NWO Comm 300 RD 20

NWO Committee 300 Revelation Document (continued)

Some 85 other universities in the U.S. also allowed their facilities to be misused in this manner. As giant-sized as Xerox is, it is dwarfed by the Rank Organization, a London-based conglomerate fully controlled by members of Queen Elizabeth's immediate family. Notable members of the board of Rank Organization who are also members of the Committee of 300 are the following: Lord Helsby, chairman of the drug money clearing house, Midland Bank. Helsby's other positions include a directorship in the giant Imperial Group and the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation. 

Sir Arnold France, a director of Tube Investments who runs the London underground train service. France is also a director of the BANK OF ENGLAND which has so much control over the Federal Reserve Banks. Sir Dennis Mountain, chairman of the mighty Eagle Star group and a director of English Property Corp, one of the rentier-financier companies of the British royal family. One such member is the Honorable Angus Ogilvie, "Prince of Companies," who is married to Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandria, sister of the Duke of Kent, leader of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and who takes the place of the Queen when she is outside of Britain. 

Ogilvie is a director of the Bank of England and chairman of the giant LONRHO conglomerate. It was LONRHO that ended the rule of Ian Smith in Rhodesia so that he could be replaced by Robert Mugabe. At stake was Rhodesia's chrome mines which produce the finest high-grade chrome ore in the world. Cyril Hamilton, chairman of the Standard and Chartered Bank (the old Lord Milner-Cecil Rhodes bank) and a board member of the Bank of England. Hamilton is also on the board of the Xerox Corporation, the Malta International Banking Corporation (A Knights of Malta bank), a director of the Standard Bank of South Africa--the largest bank in that country, and a director of the Banque Belge d'Afrique. Lord O'Brien of Lotherby, past president of the British Bankers Association, director of Morgan Grenfell--a powerful bank, dire -tor of Prudential Assurance, director of J. P.Morgan, director of the Bank of England, a board member of the Bank of International Settlements, a director of the giant Unilever conglomerate. Sir Reay Geddes, chairman of the giant Dunlop and Pirelli tyre companies, director of the Midland and International Banks, director of the Bank of England. 

Note how many of these powerful men are directors of the Bank of England which makes control of American fiscal policies simple. Many of these organizations and institutions, companies and banks are so interfaced and interlocked as to make it an almost impossible task to sort them out. On RCA's board sits Thornton Bradshaw, president of Atlantic Richfield and a member of NATO, World Wildlife Fund, the Club of Rome, The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the Council on Foreign Relations. Bradshaw is also chairman of NBC. The most important function of RCA remains its service to British intelligence. It is not generally known how powerful was the role played by the Committee of 300 in stopping the investigation into the CIA which Senator McCarthy almost succeeded in pulling off. 

Had McCarthy been successful, it is very likely that President John F. Kennedy would be alive today. When McCarthy said he was going to summon William Bundy to appear before his commission of enquiry, panic swept Washington and London. Bundy, had he been called to testify, would most probably have cracked and opened the door to the "special relations" that existed between British oligarchical circles and their cousins in the United States Government. Such a possibility could not be entertained. The Royal In- sititute of International Affairs was called in to put an end to McCarthy. 

The RIIA chose Allen Dulles, a man who was totally enamored of decadent British society, to attack McCarthy head on. Dulles put Patrick Lyman and Richard Helms in charge of the McCarthy case. Helms was later rewarded for his service against McCarthy by being made head of the CIA. General Mark Clark, a member of the CFR and a well-liked military man in London circles, was appointed by General Eisenhower to turn back McCarthy's full-fledged attack on the CIA. McCarthy was preempted when Clark announced that a special committee was to be appointed to examine the agency. Clark, on instructions from the RIIA, recommended a Congressional watchdog committee to "periodically examine the work of government intelligence agencies." The whole thing was a super tragedy for America and a victory for the British, who feared that McCarthy would accidentally stumble onto the Committee of 300 and its control over every aspect of United States affairs. 

Lehman Brothers-Kuhn Loeb's former chairman, Peter G. Peterson, served under former MI6 chief Sir William Wiseman and as such was no stranger to British royalty. Peterson is tied in with Aspen Institute, yet another arm of British intelligence. John R. Petty is president and chairman of the Marine Midland Bank--a bank whose drug trade connections have been well established long before it was taken over by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, probably the number one bank in the opium trade, a position it has held since 1814. But the best proof I can offer of the existence of the Committee of 300 is the Rank Organization which, in conjunction with Eagle Star, IS THE BRITISH CROWN. 

It is also the black operations center of MI6 (SIS). Between them, these two Committee of 300 companies control Her Majesty's Dominion of Canada, using the "hofjuden" Bronfman family to carry out their orders. Trizec Holdings, ostensibly owned by the Bronfman family, is in reality the main asset of the Queen of England's in Canada. The entire Southeast Asian opium trade interfaces with the Bronfman empire and is one of the means whereby heroin is brought to America. In a sense, Canada is like Switzerland pristine snow--covered landscapes, big cities, a place of great beauty, but underneath lies a deep layer of filth and dirt arising from its massive heroin trade. The Bronfman family are "cut-outs"'what is known in MI6 as "front men" controlled from London by MI6 "deskmen," intelligence jargon for controllers at headquarters. Edgar Bronfman, the family leader, was sent to "Moscow Center"-- cover name for the KGB headquarters at 2 Dzerzhinsky Square, Moscow, on a large number of occasions. 

