Helper Stories & Hints

I didn't want to clog the other page with stories and not present the meat of the page and help without a lot of reading.

Here are stories I know to be fact!

Now my wife was a very experienced helper of 11 years when she took the job watching the invalid. She worked in Taiwan, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwait.

My wife worked for Taiwanese employers and said it was good except for being overworked!

In Qatar she worked for a politician who was a bad man and was offered a hand full, as in a stack of Qatar Rials if she would have sex with her employer. He offered her gold jewelry and things. She of course refused. After 1 year and five months she felt she had to run away. They arrested her and she was in jail for 2 weeks while the trials were going on, Finally they let her go home realizing her employer was very bad.

Then she went to Lebanon and had a employer who was the eldest son in the family. One time his father of about 70 years of age offered Elena a million USD just to sleep with him for 2 weeks lol! She of course refused. He showed her he had 14 billion in a bank account!
The eldest son employer also was trying to fuck her and gave her money and she would turn around and take it to his mother and the mother would confront the son about it. There was always war there at the time and after 1 year and 7 months she requested to go back home because of the war.

Her next job was in Kuwait. She worked for an employer with 2 other maids that Elena said they treated bad, but they treated her very good and she was like family and worked for them for 6 years with no problems. In fact they contact her on occasion and ask her to come back.

Then she ended up in Lam Tin, Hong Kong working for an employer to whom she watched their invalid sister, the husband of the couple tried on occasion to make sexual advances towards Elena. She said he was a bit crazy and she would just tell him , "I will tell Madam if you touch me!" The guy was so infatuated with Elena that he had her picture on his phone profile lol. He never touched her, and she on one occasion had a knife in her hand when he was near and talking and told him if he touched her she would cut him! She finished out this contract.

Her next job was in Fanling, Hong Kong caring for an elderly grandma who was in and out of a wheel chair and used to unexpectedly shit herself leaving a trail down the floor and often one of her shoes stuck in it. The employer didn't speak English and if Elena had an emergency or important thing to tell them, her only option was to call the daughter who was married and worked long days to ask to interpret and call her mom to give the message to her. The problem being the daughter was really not available during the day and only in the evening. The employer was very bad and mean and so just three months into it she broke her contract.

That's when I got involved with her job future and advertised her and played middle person asking employers questions where finally Elena found a Chinese Christian couple who were well off, but had 2 very misbehaved kids 4 and 8 years old who used to scream all the time and the older beat up on the younger and we suspected the younger had a mild type of autism. Yet, the employer wouldn't interview Elena at their house. She met the kids in Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui. I eventually saved her from this miserable job when I asked her to marry me. She ended up 6 months in the job.

I knew of another Christian helper who was being worked illegally and of course would not complain or try to change the situation, She cared for a 5 year old boy during the day, except of course when he started school, after cleaning their house in Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong she had to walk about 10 minutes to Olympic to another house and care for their elderly grandpa and clean his house too.

Another helper I helped and counseled was being verbally abused by her employer and intimidated and threatened. She told me her employer was constantly telling her she wasn't as good as other helpers they would see, and she didn't do her work good etc.

Recently I have counseled another helper who through an agency took a job with an employer she couldn't even communicate with, the employer was intimidating her and they dragged her to China from Hong Kong and made her clean other family houses while she was there and she didn't have a day off for abut 2 weeks. And the employer communicated I guess thru a relative and told her if she didn't clean the houses in China good she would terminate her when she got back to Hong Kong!

If you have a story you want to share, feel free to send it to - or - I will be happy to share it here on the website!