NWO Comm 300 RD 24

NWO Committee 300 Revelation Document


Academy for Contemporary Problems. 
Africa Fund. 
Agency of International Development. 
Albert Previn Foundation.  
Alliance Israelite Universalle American Civil Liberties Union American Council of Race Relations. 
American Defense Society. 
American Press Institute. 
American Protective League. 
Anti-Defamation League. 
Arab Bureau. 
Arab Higher Committee. 
ARCA Foundation. 
Armour Research Foundation. 
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus. 
Arthur D. Little, Inc. 
Asian Research InstituteAspen Institute. 
Association for Humanistic Psychology. 
Augmentation Research Center. 
Baron De Hirsh Fund. 
Battelle Memorial Institute. 
Berger National Foundation. 
Berlin Center for Future Research. 
Black Order. 
Boycott Japanese Goods Conference. 
British Newfoundland Corporation. 
British Royal Society. 
Brotherhood of Cooperative Commonwealth. 
 Bureau of International Revolutionary Propaganda. 
Canadian Jewish Congress. 
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York. 
Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. 
Center for Constitutional Rights. 
Center for Cuban Studies. 
Center for Democratic Institutions. 
Center for International Policy. 
Center for the Study of Responsive Law Christian Socialist League. 
Cini Foundation. 
Club of Rome. 
Committee for the Next Thirty Years. 
Committee of Fourteen. 
Committee on National Morale. 
Committee to Frame A World Constitution. 
Communist League. 
Congress of Industrial Organizations. 
Council on Foreign Relations. 
David Sassoon Company. 
De Beers Consolidated Mines. 
Democratic League of Brussels. 
East India Committee of 300. 
Economic and Social Control (ECOSOC). 
Environmental Fund. 
Environmetrics Inc. 
Esalen Institute. 
Fabian Society. 
Federation of American Zionists. 
Fellowship for a Christian Social Order. 
Fellowship of Reconciliation. 
Ford Foundation. 
Fordham University Institution Educational Research. 
Foundation for National Progress. 
Garland Fund. 
German Marshall Fund. 
Governing Body of the Israelite Religious Community. 
Gulf South Research Institute. 
Haganah. Harvard University. 
Hells Fire Club. 
Horace Mann League. 
Hudson Guild. 
Hudson Institute. 
Hudson Bay Company. 
Imperial College University of London. 
 Industrial Christian Fellowship. 
Institute for Brain Research. 
Institute for Pacific Relations. 
Institute for Policy Studies. 
Institute for Social Research.
Institute for the Future. 
Institute for World Order. 

Institute on Drugs, Crime and Justice. 
Inter-American Social Development Institute. 
International Institute for Strategic Studies. 
Interreligious Peace Colloquium. 
Knights of Malta. 
League of Nations. 
Logistics Management Institute. 
London Board of Deputies of British Jews. 
London School of Economics. 
Mary Carter Paint Company. 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Mellon Institute. 
Metaphysical Society. 
Milner Group. 
Mocatto Metals. 
Mont Pelerin Society. 
National Action Research on Military/lndustrial Complex. 
National Center for Productivity Institute. 
National Council of Churches. 
National Opinion Research Center. 
National Training Laboratories. 
New Democratic Coalition. 
New World Foundation. 
New York Rand Institute. 
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 
Odd Fellows. 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 
Order of The Golden Dawn. 
Oxford Univac. 
Pacific Studies Center. 
Palisades Foundation. 
Peninsula and Orient Navigation Company. 
Princeton University. 
Rand Corporation. 
 Rand School of Social Sciences. 
Research Triangle Institution. 
Rhodes Scholarship Committee. 
Rio Tinto Zinc Company. 
Riverside Church Disarmament Program. 
Round Table. 
Royal Institute for International Affairs. 
Russell Sage Foundation. 
San Francisco Foundation. 
Sharps Pixley Ward. 
Social Science Research Council. 
Socialist International. 
Socialist Party of the United States. 
Society for Promotion of Study of Religions. 
Society of Heaven (TRIADS). 
Soviet State Committee for Science and Technology. 
Stanford Research Institute. 
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 
Sun Yat Sen Society. 
Systems Development Corporation. 
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. 
Tempo Corporation. 
The High Twelve International. 
The Public Agenda Foundation. 
The Quality of Life Institute. 
Theosophist Society. 
Thule Society. 
Transatlantic Council. 
Trilateral Commission. 
U.S. Association of the Club of Rome.
U.S. Institute for Peace. 
Union of Concerned Scientists. 
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. 
Warburg, James P. and Family. 
Western Training Laboratories. 
Wilton Park. 
Women's Christian Temperance Union. 
Wong Hong Hon Company. 
Work in America Institute. 
World Council of Churches.

Aristotelian Society. 

Note: With the exception of the Basel Committee on Banking each of the above mentioned banks have been, and may still be involved in the drug, diamond, gold and weapons trade. * BCCI. This bank has been indicted on several charges of being heavily involved in drug money laundering throughout the world. Its structure girds every operation of the Committee of 300. 

