NWO Comm 300 RD 14

Nwo Committee 300 Revelation Document

The noble families of Britain and America's top people are not going to advertise their role in the shop windows; they always have a layer of front men to do the dirty work. Remember British and AMERICAN "nobility" never dirtied their hands in the China opium trade. The lords and ladies were much too clever for that, as were the American elite: the Delanos, Forbes, Appletons, Bacons, Boylestons, Perkins, Russells, Cunninghams, Shaws, Coolidges, Parkmans, Runnewells, Cabots and Codmans, by no means a complete list of families in America who grew immensely wealthy from the China opium trade. 

Since this is not a book about the drug trade, I cannot of necessity, cover the subject in an in-depth manner. But its importance to the Committee of 300 must be emphasized. America is run not by 60 families but by 300 families and England is run by 100 families and, as we shall see, these families are intertwined through marriage, companies, banks, not to mention ties to the Black Nobility, Freemasonry, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and so on. These are the people who, through their surrogates, find ways to protect huge shipments of heroin from Hong Kong, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan and ensure they reach the market places in the U.S. and Western Europe with the minimum cost of doing business. 

Shipments of cocaine are sometimes interdicted and seized. That is mere window dressing. Often times the shipments seized belong to a new organization trying to break into the trade. Such competition is put out of business by informing the authorities exactly where it is going to enter the U.S. and who the owners are. The big stuff is never touched; heroin is too expensive. It is worthy of note that U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency operatives are not allowed into Hong Kong. They cannot examine any ship's manifest before it leaves the port. One wonders why, if there is so much "international cooperation" going on--what the media likes to characterize as "smashing the dope trade." Clearly the trade routes for heroin are protected by "a higher authority. " 

In South America, apart from Mexico, cocaine is king. The production of cocaine is very simple, unlike heroin, and great fortunes are to be made by those willing to take risks for and on behalf of the "higher ups." As in the heroin trade, interlopers are not welcome and often finish up as casualties, or victims of family feuds. In Colombia the drug mafia is a closely knit family. But such has been the bad publicity generated by the M19 guerrilla attack on the Justice Building in Bogota (M19 is the private army of the cocaine barons) and the murder of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, a prominent prosecutor and a judge, that the "higher authority" had to rearrange matters in Colombia.

Accordingly, the Ochoas of the Medellin Cartel turned themselves in after being assured that they would not suffer any loss of fortune, harm of any kind, nor would they be extradited to the United States. A deal was struck that, provided they repatriated the bulk of their huge narco-dollar fortunes to Colombian banks, no punitive action would be taken against them. The Ochoas--Jorge, Fabio, and their top man, Pablo Escobar, would be held in private jails that resemble a luxury-class motel room, and then be sentenced to a maximum term of two years-- to be served in the same motel jail. This deal is ongoing. 

The Ochoas have also been guaranteed the right to continue to manage their "business" from their motel-prison. But that does not mean that the cocaine trade has come to a screeching halt. On the contrary, it has simply been transferred to the second-string Cali cartel, and it is business as usual. For some strange reason the Cali cartel, which is equal in size to the Medellin cartel, has been--at least up until now--largely ignored by the DEA. Cali differs from the Medellin cartel in that it is run by BUSINESSMEN, who eschew all forms of violence and never break agreements. Even more significant is that Cali does virtually no business in Florida. My source told me that the Cali cartel is run by shrewd businessmen unlike any seen in the cocaine business. He believes that they were "specially appointed," but does not know by whom. "They never call attention to themselves," he said. 

"They do not go around importing red Ferraris like Jorge Ochoa did, attracting immediate attention, because it is forbidden to import such cars into Colombia." Cali cartel markets are in Los Angeles, New York and Houston, which closely parallel the heroin markets. Cali has not shown any signs of moving into Florida. A former DEA operative who is a colleague of mine said recently, "These Cali people are sure smart. They are a different breed to the Ochoa brothers. They act like professional businessmen.

