NWO Comm 300 RD 16

NWO Committee 300 Revelation Document (continued)

To the oligarches and plutocrats of the Committee of 300, drugs have a two-fold purpose, firstly to bring in colossal sums of money and secondly, to eventually turn a major part of the population into mindless drug zombies who will be easier to control than people who don't need drugs, as punishment for rebellion will mean withholding of supplies of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc. 

For this it is necessary to legalize drugs so that a MONOPOLY SYSTEM, which has been readied for introduction once severe economic conditions, of which the 1991 depression is the forerunner, cause drug usage to proliferate as hundreds of thousands of permanently jobless workers turn to drugs for solace. In one of the Royal Institute of International Affairs top secret papers, the scenario is laid out as follows (in part): "...having been failed by Christianity, and with unem- ployment on every hand, those who have been without jobs for five years or more will turn away from the church and seek solace in drugs. That is when full con- trol of the drug trade must be completed in order that the governments of all countries who are under our juris- diction will have a MONOPOLY which we will control through supply.... Drug bars will take care of the unruly and the discontent, would be revolutionaries will be turned into harmless addicts with no will of their own...." There is ample evidence that the CIA and British intelligence, specially M16, have already spent at least a decade working toward this goal. 

The Royal Institute of International Affairs used the life-time work of Aldous Huxley and Bulwer-Lytton as its blueprint to bring about a state where mankind will no longer have wills of their own in the One World Government-New World Order of the fast-approaching New Dark Age. Again, let us see what high priest Aldous Huxley had to say about this: "In many societies at many levels of civilization, attempts have been made to fuse drug intoxication with God intoxication. 

In ancient Greece, for example, ethyl alcohol had its place in the established religions. Dionysus, Bacchus, as he was often called, was a true divinity. Complete prohibition of chemical changes can be decreed but cannot be enforced. (THE LANGUAGE OF THE PRO-DRUG LOBBY ON CAPITOL HILL.) "Now let us consider another type of drug--still undiscovered, but probably just around the corner--a drug making people happy in situations where they would normally feel miserable. (Is there anyone more miserable than a person who has sought and been unable to find work?) Such a drug would be a blessing, but a blessing fraught with grave social and political dangers. By making a harmless chemical euphoria freely available, a dictator (read Committee of 300) could reconcile an entire population to a state of affairs to which self-respecting human beings ought not to be reconciled." 

Quite a dialectical masterpiece. What Huxley was advocating and which is official policy of the Committee of 300 and its surrogate, RIIA, can be quite simply stated as mass mind control. As I have often said, all wars are wars for the souls of mankind.

Thus far it has not dawned on us that the drug trade is irregular low-intensity warfare against the whole human race of free men. Irregular warfare is the most terrible form of warfare which, while it has a beginning, has no ending. Some will question the involvement of the British royal families, past and present, in the drug trade. 

To see it in print appears on the surface to be preposterous, and it is being seen in print more often these days to make it appear exactly that, preposterous. The oldest maxim in the intelligence business is, "If you want to hide something, put it where everyone can see it." F. S. Turner's book, "BRITISH OPIUM POLICY," published in 1876, shows how the British monarchy and its hangers-on family relatives were deeply involved in the opium trade. Turner was the secretary of the Anglo Oriental Society of the Suppression of the Opium Trade. 

He declined to be silenced by Crown spokesperson Sir R. Temple. Turner stated that the government, and therefore the Crown, had to withdraw from the opium monopoly, "and if it takes any revenues at all, take only that which accrues from taxation honestly meant to have a restrictive force. " Turner was answered by a spokesman for the monarchy, Lord Lawrence, who fought against the BEIC losing its monopoly. "It would be desirable to get rid of the monopoly, but I myself am disinclined to be the agent of change. 

If it is question of moderate loss that we could afford, I would not hesitate to undertake it." (Taken from the Calcutta Papers 1870.) By 1874 the war against the British monarchy and the aristocracy over its deep involvement in the China opium trade was getting heated. The Society for the Suppression of the Opium Trade violently assailed the aristocracy of the day and pressed home its attacks in a fearless manner we would do well to emulate. 

