NWO Comm 300 RD 18

NWO Committee 300 Revelation Document 

In "THE CHASM AHEAD," Peccei spelled out Committee of 300 plans to tame man, whom he called "THE ENEMY." Peccei quoted what Felix Dzerzinski once said to Sydney Reilly at the height of the Red Terror when millions of Russians were being murdered: "Why should I concern myself with how many die? 

Even the Christian Bible says what is man that God should be mindful of him? 

For me men are nothing but a brain at one end and a shit factory at the other." 

It was from this brutish view of man that Emmanuel The Christ came to rescue the world. Sydney Reilly was the MI6 operative sent to watch over Dzerzinski's activities. Reilly was allegedly shot by his friend Felix while attempting to flee Russia. The elaborate plot was devised when certain members of the British Parliament raised a hue and cry and began to loudly demand an accounting of Reilly's activities in Russia, which threatened to expose the role of the Committee of 300 in gaining control of the Baku oilfields and its major role in assisting Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik Revolution. 

Rather than have the truth dragged out of Reilly, MI6 thought it expedient to stage his death. Reilly lived out his days in utter luxury in a Russia villa usually reserved for the Bolshevik elite. Arguing that chaos would ensue unless the "Atlantic Alli- ance," a euphemism for the Committee of 300 ruled post industrial America, Peccei proposed a Malthusian triaging on a global scale. He envisioned a collision between the scientific-technological-military apparatus of the Soviet Union and the Western world. Thus the Warsaw Pact countries were to be offered a convergence with the West in a One World Government to run global affairs on the foundations of crisis management and global planning. Events unfolding in what was formerly the USSR and the emergence of several independent states in a loose federation in Russia, is exactly what was envisaged by Peccei and the Club of Rome and this is clearly spelled out in both the books I have mentioned. 

A USSR thus divided will be easier to cope with than a strong, united Soviet nation. Plans that were laid down by the Committee of 300 for a One World Government, which included the prospect of a divided Russia, are now approaching a point of rapid escalation. Events in Russia at the close of 1991 are all the more dramatic when viewed against the 1960 long-range planning by the Committee of 300. In Western Europe the people are working toward a federation of states within a one government framework with a single currency. From there the EEC system will be transferred bit by bit to the United States and Canada

The United Nations is benign slowly but surely transformed into a rubber stamp of One World Government, with policies dictated to it by the United States as we saw in the case of the Gulf War. Precisely the same thing is happening with the British Parliament. Discussion on Britain's participation in the Gulf War was kept to a ridiculously minimal level and belatedly took place only during a motion to adjourn the House. This has never happened before in the ancient history of parliament, where so important a decision had to be made and so little time was allowed for discussion. One of the most noteworthy events in parliamentary history has gone virtually unnoticed. We are close to the point where the United States will send its military Forces to settle any and all disputes brought before the United Nations. 

Departing Secretary General Perez de Cuellar, heavily laden with bribe money, was the most compliant U.N. leader in history in granting demands of the United States without discussion. His successor will be even more inclined to go along with whatever the U.S. government places before him. This is an important step along the road to a One World Government. The International Court of Justice at The Hague will be used in increasing measure in the next two years to settle legal arguments of all types. It is of course the prototype for a One World Government legal system that will supplant all others. As for central banks, essential in the planning of the New World Order, this is already very much a faitaccompli with the Bank of International Settlements dominating the scene at the close of 1991

Private banks are fast disappearing in preparation for the Big Ten banks that will control banking the world over under the guidance of BIS and the IMF. Welfare states abound in Europe, and the United States is fast becoming the largest welfare state in the world. Once people come to depend on government for their subsistence, it will be very hard to wean them away from it as we saw in the results of the last mid-term election held in the United States where 98% of incumbents were returned to Washington to enjoy the good life in spite of their utterly deplorable records. The abolition of privately owned firearms is already in force in three quarters of the world. Only in the United States can the populace still own guns of all types, but that legal right is being chipped away at an alarming rate by local and state laws which violate the Constitutional right of all citizens to bear arms. Private gun ownership will have become a thing of the past in the United States by the year 2010