They are now larger than the Medellin cartel and I think we are going to see a lot more cocaine get into the United States than ever before. The kidnaping of Manuel Noriega will facilitate an easier flow through Panama of cocaine and money, what with so many banks there. So much for President George Bush's Operation Just Cause. All it did was make life a great deal easier for Nicolas Ardito Barletta who used to be run by the Ochoa brothers and who is fixing to front for the Cali cartel." Based on my experience with the heroin trade I believe that the Committee of 300 has stepped in and taken over full control of the South American cocaine trade. There is no other explanation For the rise of the Cali cartel which is coupled with the kidnaping of Noriega. Did Bush take his orders from London regarding Noriega? 

There is every indication that he was literally PUSHED into invading Panama and kidnaping Noriega, who had become a serious impediment to "trade" in Panama, especially in the banking business. Several former intelligence agents have given me their opinions which coincide with my own. Like the Gulf War that followed in the wake of Panama, it was only after several calls from the British Ambassedor in Washington that Bush finally plucked up enough courage to make his totally illegal move on General Noriega. That he was supported by the British press and the New York Times, a British intelligence run newspaper, speaks volumes. Noriega was formerly the darling of the Washington establishment. 

He frequently hobknobbed with William Casey and Oliver North and even met with President George Bush on at least two occasions. Noriega was often seen at the Pentagon where he was treated like one of those Arab potentates, and the red carpet was always laid out for him at CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. U.S. Army Intelligence and the CIA are on record as having paid him $320,000. Then storm clouds began to appear on the horizon at about the same time the Cali cartel was taking over the cocaine trade from the Ochoa brothers and Pablo Escobar. Led by Senator Jesse Helms, who sold out to Ariel Sharon and the Israeli Histradut Party in 1985, there suddenly began an agitation for the removal of Noriega. 

Jesse Helms and those of a like mind were backed up by Simon Hersh, a British intelligence agent working for the New York Times, which has been a British intelligence mouthpiece in the U.S. since the time that M16 boss, Sir William Stephenson, occupied the RCA building in New York. It is very significant that Helms should have chosen to lead the charge against Noriega. Helms is the darling of the Sharon faction in Washington and Sharon was the principal gun-runner in Central America and Colombia. Moreover, Helms has the respect of the Christian fundamentalists who believe in the maxim: "Israel, my country, right or wrong." Thus a powerful momentum was created to "get Noriega." 

It is evident that Noriega could well prove a serious impediment to the international drug merchants and their Committee of 300 bankers, so he had to be removed before he could do some significant damage. Bush was pressured by his British masters to conduct an illegal search and seizure operation in Panama that resulted in the deaths of no less than 7,000 Panamanians and wanton destruction of property. Nothing to implicate Noriega as a "drug dealer" was ever found, so he was kidnaped and brought to the U. S. in one of the most blatant examples of international brigandry in history. This illegal action probably best meets the Bush philosophy: "The moral dimensions of American (read British royal family-Committee of 300) foreign policy require us to chart a moral course through a world of lesser evils. That's the real world, not black and while. 

Very few absolutes." It was a "lesser evil" to kidnap Noriega, rather than have him up-end the banks in Panama working for the Committee of 300. The Noriega case is a prototype of monstrous One World government actions waiting in the wings. An emboldened Bush came right out in the open, unafraid, because we, the people have put on a spiritual mantle that accommodates LIES and wants no part of TRUTH. 

This is the world we have decided to accept. If it were not so, a firestorm of anger would have swept the country over the invasion of Panama, which would not have stopped until Bush was hounded from office. Nixon's Watergate transgressions pale into insignificance next to the many impeachable offenses committed by President Bush when he ordered the invasion of Panama to kidnap General Noriega. The government case against Noriega is based upon perjured testimony by a group of big men, for the most part, already convicted and lying through their individual and collective teeth to gel their own sentences lightened. Their performance would have pleased Gilbert and Sullivan immensely, were they alive today. "They made them the rulers of DEA," might be apropos instead of, "They made them the rulers of Queen's Navy," from "HMS Pinafore." It is an altogether grotesque scene to see how these conartists are performing like not-so-well-trained seals for the U.S. Justice Department; that is if we care to insult such a nice clean animal by such an unworthy comparison. 

