twice the size of the Chicxulub asteroid that is blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs. If this is true, it could be the asteroid that they believe caused the Permian Triassic extinction that killed 96 percent of the life in the oceans, and 70 percent vertebrate organisms that lived on land. Truth is, they really don’t know for certain, what this object is. This for the time being, is only the best guess. There are a lot of other theories, such as an underground civilization of either fallen angels, or aliens. There’s even a popular theory, that I touched on above, about it having something to do with the entrance to the Hollow Earth.

This was reported as being in Admiral Byrd’s diary, about his exploration of a part Antarctica that few have ever seen, even to this day. It was described as a tropical like area of Antarctica, with an entrance into the Earth and highly intelligent beings inside. This journal is controversial, however, he has made claims to reporters that were put in print, of some pretty incredible claims, that would seem to support this. I mentioned these comments from Admiral Byrd, that he made to a reporter from the El Mercurio newspaper of Chile, above in the Admiral Byrd, Operation High Jump section earlier on this page.

Hitler’s obsession with Antarctica.
Then there is all the Nazi interest in Antarctica, and Hitler being obsessed with it, and sending his U-boats there. The rumored secret Nazi base is still a mystery, there is plenty of proof of all of the German activity that was going on there. But no left over proof of a secret Nazi base. Keep in mind though, what happened to our Navy and Admiral Byrd, when they tried to get to close to certain areas. Maybe everyone’s afraid, or unable, to get to this legendary Nazi base. One thing is for certain about Antarctica though, countries do not want to fight over it, and regular people are not just allowed to visit the interior of the massive continent. It is very regulated. There seems to be a cloud of secrecy and mystery surrounding this piece of ice. What do you think? Is there more going on in Antarctica than we’re told?


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