As individuals, what do we know about God and what do we expect?

Most of us don't have any idea how God works in our lives, or if we have a slight clue, we may have generalizations about it. I can tell you that, there is nothing general about your relationship with Christ! He knows you intimately because He created you in your mothers womb. Galatians 1:15,16

What we have to do is start realizing that we have our own, very personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Our walk with Christ is an incremental experience. The word incremental means, one step, one leading, one moment at a time.

What we have to do is develop our sense of hearing. Although God knows how to communicate to us so that we can obey Him, we don't know how to listen and recognize His still small voice. And, most of the time we're not even paying attention to HIM. We are busy trying to make a living, or have a good time, or please other people by our actions worrying about what other people think about, thinking it's important. What other people think about us is not only not important, it's irrelevant to our spiritual walk with God. Romans 2:11, James 2:1-10

If we are walking in Christ and in obedience to the Spirit, then other people will be lead to think good things about us because when we walk in the Spirit, we are sensitive and courteous to other people already. Romans 12:2,3

When we are walking in Christ, it's an unconscious walk because we are reflecting the mind and life of Christ in us and our fleshly, self-righteous and prideful spirit, which is the spirit of man, will have been over ruled by the Holy Spirit in us.

Now, how do we do this? First, we shouldn't focus on false ideas that are against biblical guidelines. Our pride is the first offense against the way the Holy Spirit wants to be able to lead us. We have to realize that even in situations where God has put us in a position of authority or prominence, we have to show humility! If we have not been put in one of those positions, then quit trying to be important or a big shot! We can be of more use to God as a nobody.

Think about this, when Jesus chose his disciples, did he go get people in society that were in a high position or prominent in society, NO! He chose tax collectors, fisherman, and others. These were people that showed little if any pride! They weren't highly educated. Now, that doesn't mean if your highly educated you can't be used. But, I can tell you, it will be a hindrance to your walk until you learn how to appropriately balance it against your spiritual life.

So as an individual, we are unique and God treats us that way. We can't be holding up a measuring stick and saying to our fellow Christians, if you just do this or do that, God will work through you. Our walk, our obedience, our faith, and our spiritual maturity and realizations are directly proportional to the lessons God has brought us through and our ability to learn through them and everyone is different.

A word of encouragement, if God takes you through a trial, tribulation or spiritual lesson, learn from it, apply it and don't forget it. When you get to the next stage(s) of growth, look back and remember what God has done already in your life, for you or through you and allow it to build and secure your walk of faith. You see, we tend to forget what God has shown us or done through us and then we fall back into some kind of doubt that causes us to disbelieve and we end up talking two steps forward and one step back, when we can just keep moving forward at each step and eventually come to the point in our walk that we get excited waiting to see what God will do next!

Hebrew 5:8, Romans 12:3

I want to tell you that God is in control of everything, so at any point in your life and different situations that confront you, no matter how unimportant they may seem, it's not disrespectful to ask questions of God. Sincerely pray in your spirit about whatever it is, and I guarantee you, sooner or later God will make it clear to you why. My experience has been that even as much as a year later, if something was of a sincere concern in my mind, He will eventually give me wisdom about it. Not every concern, every prayer, or every whim, will be addressed until God feels it's time.

God might see your in a full time job, and you're getting so stressed that your uptight. You know you want to change jobs, and so you pray about it and reach the point where you really feel God is leading you to resign, or if your under a contract, even if the employer wants you to renew, and you know there is a good amount of money that goes with it, but yet you feel God saying, resign, then follow the Lord's leading.

Sometimes you all of a sudden find your self working a part time job and not making the money that you once did and you say, but Lord, I know you lead me here, and I expected greater things to happen? God's answer is, wait on me my child, your time is coming. God may have wanted you to have some time to reflect on life and relax a little. Trust HIM, and eventually, He will open the greater door for you.

Here's some more encouragement, remember when we we're children? Can you remember when you were in total dependence upon your mom and dad? Do you remember when they told you something and you just accepted it as truth and waited for them to implement their statement or fulfill their promise? This is exactly how we need to obey our Father in Heaven.

In conclusion, everything, and I mean everything, is in His hands, don't question His wisdom, don't question His leading, don't walk by logic or common sense and take chances when God says go, if you do this, God will make His Will so clear, and His blessings will come with your obedience. I can't stress it enough, if God shows you the way, once you are sure it's His leading, don't hesitate one minute!

Romans 6:16-23

"Do It Yourself" — My Utmost For His Highest for 09/09/2012

Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. — 2 Corinthians 10:5

This is another aspect of the strenuous nature of sainthood. Paul says, "I take every project prisoner to make it obey Christ." (Moffatt.) How much Christian work there is to-day which has never been disciplined, but has simply sprung into being by impulse! In Our Lord's life every project was disciplined to the will of His Father. There was not a movement of an impulse of His own will as distinct from His Father's - "The Son can do nothing of Himself." Then take ourselves - a vivid religious experience, and every project born of impulse put into action immediately, instead of being imprisoned and disciplined to obey Christ.

This is a day when practical work is overemphasized, and the saints who are bringing every project into captivity are criticized and told that they are not in earnest for God or for souls. True earnestness is found in obeying God, not in the inclination to serve Him that is born of undisciplined human nature. It is inconceivable, but true nevertheless, that saints are not bringing every project into captivity, but are doing work for God at the instigation of their own human nature which has not been spiritualized by determined discipline.

We are apt to forget that a man is not only committed to Jesus Christ for salvation; he is committed to Jesus Christ's view of God, of the world, of sin and of the devil, and this will mean that he must recognize the responsibility of being transformed by the renewing of his mind.

"My Utmost for His Highest" was written by Oswald Chambers.


My hope for you is that you have had a prayer of salvation,
and if you haven't and you want to ask Christ into your heart and life,
then I offer these words for you to repeat,
but only if your heart is sincere,
because God knows it if you're not.

Dear God, I now know I have needed you and have
rejected your calling, so today, right now, 
I ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and my life, 
and forgive me from all past sin and Lord cleanse me 
from my unrighteousness. I believe that Jesus was 
crucified for my sin, died, and was buried and rose from
the dead according to the scriptures. I want you forever more
to be my guide and I want to follow you as a believer. 
I ask for your strength to change my heart and 
my earthly ways so that I can become a better 
child in your kingdom. Show me how to depend 
on you in all things. And show me how to do 
your will in my life. I thank you and pray this
prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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