I have to clarify that the united states has endeavored to advance as fast as they can with technology that can be used as a weapon against a foe and then they have also tested and used them on the civilian population.
So hang on to your hat as you view this particular page!

Our items of interest are the Directed Energy Weapons, they consist of a several types, Powerful Beamed Microwave, Electro-magnetic Pulse Waves, and SPL (sound pressure level) and frequency weapons.


Stories were flying around by several sources that the Paradise California fires were started with directed energy weapons. I ask you to view this video and pay particular attention to how far apart the fires are that burned buildings and ask yourself, "when a forest fire rages through an area, are any trees or other houses left standing?" Because, what I see in this video on Rumble is that the fires are far apart, and a lot of tress are still untouched that should have been burned up with any raging fire moving across an area!

They say the Paradise Fire was started by a camp fire, "REALLY?"

Devastation of Paradise Fire

Published November 14, 2018
I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you that the word on the street was that Paradise California was a community of visiting aliens and most of the houses burned belonged to them, and they had even said that beneath some or all of the houses were secret tunnels and passageways for the aliens to get to work everyday without drawing attention to the ones who didn't quite fit the humankind profile.

Now, I have some pictures that came from the website, http://stopthecrime.net/wp/2019/01/28/fire-in-paradise-images-in-the-smoke/ that show UFO's hovering in the smoke over a grocery store, you be the judge!

Because of the nature of the weapon, it has to be viewed at the original source, but here's the link!

YouTube Video


Superweapons | Particle Beam | General George Keegan

Cold War |This Week | 1977

Jul 3, 2019
Another restricted link, watch it in You Tube.

U.S. Air Force confirms electromagnetic pulse weapon

May 26, 2015

YouTube Video

Electromagnetic beam a new non-lethal weapon for US military Mar 15, 2012

Then there's the Microwave weapons!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Frequency weapons...

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LRAD - Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices

Sep 15, 2012

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Stealth Technologies

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