Genesis Mysteries

"Some Mysteries In Genesis"

There are many factual stories in Genesis that many people don't give much deep thought about, but rather give them over to surface meanings and assumptions.


For example, not many relate to what it says that one day is like a thousand years in Psalms and 2 Peter. Psalms 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8. I have to ask you a million dollar question!


Do you think God was in a hurry when he created heaven and earth?

Although I believe God is so intelligent he could have created heaven and earth in 6 of the Jewish calendar days, but, I think not because of how loving HE is, and how beautiful he made so many things on the earth before the devil deceived Eve and sin was made reality.

So there's one mystery we won't know about until Jesus returns.


I'll pose another million dollar question to you as long as I'm this close to the creation.

Since the earth seems to be made from matter that was floating around in the galaxy before God decided to form the earth. How long do you think the matter was floating around in space before it was formed into our round planet? 

So when some scientist or archaeologists date things at a few thousand, a million years old etc. Is it possible God used million year old sediments, asteroids, and dust in space to create an earth that in its current form may have only been made 6 to 10,000 years ago? Ponder that?


When God said, "Let there be light"! Was that the creation of the sun and the moon?, because those are our greater and lesser lights according to Genesis 1:16.


Our days are configured to be Evening and Morning, not day and night, Genesis 1:19.


Genesis 2:6 proves that there was never any rain in the beginning, the mist which came up from the ground was what watered all of the earth.

Genesis 1:10 is where the water is described to come up out of the earth to water the Garden of Eden and then was split up into 4 rivers going out all across the land.


Another couple of mysterious questions. 

At what age did God create Adam to be? And what kind of intelligence did he give him? 

Could an infant have been smart enough and mature enough to name all the plants and animals and then when God took a rib from Adam in deep sleep, did he also create Eve as an infant? 

What kind of intelligence did he instill in Adam's partner Eve? We can assume neither him or her now, were created as an infant huh?


Did God make any fierce creatures in the beginning? I think not! Was the serpent described as ugly looking in Genesis 3? 

It is described that Lucifer was created as the most beautiful creature of all and the pride from that made him cling to vanity and jealousy. Isaiah 14:13,14. Thus going down to earth and tempting God's perfect creation to try to gain control and destroy what God had made perfect. (perfect, but with a free will when I speak of Adam and Eve.)

You have to think about this, if you as a person, are not confronted with any negative temptation, would you sin? The devil knew he had to trick God's first man and woman to get them to fall from grace and ruin their perfect environment and relationship with God.


Genesis 6:2,4 when we read this, do you think there was any crime of rape in those days, did the daughters of men just automatically submit to these huge giants? 

In verse 2 it says they took unto them wives, but in verse 4 it just says the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men. The mystery is, how could a giant, procreate with a woman probably 2x or more smaller in stature than him?

For lack of knowledge we have to ask, if Jesus Christ was God's son, why are these giants described as the sons of God?

Except Jesus Christ is called the only begotten son of God. As in begotten by a woman, a virgin overcome by the Holy Ghost of God. The Nephalim (giants) were spiritual sons of God!


In Genesis 6:17, KJV God says; And behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and everything that is in the earth shall die.

So the fish that was in the water don't seem to be included in this end of the breathing creation flood. But, that didn't mean that all of the sea creatures would survive, because it is known that sea life has been dug out of extreme high places in some mountains and areas that were swept up in probably landslides as the earth was enveloped in water along with dinosaurs and the like.


May 16th 2020 Revision - 2