SlMILARLY, EDUCATION IS BEING ERODED AT AN ALARMING RATE. PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE BEING FORCED TO CLOSE BY A VARIETY OF LEGAL STRATAGEMS AND LACK OF FUNDING. The standard of education in the United States has already sunk to such a deplorable level that today it can barely be classified as education at all. This is according to plan; as I described earlier, the One World Government does not want our youth to be properly educated. Destruction of national identity proceeds apace. It is no longer a good thing to be patriotic unless it is in the cause of some One World Government project such as the war of genocide being waged against the nation of Iraq, or the impending destruction of Libya. 

Racial pride is now frowned upon and deemed to be an illegal act in many parts of the world, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES, BRITAIN, WESTERN EUROPE AND CANADA, ALL COUNTRIES HAVING THE LARGEST CONCENTRATIONS OF THE WHITE RACE. Led by the secret societies in America, destruction of republican forms of government has proceeded apace since the close of WW II. A list of such governments destroyed by the U.S. is long, and it is difficult for the non-informed to accept that government of a country allegedly wedded to republicanism under a unique constitution would engage in such conduct, but the facts speak for themselves. This is a goal which was set over a century ago by the Committee of 300. 

The United States has led the attacks on such governments and continues to do so even as the United States republican base is being steadily undermined. Starting with James Earl Carter's legal counsel, Lloyd Cutler, a committee of constitutional lawyers has been working to change the U.S. Congress into a non-representative parliamentary system. Work has been in progress since 1979 on the blueprint for such a change, and because of his devotion to the cause, Cutler was made a member of the Committee of 300. 

The final draft for a parliamentary type of government is to be presented to the Committee of 300 at the end of 1993. In the new parliamentary system, members will not be responsible to their constituents, but to parliamentary whips and will vote the way they are told to vote. Thus, by judicial and bureaucratic subversion will the Constitution vanish as will individual liberty. Preplanned degrading of man through licen-tious sexual practices will be stepped up. New sexually degenerate cults are even now being set up by the British Crown-- working through the SIS and MI6 services. As we already know, all cults operating in the world today are the product of British intelligence acting for the oligarchical rulers. We may think this phase of creating a whole new cult which specializes in sexual degenerate behavior is still far off, but my information is that it is due to be stepped up in 1992

By 1994 it will be quite commonplace to have "live shows" in the most prestigious clubs and places of entertainment. This type of "entertainment" is already in the process of having its image cleaned and brightened. Soon the big names in Hollywood and the entertainment world will be recommending this or that club as a "must" for live sex shows. Lesbianism and homosexuality will not be featured. This new socially acceptable "entertainment" will consist of heterosexual displays and will be written up in reviews as one finds in today's newspapers about shows on Broadway, or the latest hit movie. An unprecedented assault on moral values will go into high gear in 1992

Pornography will no longer be called "pornography," but adult sex entertainment. Sloganeering will take the form of "why hide it when everybody does it. Let's take away the image that public displays of sex are ugly and dirty." No more will those who care for this type of unbridled sexual lust have to go to seedy porno parlours. Instead, the upper-class supper clubs and places favored by the rich and famous will make public sexual displays a highly "artistic" form of entertainment. Worse yet, some church "leaders" will even recommend it. The voluminous all-pervading and enormous social psychiatry apparatus put in place by the Tavistock Institute and its huge web of related capabilities has been under the control of one single entity, and that entity is still in control as we enter 1992. That single entity, the conspirators' hierarchy, is called THE COMMITTEE OF 300. It is a power structure and a power center that operates far beyond the reach of any single world leader or any government, including the United States government and its Presidents--as the late John F. Kennedy found out

The Kennedy murder was an operation of the Committee of 300 and we shall return to that. The Committee of 300 is the ultimate secret society made up of an untouchable ruling class, which includes the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Queen of Denmark and the royal families of Europe. These aristocrats decided at the death of Queen Victoria, the matriarch of the Venetian Black Guelphs that, in order to gain worldwide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to "go into business" with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the Queen of England likes to refer to as "the commoners.