Key dates conflict wildly, key details are altogether conspicuous by their absence, lapses of memory on crucial points all add up to the obvious fact that the government has no case against Noriega, but that does not matter; the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) says "convict him anyway" and that is what poor Noriega can expect. One of the Justice Department's star witnesses is one Floyd Carlton Caceres, a former pilot for the Ochoa brothers. Following his arrest in 1986, Carlton tried to ease his position at the expense of Noriega. He told his DEA interrogators that the Ochoa brothers had paid Noriega $600,000 to allow three planes loaded with cocaine to land and refuel in Panama. But once in court in Miami, it soon became apparent that what was billed as the "star witness" for the prosecution was at best damp squib. Under cross-examination the true story emerged: Far from being paid to allow the flights, Noriega wasn't even approached by the Ochoas. Worse yet, in December of 1983, Noriega had ordered that all flights to Panama from Medellin be refused permission to land in Panama. 

Carlton is not the only discredited witness. One who is even a sorrier liar than Carlton is Carlos Lehder, who was a kingpin in the Medellin Cartel until he was arrested in Spain and sent to the U.S. Who gave the DEA the most vital information that Lehder was in Madrid? The DEA reluctantly concedes that they owe this important catch to Noriega. Now, however, the Justice Department is using Lehder as a witness against Noriega. If nothing else, this single witness demonstrates the wretchedness of the United States government's case against Manuel Noriega. In return for services rendered, Lehder has been granted an easing of his sentence and far nicer quarters--a room with a view and television--and his family was given permanent residence in the U.S. Robert Merkel, a former U.S. attorney who prosecuted Lehder in 1988 told the Washington Pose "I don't think the government should be in the business of dealing with Carlos Lehder, period. 

This guy is a liar from beginning to end. The Justice Department, purely a name which bears no resemblance to what it is supposed to stand for, has pulled out all its dirty tricks against Noriega: illegally wiretapping his conversations with his lawyer; appointing a government lawyer to pretend he was serving Noriega but who quit in the middle of everything; freezing his bank accounts so that Noriega is unable to conduct a proper defense; kidnaping, illegal search and seizure. You name it, the government has broken more laws than Noriega has ever done-- if indeed he has broken any laws at all. It is the U.S. Justice Department that is on trial tenfold more than General Noriega. 

The Noriega case shows the glaringly evil system that passes for "justice" in this country. The U.S. "war on drugs" is on trial as is the Bush Administration's so-called drug policy. The Noriega trial, although it will end in a violent and flagrant rape of justice, will nevertheless offer some compensation to those who are not blind, deaf and dumb. It proves for once and for all that Britain is in charge of our government and it will reveal the utterly bankrupt ideology of the Bush Administration which ought to have as its motto, "No Matter What, The End Always Justifies The Means. There Are Very Few Moral Absolutes." 

Like the majority of politicians, for Bush to have a standard of ABSOLUTE MORALITY WOULD BE SUICIDAL. Only in this climate could we have allowed President Bush to violate at least six United States laws and DOZENS OF INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS in going to war against Iraq. What we are witnessing in Colombia and Washington is a complete revision of how the cocaine trade is to be run; no more wild stuff, no more blazing guns. Let the gentlemen of the Cali cartel in pin-stripe suits conduct the business in a gentlemanly way In short, the Committee of 300 has taken a direct hand in the cocaine trade which henceforth will go as smoothly as the heroin trade. 

The new government of Colombia is geared to the change in tactics and direction. It is on notice to perform according to the Committee's game plan. There is need to mention U.S. participation in the China opium trade which began in the southern United States prior to the War Between The States. How can we tie the opium trade in with the great cotton plantations of the South? To do that, we have to start in Bengal, India, producers of the finest (if one can call such a foul substance fine) opium which was much in demand. Cotton was THE biggest trade in England, after opium sales through the BEIC. 

