Harsh Reality

Here's a harsh reality, first, when it comes to man and woman relationships, nothing is more clear that, women only bond with men that can help them out in some way shape or form. Yes, they consider the future, and for some, real feelings are involved that would be considered to be "a part of the dream for family and marriage" but, the bottom line is, men don't have the same visions, projections or securities that women need in marriage and share.

God, has not given women responsibility in the spiritual realm, as He has committed to men. We are accountable for everything. God truly made the woman as a help meet, and never counted on the liberation movement that would raise them to a height of moral ingratitude, because of a sense of oppression, or lack of freedom. God, did not make women to have to be in a position of leading men, or  be accountable to God the way men are. The bible is clear, and while I don't agree with the way women are treated in societies that oppress them like in Saudia Arabia and Iran, women are to depend on their husbands, if they have one, and depend on God for their emotional needs that are not met by their husbands. The husbands should only be guided by God and if not, they should not oppress or manipulate their wives. God meant for everyone to be guided by HIM, husbands and wives, and to submit to HIM in everything.

Now, consider our muslim president Obama at this time, he, is burdened with all the screw ups of the past 10 presidents and for anyone to blame him for our current situation in the US is absurd! People, get real! The president of the United States no longer has complete control over the CIA, FBI, and any other covert operations that are initiated by individuals exercising their wills in a way that is out of control for the so called "good of America or for the good of the situation"! We have lost control of our own government and entities that operate under the so called auspices of the government. Our government works on the order of the Freemasons creating order out of chaos. Yes, they control us by causing things like 9/11 and wars in other countries, and if you don't believe me, do the research, it's all out on the web in bits and pieces. Creating the deception of terrorism much worse than it ever is, and using that to take away our personal freedoms in order to reach their one world agendas.

We are only isolated from the internal problems of rebellious conspiracies of civil war within our nation because no Americans can be brainwashed like in communist or right wing providence's/countries where some military leader has tried to use his control for personal gain. Our military doesn't have the patriotic influences that are present in oppressed and deprived areas of the world.

Not that there aren't people that would want to subjugate our municipalities or government, they just don't have enough influence or power. We are heading down a one way alley of indifference and intimidation of our so called democracy by world governments and we will end up giving into world dominance and influences that mean to bring equalization to all of the nations and peoples so as to dominate them in an unhealthy way because of the influence of satan.