The society said that the Treaty of Tientsin, which Forced China to accept the importation of enormous amounts of opium, was a dastardly crime against the Chinese people. There arose a mighty warrior, Joseph Grundy Alexander, a barrister by profession who, in 1866, led a strong attack on British Crown opium policy in China in which he openly men- tioned the involvement of the royal family and the aristocracy. For the first time Alexander brought India, "the Jewel in the Crown," into the picture. He laid the blame squarely where it belonged, on the monarchy, the so-called aristocracy and its servants in the British government. 

Under the direction of Alexander, the society committed itself to the total destruction of the cultivation of opium poppies in Bengal, India. Alexander proved to be a doughty opponent. Through his leadership, the drug aristocracy began to falter and, in the face of his open denouncements of the royal family and its hangers-on, several Members of Parliament began siding with him Conservatives, Unionists, Labor. Alexander made it clear that the drug trade was not a party political issue; it was for all parties to join together in helping to eradicate the menace. Lord Kimberly, spokesman for the royal family and the entrenched oligarchists, threatened that any attempts to interfere with what he called "the commerce of the nation will run into serious opposition from the cabinet." Alexander and his society pressed on in the face of innumerable threats and finally parliament agreed to appoint a Royal Commission to enquire into the opium trade, with Lord Kimberly, who was Secretary of India, as its chairman. 

A more inappropriate person to head the commission could not have been found. It was akin to Dulles being appointed to the Warren Commission. In his first statement, Lord Kimberly made it clear that he would rather resign from his august position than consent to a resolution that would surrender Indian Opium Revenues. It is worthy of note that "Indian Opium Revenue" implied money shared by the nation. Like the idea that the people of South Africa share in the enormous profits from the sale of gold and diamonds, this was just not the case. Indian opium revenues went straight into the royal coffers and the pockets of the nobility and the oligarchists and plutocrats, and made them billionaires. 

Rowntree's book, "THE IMPERIAL DRUG TRADE" gives a fascinating account of how Prime Minister Gladstone and his fellow plutocrats lied, cheated, twisted and turned to keep the astonishing truth of the involvement of the British monarchy in the opium trade from being exposed. Rowntree's book is a treasure house of information on the deep involvement of the British royal family and the lords and ladies of England and the huge fortunes they accumulated from the misery of the Chinese opium addicts. Lord Kimberly, secretary of the commission of inquiry, was himself deeply involved in the opium trade so he did everything in his power to close the proceedings to all who sought the truth. 

Finally, under a great deal of pressure from the public, the Royal Commission was forced to open the door to this inquiry just a crack, so that it became apparent that the highest in the land were running the opium trade and receiving huge benefits from it. But the door was quickly slammed shut again, and the Royal Commission called no expert witnesses, thereafter sitting for an absurdly short period of time. The commission was nothing but a farce and a cover-up, such as we have become accustomed to in 20th century America. The Eastern Liberal Establishment families of the United States were just as deeply involved in the China opium trade as were the British, indeed they still are. Witness recent history when James Earl Carter toppled the Shah of Iran. Why was the Shah deposed and then murdered by the United States government? In a word, because of DRUGS. 

The Shah had clamped down and virtually put an end to the immensely lucrative opium trade being conducted out of Iran by the British. At the time that the Shah took over in Iran, there were already one million opium/heroin addicts. This the British would not tolerate, so they sent the United States to do their dirty work for them in terms of the "special relationship" between the two countries. When Khomeini took over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, arms sales by the United States, which had begun with the Shah, were not discontinued. Why not? Had the United States done so, Khomeini would have canceled the British monopoly of the opium trade in his country. 