At a low level, Bronfman was probably very useful as a contact man with Moscow. Bronfman was never at any stage a contract agent for MI6 and so never carried the title "Paroles," a key intelligence word for mutual identification between agents, which greatly disappointed the eager Bronfman family head. At one stage when it was thought that some of the family were acting suspiciously, "watchers"--intelligence jargon for intelligence officers keeping persons under surveillance, were put on the Bronfman family, but found only that one of the Bronfmans had been bragging to a United States "cousin" (the word MI6 uses for the C.I.A.) who was unaware of the role of Edgar Bronfman. This was quickly corrected. 

Two Eagle Star directors, who were also the two top MI6 operatives, took control of the Bronfman family about six months after the war ended. Sir Kenneth Keith and Sir Kenneth Strong, whom we have already met, legitimated the Bronfman family by setting up Trizec Holdings. There is no one in the world who can do a better job of "fronting," through companies, than MI6. Yet, like Switzerland, there is a dirty side to Canada that has been well-hidden from view by the Committee of 300 under cover of the Official Secrets Act, a carbon-copy of the British law passed in 1913. 

Drugs, dirty money laundering, crime and racketeering are all covered by their infamous Act. Not known to many is that, if charged under the Official Secrets Act, which can be interpreted any way the Crown agents choose, persons could face the death penalty. As I have said so many times since 1980, Canada is not a nation like South Africa, or Holland or Belgium; it always was, and remains tied to the Queen of England's apron strings. Canada, we find, is always first in carrying out Queen Elizabeth's wishes. Canadian troops have fought in every one of Her Majesty's wars, including the Boer War ( 1899- 1903). Like its American counterpart, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs is a child of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and runs Canadian politics. Its members have filled the position of Secretary of State ever since it was founded in 1925. 

The Institute for Pacific Relations, the body that fostered the attack on Pearl Harbor, was welcomed in Canada after Owen Lattimore and his fellow members had their treasonous activities exposed in 1947 and left the United States before they could be charged. The Canadian Institute for International Affairs is connected with the Rank Organization through Sir Kenneth Strong, who was second in charge of MI6 at the end of the Second World War. As a member of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Strong is the number two man in Canada for Rank and the British Crown's commercial interests. He is on the board of one of the most prolific drug banks in the world after the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Bank of Nova Scotia, through which proceeds of the Canadian heroin trade are handled. 

First in line is Sir Brian Edward Mountain, the ranking member of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. It is well to remember that, when the British Crown wanted the United States to enter the Second World War, it sent Lord Beaverbrook and Sir Brian Mountain to meet with President Roosevelt to deliver the Crown's orders in this regard. Roosevelt complied by ordering the United States Navy to operate out of a base in Greenland, from where attacks on German submarines were carried out nine months before Pearl Harbor. This was done without the knowledge and consent of the Congress. Another big name in the Rank-Canadian interfacing was Sir Kenneth Keith, a director of Canada's equivalent of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Bank of Nova Scotia, dripping in drug money laundering. He was also on the board of Britain's oldest and most venerable newspaper institution, the London Times and the Sunday Times. 

For over 100 years the "Times" has been the Crown's voice on foreign affairs, finance matters and political life in England. 

Like so many Committee of 300 members, Sir Kenneth circulated between MI6 and the opium supply chain of command in Hong Kong and China, ostensibly on business for the Canadian Institute for International Affairs, of which he was a member Furthermore, as a director of the Hill Samuel banking house, his presence in China and Hong Kong could be explained without any problem. One of his closest associates outside of MI6 circles was Sir Philip de Zuleta, the Committee of 300's direct controller of all British prime ministers, both Conservative and Labor. Sir Kenneth Strong tied in all the spokes of the drug wheel, including terrorism, production of opium, the gold markets, dirty money laundering and banking to its central core, the British Crown. 

At the top of British Crown control of Canada was Walter Gordon. A former member of the Queen's hands-on oversight committee, also known as the Privy Council, Gordon sponsored the Institute for Pacific Relations via the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. As a former minister of finance, Gordon was able to place Committee of 300 selected accountants and lawyers inside the three main chartered banks: the Bank of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Imperial Bank and the Toronto Dominion Bank. Through these three "Crown banks" a network of Commit-tee of 300 agents responsible to Gordon oversaw the world's second largest dirty drug money laundering operation, with a direct open door to China. Before his death, Gordon controlled James Endicott, Chester Ronning and Paul Linn, identified by MI6 as Canada's top "China specialists." 