From my days in the intelligence business I know that heads of foreign governments refer to this all-powerful body as "The Magicians." Stalin coined his own phrase to describe them: "The Dark Forces," and President Eisenhower, who was never able to get beyond the "hofjuden" (court Jew) grade, referred to it in a colossal understatement as "the military-industrial complex." Stalin kept the USSR heavily armed with conventional and nuclear forces because he did not trust what he called "the family." His ingrained mistrust and fear of the Committee of 300 proved to be well-founded

Popular entertainment, especially the medium of movie making, was used to bring discredit upon those who tried to warn of this most dangerous threat to individual liberty and freedom of mankind. Freedom is a God-given law which man has constantly sought to subvert and undermine; yet the yearning for freedom by each individual is so great that up to now, no system has been able to tear that feeling from the heart of mad. The experiments that have gone on in the USSR, Britain and the USA, to blunt and dull mans yearnings for freedom, have thus far proved to be unsuccessful

But with the coming of the New World Order-One World Government, far-reaching experiments will be stepped up to drive mans God-given yearning for freedom out of his mind, body and soul. What we are already experiencing is but nothing, a mere bagatelle, when compared with what is to come. Attacking the soul is the thrust of a host of experiments being readied, and I regret to say that institutions in the United States will play a leading role in the terrible experiments which have already been carried out on local small-scale levels at such places as Bethesda Naval Hospital and Vacaville prison in California

The movies we have seen thus far include the James Bond series, the "Assassination Bureau," the "Matarese Circle" and so on. They were make-believe movies, designed to hide the truth that such organizations do exist and on a far greater scale than even Hollywood's fertile idea-men could dream up. Yet the Assassination Bureau is absolutely real. It exists in Europe and the United States solely to do the bidding of the Committee of 300 to carry out high-level assassinations where all other remedies have failed

It was PERMINDEX which ran the Kennedy assassination under the direction of Sir William Stephenson, for years the Queen of England's number one "pest control" operative. Clay Shaw, a contract agent of the CIA, ran PERMINDEX out of the Trade Mart Center in New Orleans. Former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison came very close to cracking the Kennedy assassination plot up to the level of Clay Shaw until Garrison was "dealt with" and Shaw was found not quilty of involvement in the Kennedy assassination plot. The fact that Shaw was eliminated in the manner of Jack Ruby, another CIA contract agent--both died of induced quick-acting cancer--speaks volumes that Garrison was on the right track. A second assassination bureau is located in Switzerland and was until recently run by a shadowy figure of whom no photographs existed after 1941

The operations were and probably still are financed by the Oltramaire family--Swiss Black Nobility, owners of the Lombard Odier Bank of Geneva, a Committee of 300 operation. The primary contact man was Jacques Soustelle-- this according to U.S. Army-G2 intelligence files.

This group was also closely allied with Allen Dulles and Jean de Menil, an important member of the Committee of 300 and a very prominent name in the oil industry in Texas. Army-G2 records show that the group was heavily involved in the arms trade in the Middle East, but more than that, the assassination bureau made no less than 30 attempts to assassinate General de Gaulle, in which Jacques Soustelle was directly involved

The same Soustelle was the contact man for the Sendero Luminosa-Shining Pathway guerilla group protecting the Committee's Peruvian cocaine producers. When all of the best that the assassination bureau could do had failed, thanks to the excellent work done by DGSE (French intelligence-formerly SDECE) the job was assigned to MI6-- Military Intelligence Department Six, and also known as Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), under the code name "Jackal." 

