Islam and Reality

I want to start out by saying I have studied all of the Major religions and several minor religions over the last 30 years and so when I speak about the subjects, I speak from an educational aspect first. My personal faith of choice is being a believer in Jesus Christ. But I am writing hoping to bring clarity to false religions and particularly Islam as it is the religion that has brought itself into the limelight here in the years 2014 and 2015 because of a radical group called ISIS.

The first thing I want to say is my heart is so grieved for anyone, no matter what you believe, if it is not the one true belief, and you're not going to heaven, I am saddened by this very much so. Now I know at this point that many will say, "how do you know you are right?" I say to you, read on!

I want to establish right away something that most lectures, converts, preachers and evangelists forget to mention when their giving their speeches, I became a born again believer in Jesus Christ and when I did, God gave me HIS spirit that resides inside of me and teaches me all things and allows me to rightly divide anything spiritual that comes across my pathway in life! I will not go into details or provide scripture for you at this time because I want to get to the main point, without side stepping the focus of this blog.

So the first accusation I want to put to rest from any Islamic readers, when you say, you can't know what we know, because you don't read the Quran in Arabic, is first, my God supplies the spiritual interpretation for me through the Holy Ghost, because I am a child of God and HIS word is Truth. He has power beyond anyone's comprehension and you can only know if you are a sincere born again believer.

You won't find me using the word Christian here because that is a false declaration of someone who may or may not truly have made a commitment to Jesus Christ! Unfortunately, like any religion, many can say, I am a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim/Islamist, whatever, but it begs the question of reality as to what makes you know for sure that's what you are?

You'll find as you read this blog, I deal in reality, I deal in spiritual logic, I deal in spiritual discernment with the awareness that allows me to know for sure if you are what you say you are! In anything, if you ask enough questions, you'll get the desired answers that allow you to make an informed and educated decision about anything!

Now, I'm going to try to keep my English as simple as I can because of the different level of English speakers that may read this blog. I'm not going to use big or complicated nouns in order to explain myself.

As of recent, the religion of Islam has exploded onto the world stage because of ISIS. This group who is destroying things that even Islam clerics and Imams hold dear is causing many to say that they, ISIS, don't represent Islam. Well, I have witnesses to the fact that they do! So at the bottom of this page and also in my blog commentary you will find several audio files and video files that rebuttal what many moderate Islamic representatives say.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Muslim whistle blowers reveal hypocrisy of Islam

& how Muslims exploit it onto non-Muslims.

These You Tube audios below are very short and concise explanations 2 to 5 minutes in length by an Islamic scholar and expert as to the creation of Islam, the structure of its belief system and the negative things about it. He, does not give Islam legitimacy as a religion or even a peaceful religion and if you listen, you will understand why!

I will let you continue this series by clicking on the You Tube video/audio that continue on instead of trying to post them all here!

I have several Muslim friends and I can speak to them amiably and they are all good persons. If you insist on asking them too serious of a question about Islam, or get into unknown territory, they become somewhat aggressive. 

Here's the reasons. I have learned first that they were brought up from a little boy or girl in their culture as a Muslim integrated into the Islamic faith. What this means is first, when they were about 6 or 7 years old their education started as an attendee in an Islamic school system. It goes on into their middle school and High school or secondary school education and some even into college.

Here's the problem. They are educated through fear and intimidation. First, they are not allowed to ask any questions that shine a negative light on Islam, nor cause others to doubt the truth in the Quran if they do, they are made to repent to Allah and ask for his forgiveness. Secondly, if you read the Quran which I have, it has very condemning statements about unbelievers, Christians, Jews, non-Muslims and back-sliding Muslims and goes as far to say to kill them if they don't accept Allah's writings or repent of their unbelief. How's that for keeping you inline and in the Islamic faith as a dedicated Muslim? 

YouTube Video

So, for a Muslim to even think about converting to any other religion, they have to decide if family rejection, threats of death, and alienation from their life long community is worth the change! To most, the answer is no! These kids were brainwashed into Islam and that's were they'll die.

Now I must add that the middle aged Islamic friends I have , have admitted that growing up and being educated in an Islamic school taught them about Islam. 

Everyone I've asked so far hasn't read the Quran all the way through and some have never taken the Islamic Oath as a new convert where they are saying Allah is god, Mohammad is his prophet and there is no other god but Allah! 

This is a tragedy because that means they really aren't a covenanted Muslim and they don't know about all the oppression stated in the Quran or the methods taught to kill "people of the book" and infidels etc. They don't know about the statements of little boys being the gems of the Imams, they don't know the Quran authorizes striking the woman when she is out of order according to the judgment of the husband.

They need to read the Hamas covenant to see how Hamas has interwoven the Quran into their covenant to use it to kill infidels of any faith or non-believers. If you're interested you can click on my link and go read it, I am not making it public on this website!

To go a bit further and deeper, if you listen to Walid Shoebat a converted Islamic terrorist to believer in Jesus Christ, he will tell you about Revelation in the bible and how the antichrist is of the Islamic Muslim faith. Which means that the spirit of Islam is the spirit of the devil which explains why a Muslim is so easily excited to anger and wrath if you question anything about their faith!

YouTube Video

You can watch Walid Shoebat at this You Tube link!

Ok, all that being said, lets take a look at the history of the Middle East in the last 50 years. What groups are against each other. Who is it that starts the conflicts? Who is it that can't live in peace, and yet claim that they worship within a religion of peace? Yeah, you guessed it! Let's make a list without the details of their stories!

Muslim Brotherhood who is against anyone who doesn't subscribe to their brand of Islam, Hamas against Israel, Hezbollah against Israel, Al-Qaeda against the Afghanistanis, Palestinians against Israel, Sunnis against the Shiites, Wahhabis against the Kurdish, Ala Whites against the Kurdish,.... 
All of these people are of the common core of Islam as in they read the same Quran, but like the protestants in America, they differ by minute variables but yet, WHERE IS THE PEACE??? You can read more about the Middle East here and see how many different ethnic and religious groups there are.

I created a webpage to accompany these last few comments to further the idea that Islam is anything but a peaceful religion. It is written by a Jesuit Catholic priest/professor and here's some of his information... it is at the bottom of this page - Subpages (1): On The "Reform" Of Islam

James Vincent Schall, S.J. (born January 20, 1928) is an American Jesuit Roman Catholic priest, teacher, writer, and philosopher. He was, most recently, Professor of Political Philosophy in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. He retired from teaching in December 2012, giving his final lecture on December 7, 2012, at Georgetown.[1] His final lecture was entitled "The Final Gladness," and was sponsored by the Tocqueville Forum. [2] Of his many publications his book Another Sort of Learning ("a reflection on different aspects of lifelong learning")[3] has been hailed as a stand out.[3] 

(further bio on James Vincent Schall, can be found here)..>

YouTube Video

I recommend any Muslim do the research. 

Listen with an open mind to some of the above videos and especially how Walid Shoebat explains it!

Here he is as a guest on It's Supernatural with a Jewish Christian Believer!

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