All three men worked closely with Chou-En-lai, who once told Gamal Abdul Nasser that he would do to Britain and the USA what they had done to China, i.e., turn them into nations of heroin addicts. Chou-En-lai made good on his promise, starting with American GI's in Vietnam. Other close collaborators in the Canadian heroin drug ring were John D. Gilmer and John Robert Nicholson, both members of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Lord Hartley Shawcross, who is believed to report directly to Queen Elizabeth II, was on the board of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and chancellor of Sussex University where the notorious Tavistock Institute for Human Relations is located, with extensive connections in Canada. 

As part of Rank's United States operation, no other single company has been more successful for Rank than the Corning Group, owners of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the New York Life Insurance Company. Committee of 300 members, Amory Houghton and his brother James Houghton, have long served the British Crown through the above named insurance companies, and Corning Glass, Dow Corning and Corning International. Both sit on the board of IBM and Citicorp. James Houghton is a director of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies, a director of the J. Pierpont Morgan Library, a stronghold of the RIIA and the CFR, and he is also a director of CBS. 

It was the Houghton brother who donated hundreds of acres known as Wye Plantation in Maryland to the British Crown's Aspen Institute. Also on the Corning Glass board sits the Bishop of the Archdiocese of the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church of Boston. All this gives the group its much-vaunted air of respectability, which insurance company executive s must carry, and as we shall see, in addition to James Houghton, Keith Funston and John Harper, both on Corning's board, run the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The MASSIVE gridding and interfacing of just this one single unit of the Committee of 300 will give us a good indication of the vast power at the disposal of the conspirators' hier-archy, before which all knees are bowed, including the knee of the President of the United States, whomever that happens to be. 

What is important to note is how this American company, one of HUNDREDS, is interfaced with British intelligence, with Canada, the Far East and South Africa, not to mention its gridding of corporate officials and directors reaching into every aspect of business and politics in the United States. While Metropolitan Life Insurance Company does not begin to compare with the Committee of 300's giant Assicurazioni Generale, it is nevertheless a good indicator of how the Houghtons'power extends right across the business spectrum of the U.S. and Canada. 

Starting with R. H. Macy, (whose floor walkers no longer wear red carnations to honor the company's affiliation with Communism), the Royal Bank of Canada, National and Westminster Bank, Intertel (a virulent and vile private intelligence agency), Canadian Pacific, The Reader's Digest, RCA, AT&T, the Harvard Business School, W. R. Grace Shipping Company, Ralston Purina Company, U.S. Steel, Irving Trust, Consolidated Edison of New York and ABC, the Houghtons' power grid extends as far as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. 

Another successful Rank company in the United States is the Reliance Insurance Group. As an integral part of the Strategic Bombing Survey, Reliance established the initial structural base for brainwashing, opinion-making, polling, survey and the systems analysis used by the Tavistock Institute in the United States. The Reliance Insurance Company, based in Philadelphia, set up the corporate structure which enabled the Strategic Bombing Survey to be turned against the people of the United States who, although unaware of it, have been subjected to savage psychological warfare for the past 45 years. A key operative in this assault on the United States was David Bialkin of the Committee of 300 law firm, Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher. Bialkin ran the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for many years. 

The ADL is a British intelligence operation founded in the U.S. by MI6 and run by Saul Steinberg and Eric Trist of Tavistock. Saul Steinberg is the U.S. representative and business partner of the Jacob de Rothschild family of London. Reliance Corporation is home for Carl Lindner who succeeded Eli Black when he "fell" from a 44th floor window of a New York skyscraper. Reliance Company interfaces with the powerful United Fruit Company of Boston and New Orleans run by Max Fisber who, before be was sheepdipped, was a well-known Detroit underworld figure. 

United Fruit Company has long been a conveyer of heroin and cocaine into the U.S. under the expertise of Misbulam Riklis of Rapid American Corporation who masterminds shipments from Canada to the U.S. Remember, all this is under the aegis of a single company, gridding and interfacing with a myriad of smaller companies and operations to give the Committee of 300 full control of a multiplicity of operations, each one carefully interlocked in the grid. Reliance Group is a spinoff of the parent company whose function it is to brainwash the American people through a network of pollsters and opinion makers and relies on Operations Research for direct links with the Tavistock Institute. 

Another associate company is Leasco, which is closely interfaced with AT&T, Disclosure Incorporated, Western Union International, Imbucon Ltd and Yankelovich, Skelly and White. Daniel Yankelovich is the emperor of the polling-opinion making corporate structure in the United States, a vast apparatus which provides "public opinions on social, economic and political matters of substance," to quote Edward Bernays. 

It was this vast apparatus that turned the majority of Americans, who had never even heard of Saddam Hussein and vaguely knew that Iraq was a country somewhere in the Middle East, into a people howling for his blood and the extermination of Iraq as a nation. Yankelovich utilized to the full all knowledge gained during the Second World War. As a second-generation warrior, Yankelovich has no equal, which is why ABC polls conducted by his company are always in the forefront of "public opinion." The population of the United States was targeted in the same manner of German worker housing by attacking the sense of reality. 

This technique is, of course, standard training for certain intelligence groups, which includes the CIA. Yankelovich's task was to destroy traditional American values and replace them with New Age-Age of Aquarius values.