SDECE employed clever young graduates and was not infiltrated by MI6 or the KGB to any measurable extent. Its record in tracking down foreign agents made it the envy of the secret services of every nation, and it was this group that followed "Jackal" to his final destination and then killed him before he could fire on General de Gaulle's motorcade. It was the SDECE who uncovered a Soviet mole in the cabinet of De Gaulle, who also happened to be a liaison man with the CIA in Langley. In order to discredit the SDECE, Allen Dulles, who hated De Gaulle, (the feeling was mutual) had one of its agents, Roger De Louette, caught with $12 million worth of heroin in his possession. After a great deal of expert "interrogation," De Louette "confessed" but was unable to say why he was smuggling drugs into the United States. 

The whole thing stank to high heaven of a set-up. Based upon an examination of SDECE methods in protecting De Gaulle, especially in motorcades, the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA knew exactly how to strip President Kennedy of his security and make it easy for the three PERMINDEX shooters to murder him in Dealey Plaza in November 1963. Another example of FACT disguised as fiction is the Leon Uris novel, "TOPAZ." In "TOPAZ" we find a factual account of the activities of Thyraud de Vosjoli, the very KGB agent uncovered by SDECE and denounced as the KGB's liaison man with the CIA. There are many fictionalized accounts of the MOSSAD's activities, nearly all of which are based on fact. 

The MOSSAD is also known as "The Institute." Many would- be writers make nonsensical statements about it, especially one writer who is much in favor with the Christian right wing, which is accepted as truth. One can pardon the offender because he has no intelligence training, but that does not stop him from dropping "Mossad names" all over the place. Such disinformation exercises are routinely run against American right wing patriotic groups. Originally the MOSSAD consisted of 3 groups, the Bureau of Military Intelligence, the Political Department of the Foreign Office and the Department of Security (Sherut Habitachon). David Ben Gurion, a member of the Committee of 300, received some considerable help from MI6 in putting it together. But it was not a success, and in 1951 Sir William Stephenson of MI6 restructured it into a single unit as arm of the Political Department of the Israeli Foreign Office, with a special operations group for espionage and "black job" operations. 

British intelligence gave further assistance in training and equipping for servicing the Sarayet Maktal, also known as the General Staff Reconnaissance unit, in the format of Britain's Special Air Service (SAS). This service unit of the MOSSAD is never mentioned by name and is known simply as "The Guys." "The Guys" are merely an extension of British intelligence's SAS unit who continually train and update them in new methods. It was "The Guys" who killed the leaders of the P.L.0. and kidnaped Adolph Eichmann. "The Guys" and indeed ALL MOSSAD agents, operate on a war-time footing

The MOSSAD has a tremendous advantage over other intelligence services in that every country in the world has a large Jewish community. By studying social and criminal records, the MOSSAD is able to pick agents among local Jews it can have a hold over AND MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT WITHOUT PAY. The MOSSAD also has the advantage of having access to the records of all U.S. law enforcement agencies and U.S. intelligence services The Office of Naval Intelligence (OM) ELINT services the Mossad at no cost to Israel. Citizens of the United States would be shocked, angered and dismayed if ever it was discovered just how much the MOSSAD knows about the lives of millions of Americans in every walk of life, even those who are not political in any way. The first head of the MOSSAD, Reuben Shiloach, was made a member of the Committee of 300, but it is not known whether his successor enjoyed the same privilege. Chances are that he does. 

The MOSSAD has a skillful disinformation service. The amount of disinformation it feeds to the American "market" is embarrassing, but even more embarrassing is how it is swallowed hook, line and sinker and all. What we are actually witnessing in the microcosm of the MOSSAD is the extent of control exercised by the "Olympians" over the intelligence services, entertainment, publishing, opinion- making (polls) and the television "news" media on a global scale. Ted Turner was recently given a seat on the Committee of 300 in recognition for his "news" (making) CNN broadcasts

The Committee has the power and the means to tell the people of this world ANYTHING, and it will be believed by the vast majority. On every occasion that a researcher happens upon this astounding central control group, he is either successfully bought off, or else he undergoes some "speciality training" at the Tavistock Institute after which he becomes a contributor to more fiction, of the James Bond type, i.e., he is derailed and well rewarded. If such a person as John F. Kennedy should stumble onto the truth about who directs world events, and cannot be bought, he is assassinated