Most of the cotton from Southern plantations was worked in the slave mills of Northern England, where women and children earned a pittance for a 16-hour day's work. The cloth mills were owned by the wealthy socialites in London, the Barings, Palmerstons, Keswicks and most of all the Jardine Mathesons who owned the Blue Star Shipping Line, on which the finished cotton cloth goods were shipped to India. They could care less about the hapless conditions endured by Her Majesty's subject. After all, that is what they were for, and their husbands and sons were useful for fighting wars to preserve Her Majesty's far-flung empire as they had done for centuries, and latterly, in the bloody Boer War. 

That was British tradition, wasn't it? Cotton cloth finished goods exported to India undercut and destroyed the long-standing Indian producers of cotton finished goods trade. Terrible privation was endured by thousands of Indians thrown out of work as a result of cheaper British goods taking over their markets. India then became utterly dependent upon Britain to earn enough currency to pay for its railroads and finished cotton goods imports. There was only one solution to India's economic woes. Produce more opium and sell it for less to the British East India Company. This was the rock upon which British trade grew and flourished. Without its opium trade, Britain would have been as bankrupt. 

Did the Southern plantation owners know about the ugly secret of opium-for-cotton goods? It is unlikely that some of them didn't know what was going on. Take, for instance, the Sutherland family, one of the largest cotton plantation owners in the South. The Sutherlands were closely related to the Matheson family-- Jardine Matheson--who in turn had as their business partners the Baring Brothers, founders of the famous Peninsular and Orient Navigation Line (P&O), the largest of Britain's many merchant shipping lines. 

The Barings were big investors in Southern plantations as they were in the U.S. Clipper ships which plowed through the seas between Chinese ports and all the important ports along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Today the Barings run a number of very substantial financial operations in the United States. All of those names mentioned were, and their descen- dants still are, members of the Committee of 300. 

The majority of families who go to make up the Eastern Liberal Establishment, among whom are the wealthiest to be found in this country, derived their fortunes from either the cotton trade or the opium trade and in some instances from both. Of these the Lehmans are an outstanding example. When it comes to fortunes made solely from the China opium trade, the first names that come to mind are the Astors and the Delanos. 

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife was a Delano. John Jacob Astor made a huge fortune out of the China opium trade and then he went respectable by buying up large tracts of Manhattan real estate with his dirty money. During his lifetime Astor played a big role in the Committee of 300s' deliberations. In fact, it was the Committee of 300 who chose who would be allowed to participate in the fabulously lucrative China opium trade, through its monopolist BEIC, and the beneficiaries of their largess remained forever wedded to the Committee of 300. That is why, as we shall discover, most real estate in Manhattan belongs to various Committee members, even as it has since the days when Astor began buying it up. With the benefit of access to records that would be closed to others outside of British intelligence, I discovered that Astor had long been an asset of British intelligence in the United States. 

Astor's financing of Aaron Burr, the murderer of Alexander Hamilton, proves the point beyond any reasonable doubt. John Jacob Astor's son, Waldorf Astor, had the additional honor bestowed upon him of being appointed to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), through which organzation the Committee of 300 controls every facet of our lives in the United States. The Astor family is believed to have selected Owen Lattimore to carry on their association with the opium trade which he did through the Laura Spelman-funded Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR). It was the IPR that oversaw China's entry into the opium trade as an equal partner and not merely as a supplier. It was IPR that paved the way for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 

Attempts to turn the Japanese into opium addicts met with dismal failure. By the turn of the century the oligarchical plutocrats of Britain were like overgorged vultures on the Serengeti Plain at the time of the annual Wildebeest march. Their income from the China opium trade exceeded David Rockefeller's income by SEVERAL BILLION DOLLARS PER ANNUM. Historic records made available to me in the British Museum in London and from India Office and other sources--former colleagues in well-placed positions, proves this completely.