Of interest is its corporate structure. BCCI Middle East Interests, 35% of stock held by: Ruling Families of: Bahrain. Sharjah. Dhubai. Saudi Arabia. and a group of Middle East businessmen. BCCI Cayman Islands 41%. Bank of America 24%. BCCI Cayman Islands and BCCI Luxembourg established Agency offices in Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. LEGAL ASSOCIATIONS AND LAWYERS American Bar Association. Clifford and Warnke. Coudert Brothers. Cravaith, Swain and Moore. Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher. 


Price, Waterhouse. 


Gets contracts from the National Institute of Health. 

Gets contracts from the U.S. Navy, analyzes data from satellites. 

Does work in the field of pollution control. 

Part of approximately 350 firms who conduct research and conduct surveys, make recommendations to government. They are part of what President Eisenhower called "a possible danger to public policy that could itself become captive of a scientifictechnological elite." 

Dedicates its work to what it calls a "national agenda." Wrote President Hoover's program, President Roosevelt's "New Deal," the Kennedy Administration's "New Frontiers" program (deviation from it cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson's "Great Society." Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so on behalf of the Committee of 300. 

Under the direction of Herman Khan, this institution has done more to shape the way Americans react to political and social events, think, vote and generally conduct themselves than perhaps any except the BIG FIVE. Hudson specializes in defense policy research and relations with the USSR. Most of its military work is classified as SECRET. (One idea during the Vietnam War was to build a moat around Saigon.) Some of its earlier papers were entitled "Stability and Tranquility Among Older Nations," and "Analytical Summary of U.S. National Security Policy Issues." 

Hudson prides itself on its diversity; it helped NASA with its space programs and helped to promote new youth fashions and ideas, youth rebellion and alienation for the Committee of 300, ostensibly funded by Coca Cola. Hudson may be quite properly classified as one of the Committee of 300's BRAIN-WASHING establishments. Some of its nuclear war scenarios make for very interesting reading and, if they can be obtained, I would recommend "The 6 Basic Thermonuclear Threats" and "Possible Outcomes of Thermonuclear War" and one of its more frightening papers entitled "Israeli-Arab Nuclear War." 

Hudson also does corporate advising for Committee of 300 companies, Rank, Xerox, General Electric, IBM and General Motors, to name but a few of them, but its really big client remains the U. S. Department of Defense which includes matters of civil defense, national security, military policy and arms control. To date it has not got into "wet NASA," that is to say, the National Oceanographic Agency. 

Is also known as the International Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences. This institute is definitely a brainwashing center based on Kurt Lewin principles which include socalled T-Groups (training groups), artificial stress training whereby participants suddenly find themselves immersed in defending themselves against vicious accusations. NTL takes in the National Education Association, the largest teacher-group in the United States. While officially decrying "racism," it is interesting to note that NTL, working with NEA, produced a paper proposing education vouchers which would separate the hard-toteach children from the brighter ones, and funding would be allocated according to the number of difficult children who would be separated from those who progressed at a normal rate. The proposal was not taken up. 

Founded by Eric Trist, one of the "brain trusts" of Tavistock, Wharton has become one of the more important Tavistock institutions in the U.S. in so far as "Behavioral Research" is concerned. Wharton attracts clients such as the U.S. Department of Labor -- which it teaches how to produce "cooked" statistics at the Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates Incorporated. This method is very much in demand as we come to the close of 1991 with millions more out of work than is reflected in USDL statistics. Wharton's ECONOMETRIC MODELING is used by every major Committee of 300 company in the United States, Western Europe and by the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Bank. Wharton has produced such note-worthy persons as George Schultz and Alan Greenspan. 

This is the institute set up by "brain trusters" from Tavistock Rensis Likert, Dorwin Cartwright and Ronald Lippert. Among its studies are "The Human Meaning of Social Change," "Youth in Transition" and "How Americans View Their Mental Health." Among the institute's clients are The Ford Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Postal Service and the U. S. Department of Justice. 

INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE This is not a typical Tavistock institution in that it is funded by the Ford Foundation, yet it draws its long-range forecasting methodology from the mother of all think tanks. Institute for the Future projects what it believes to be changes that will be taking place in time frames of fifty years. The institute is supposed to be able to forecast socioeconomic trends and to blow the whistle on any departures from what it has laid down as normal. Institute for the Future believes it is possible and normal to intervene now and give decisions for the future. So-called "Delphi Panels" decide what is normal and what is not, and prepare position papers to "steer" government in the right direction to head off such groups as "people creating civil disorder." 

(This could be patriotic groups demanding abolition of graduated taxes, or demanding that their right to bear arms is not infringed.) The institute recommends actions such as liberalizing abortion laws, drug usage and that cars entering an urban area pay tolls, teaching birth control in public schools, requiring regitration of firearms, making the use of drugs a non-criminal offense, legalizing homosexuality, paying students for scholastic achievements, making zoning controls a preserve of the state, offering bonuses for family planning and last, but by no means least, a Pol Pot Cambodia-style proposal that new com munities be established in rural areas. As will be observed, many of the Institute for the Future's goals have already been more than fully realized.