To prove the point, after 1984, Khomeini's liberal attitude toward opium had increased the number of addicts to 2 million, according to United Nations and World Health Organization statistics. Both President Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, willingly and with full knowledge of what was at stake, went on supplying arms to Iran even while American hostages languished in captivity. In 1980 I wrote a monograph under the title, "What Really Happened in Iran," which set out the facts. The arms trade with Iran was sealed at a meeting between Cyrus Vance, a servant of the Committee of 300, and Dr. Hashemi, which resulted in the U.S. Air Force beginning an immediate airlift of arms to Iran, carried on even at the height of the hostage crisis the arms came from U.S. Army stockpiles in Germany and some were even flown directly from the United States with refueling stops at the Azores. With the advent of Khomeini, who was put in power in Iran by the Committee of 300, opium production skyrocketed. 

By 1984 Iran's opium production exceeded 650 metric tons of opium per annum. What Carter and Reagan did was ensure that there was no further interference in the opium trade and they carried out the mandate given to them by the oligarchical families in Britain in this connection. Iran presently rivals the Golden Triangle in the volume of opium produced. The Shah was not the only victim of the Committee of 300 William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut, in all his lack of experience on who is behind the opium trade, began conducting investigations in Iran, Lebanon and even spent time in Pakistan. 

From Islamabad, Buckley began sending back damning reports to the CIA in Langley about the burgeoning opium trade in the Golden Crescent and Pakistan. The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was firebombed, but Buckley escaped the mob attack and returned to Washington because his cover was blown by forces unknown. Then a very strange thing happened. Contrary to all procedures laid down by the CIA when an agent's cover has been blown, Buckley was sent back to Beirut. Buckley was in effect sentenced to death by the CIA in order to silence him, and this time the sentence was carried out. 

William Buckley was kidnaped by agents of the Committee of 300. Under brutal interrogation by General Mohammed el Khouili of Syrian intelligence to force him to disclose the names of all field officers of the DEA in these countries, he was brutally murdered. His efforts to expose the huge opium trade developing out of Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran cost Buckley his life. If the remaining free men in this world believe that singlehandedly or in small groups they can smash the drug trade, they are sorely mistaken. They could cut off the tentacles of the opium and cocaine trade here and there, but never the head. The crowned cobras of Europe and their Eastern Liberal Establishment family will not tolerate it. 

The war on drugs which the Bush administration is allegedly fighting, but which it is not, is for TOTAL legalization of ALL types and classes of drugs. Such drugs are not solely a social aberration, but a full-scale attempt to gain control of the minds of the people of this planet, or as the "Aquarian Conspiracy" authors put it, "to bring about radical changes in the United States." THIS IS THE PRINCIPAL TASK OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300, THE ULTIMATE SECRET SOCIETY. 

Nothing has changed in the opium-heroin-cocaine trade. It is still run by the same "upper class" families in Britain and the United States. It is still a fabulously profitable trade where what seem to be big losses through seizures by the authorities are written off in paneled boardrooms in New York, Hong Kong and London over port and cigars as "merely the cost of doing business, old boy." British colonial capitalism has always been the mainstay of the oligarchical feudal system of privilege in England and remains so to the present day. 

When the poor, untutored pastoral people in South Africa who became known as the Boers fell into the bloodstained hands of the British aristocracy in 1899, they had no idea that the revoltingly cruel war so relentlessly pursued by Queen Victoria, was financed by the incredible amounts of money which came from the "instant fortunes" of the BEIC opium trade in China into the pockets of the plutocrats. Committee of 300 members Cecil John Rhodes, Barney Barnato and Alfred Beit instigated and engineered the war. Rhodes was the principle agent for the Rothschilds, whose banks were awash in cash flowing from the opium trade. These robbers, thieves and liars--Rhodes, Barnato, Oppenheimer, Joel and Beit--dispossessed the South African Boers of their birthright, the gold and diamonds that lay beneath their soil. 

The South African Boers received nothing out of the BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars derived from the sale of THEIR gold and diamonds. The Committee of 300 quickly took full control of these vast treasures, control which it even now maintains through one of its members, Sir Harry Oppenheimer. The average South African receives $100 per annum per capita from the gold and diamond industry. 

