Collective Power V

Let's look now how we can start to untangle the web of connections that have seemingly infiltrated our lives.

We are dependent on services that have been deemed to be essential, let me name a few.

Electric companies...                                 City and municipal water supply...                          City and municipal gas supply...

City sewer services...                                 Phone services...                                                     Internet services...

Cable TV services...                                   
Satellite Dish services...                                           Banking services... 

Savings,Checking, loan, mortgage...etc.   Investment services, stocks, mutual funds, Treasury Bills, etc.

Petrol Stations... owned by big business and mostly dominated by 2 or 3 entities...

Food Chain supply businesses and the trucking industry that delivers them to the stores you do your retail purchasing at...

I can't list all sources of course these are just a basic list. So now if we decide strong enough to either radically drop the system control that has been thrown on us by the elitists and what is now called the Cabal in the mainstream independent media sources. Or you start to slowly withdraw the power that is being exercised over you!

A radical withdrawal would look something like this...

Stop paying creditors completely that hold any non-essential services that you have given access into your lives. Credit cards, credit services etc. Interest pays a lot of Cabal's bills and buy's influence in all areas of control.

Drop your usage of public services as much as possible, minimize your trips in your cars to reduce petrol costs. Reduce usage on any public utilities.

Here's a major move, stop letting the banks have your money!

You need to learn about fractional reserve banking laws. They do nothing but ruin our economy and create false profits, and false security! here's a link.. I suggest you watch them.

YouTube Video

Let me ask you a question, how much interest do you make from your monthly average? Then, if you do make any, who has to know at the end of the year? Yes, the IRS now exercises their control over your profits so they can collect their money! What would happen if you withdrew your money every payday and put it in a safe and instead went to your creditors and paid in cash and got a receipt? No electronic trail for the Cabal to watch you. 

No worry about ATM services and fees, no worry about banking fees every month. No charge card trails whether a fuel credit card, Visa, Master card etc.

YouTube Video

If you're living in the city, yes, it's convenient, but, you're dependent on city services. If you live in the country, you have your own well, your own sewer system. You can buy a generator, wind gen, solar panels, and have alternate backup power or even substitute the main power companies feed with your own.

If you really wanted to limit the use of the internet we're so dependent on, cancel your service and go to the coffee shops when you want to check your email or use your business access or connections to get it for free! Most of the time public libraries offer free access.

A slow withdrawal from the governments hand would involve paying off your credit cards and not getting new loans. It may be if you're younger and don't own a home, wait until you can pay for your house outright before you buy, then you only need to pay taxes!

Look how much money you would save over the life of a 30 year mortgage!

Buy your car outright with no payments! Pay cash for everything and stop using credit at all!

to be continued...

May 16th 2020 Rev- 3