The BILLIONS which flow out annually go to the bankers of the Committee of 300. It is one of the most foul and vile stories of greed, theft and the murder of a nation ever recorded in the annals of history. How could the British Crown have succeeded in pulling off this stunning fraud of gigantic proportion? To accomplish such a Herculean task requires skilled organizing with devoted agents-in-place to carry out the daily instructions passed down from the conspirators' hierarchy. The first step was a press propaganda campaign portraying the Boers as uncivilized barbarians, only slightly human, who were denying British citizens the right to vote in the Boer Republic. Then, demands were made on Paul Kruger, leader of the Transvaal Republic, which of course could not be met. After that, a series of incidents were staged to provoke the Boers into retaliation, but that didn't work either. 

Then came the infamous Jameson Raid where a certain Jameson led a party of several hundred armed men in an attack on the transvaal. War followed immediately thereafter. Queen Victoria mounted the largest and best equipped army that the world had ever seen at that time ( 1898). Victoria thought his war would be over in two weeks, since the Boers had no standing army and no trained militia and would be no match for her 400,000 soldiers drawn from the ranks of Britain's underclasses. The Boers never numbered more than 80,000 farmers and their sons--some were as young as fourteen-- Rudyard Kipling also thought the war would be over in less than a week. Instead, with rifle in one hand and the Bible in the other, the Boers held out for three years. "We went to South Africa think-ing the war would be over in a week," said Kipling. "Instead, the Boers taught us no end of a lesson." That same "lesson" could be taught to the Committee of 300 today if we could but muster 10,000 leaders, good men and true to lead this nation in battle against the gargantuan monster threatening to devour everything our Constitution stands for. 

After the war ended in 1902, the British Crown had to consolidate its grip on the unimaginable fortune of gold and diamonds that lay beneath the barren veldt of the Boer Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. This was done through the Round Table of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights. The Round Table is strictly a British M16 intelligence operation established by the Committee of 300 which, together with the Rhodes Scholarship program, is a dagger in the heartland of America. 

The Round Table was established in South Africa by Cecil Rhodes and funded by the English Rothschild family. Its purpose was to train business leaders loyal to the British Crown who would secure the vast gold and diamond treasures for the British Crown. South Africans had their birthright stolen from them in a coup so massive and all pervading that it was apparent only a central unified command could have pulled it off. That unified command was the Committee of 300. That this was accomplished is not in dispute. 

By the early 1930's, the British Crown had a stranglehold on the biggest supplies of gold and diamonds ever found in the world. NOW THE COMMITTEE OF 300 HAD AT ITS DISPOSAL BOTH THE VAST FORTUNE COMING FROM THE DRUG TRADE AND THE EQUALLY VAST FORTUNE OF THE MINERAL AND METAL WEALTH OF SOUTH AFRICA. 

Financial con-trol of the world was complete. The Round Table played a pivotal role in the coup. The express purpose of the Round Table, after swallowing up South Africa, was to blunt the benefits to the United States of the American War of Independence, and once more bring the United States under British control. Organizing ability was essential for such an enterprise and it was provided by Lord Alfred Milner, protege of the London Rothschild family. Using Scottish Rite Freemason principles in selecting members of Round Table, chose chosen underwent a period of intense training at Cambridge and Oxford Universities under the watchful eyes of John Ruskin, a self-confessed "old school communist," and T. H. Green, an operative of M16. 

It was Green, the son of a Christian evangelical cleric, who spawned Rhodes, Milner, John Wheeler Bennet, A. D. Lindsay, George Bernard Shaw and Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler's finance minister. I pause here to remind readers that the Round Table is only ONE SECTOR of this vast and all-encompassing Committee of 300. Yet the Round Table itself consists of a maze of companies, institutions, banks and educational establishments, which in itself would take qualified insurance actuaries a year to sort out. 

Round Tablers fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated. In South Africa, General Smuts, who had fought against the British in the Boer War, was "turned" and became a leading British intelligence, military and political agent who espoused the cause of the British Crown.