NWO Comm 300 RD 5

NWO Committee 300 Revelation Document

It proved that the Committee of 300 was powerful enough to predict happenings and then make them happen, by force, or by whatever means it took to make its point that it could crush any and all opposition even if, as in the case of Mitterand, he had been totally rejected a few short days before by a discerning political power group in Paris. Another group representative at the December 1980 Washington meetings with "observer status" was John Graham, also known as "Irwin Suall," head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

The ADL is an outright British intelligence operation run by all three branches of British intelligence, that is, M16 and the JIO. Suall's extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach. Suall works closely with Hall and other Fabianists. He was singled out as useful to British intelligence while at Ruskir Labour College at Oxford University in England, the same communist education center that gave us Milner, Rhodes, Burgess, McLean and Kim Philby

Oxford and Cambridge Universities have long been the province of the sons and daughters of the elite, those whose parents belong to the "upper crust" of British high society. While at Oxford, Suall joined the Young People's Socialist League, and was recruited by British intelligence shortly thereafter. Suall was posted to the United States where he came under the protection and sponsorship of one of the most insidious leftists in the country, Walter Lippmann. Lippmann founded and ran the League for Industrial Democracy, and Students for Democratic Society, both leftist spoiler operations to set indutrial workers at variance with what it called "the Capitalist class" and management. 

Both of Lippmann's projects were an integral part of the Committee of 300 apparatus that stretched right across America, of which Lippmann was a most important member. Suall has strong connections with the Justice Department and can secure FBI profiles of any person he targets. The Justice Department has orders to give Suall everything he wants when he wants it. Most of Suall's activities center around "keeping an eye on rightwing groups and individuals." The ADL has an open door to the State Department and makes good use of State's impressive intelligence agency. The State Department has a layer of agents in the right wing, posing as "fearless antiSemitic fighters." There are four leaders in this group of informers, three of whom are discreet Jewish homosexuals. This spy group has been in operation for the past two decades

They publish virulently anti-Jewish "newspapers" and sell a wide variety of anti-Semitic books. One of the principal operators works out of Louisiana. A member of this group is a writer who is dearly beloved in Christian rightwing circles. The group and the individuals who go to make it up are under the protection of the ADL. Suall was deeply involved in ABSCAM and is often called upon by law enforcement agencies to assist them in investigations and sting operations.

Suall was assigned to "dog Reagan," in terms of the course laid out for the newly-elected President by the Heritage Foundation, and to figuratively fire a few warning shots if Reagan looked like deviating or taking off his blinders at any time. Suall helped to get rid of any troublesome rightwing advisor not beholden to Heritage for his or her job with the Reagan administration. Such a person was Ray Donovan, Reagan's Secretary of Labor, who was eventually removed from his post thanks to the Dirty Tricks department of the ADL. James Baker III, one of those on the list of 3000 recommendations made by the Heritage Foundation, was the go-between who carried Suall's messages of hate about Donovan to the President. 

Another important conspirator was Philip Agee, the so-called CIA "defector." Although not a member of the Committee, he was nevertheless its case officer for Mexico, and run by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations. For the record, nothing that happens in the U.S. happens without the sanction of the RIIA. It is a continuing and ongoing agreement first OPENLY entered into (there were many such secret agreements before that) by Churchill and Roosevelt in 1938, under the terms of which U.S. intelligence services are obliged to share intelligence secrets with British intelligence

This is the basis of the so-called "special relationship" between the two countries about which Churchill and Lord Halifax boasted and which "special relationship" was responsible for the U.S. fighting the Gulf War against Iraq for and on behalf of British interests, more especially British Petroleum, one of the most important companies in the Committee of 300 in which Queen Elizabeth's immediate family has a big stake

No intelligence activity has taken place since 1938 except through this special joint command structure. Philip Agee joined the CIA after graduating from Notre Dame where he was inducted into its Jesuit Freemason ring. Agee first came to my attention in 1968 as the intelligence officer behind the riots at the University of Mexico. One of the most important things about the Mexican student riots was that they occurred at the same time as student rioting in New York, Bonn, Prague and West Berlin. With the coordination expertise and its special intelligence network of which INTERPOL is an integral part, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight for the Committee to set in motion carefully timed global actions, whether they be student rioting or deposing leaders of supposedly sovereign nations

It is all in a day's work for the "Olympians." From Mexico, Agee moved on to align himself with Puerto Rican terrorist groups. During this time he became a trusted confidant of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. It should not be imagined that while Agee was carrying out these operations, he was doing so as a "rogue" agent. On the contrary, he was working for the CIA all during these assignments. Trouble came when Castro's DGI (Cuban intelligence service) was able to "turn" him. Agee continued to work in his capacity as a member of the CIA until his double role was uncovered. This involved the biggest Soviet listening post in the West located at Lourdes, Cuba. Staffed by 3000 Soviet specialists in signals monitoring and deciphering, Lourdes has the capability of monitoring thousands of electronic signals simultaneously. 

Many a private phone conversation between a member of Congress and his mistress was picked up at Lourdes and used to telling effect. Although we are told today in 1991 that "Communism is dead," the United States has done nothing to close down the vast spy operation which sits on our doorstep. Incidentally Lourdes has the capability of picking up even the weakest "tempest" signal, which is the type given off by a fax machine or an electric typewriter which, when deciphered, will give the contents of whatever is being typed or faxed. Lourdes remains dagger in the heart of the United States. There is absolutely no reason for its continued existence. If the U.S. and USSR are truly at peace with each other, why the continued need for so massive a spy operation? The simple truth is that, rather than retrenching personnel as we are led to believe, the KGB has taken on additional recruits during 1990 and 1991. Bernard Levin is probably not a name that is well-known in the United States. Unlike decadent "pop stars" or Hollywood's latest miserable "discovery, ," academics seldom if ever come before the public eye. 

Of the hundreds of academics in the United States working under the Control of the Club of Rome, Levin is worthy of special mention, if for no reason other than his role in undermining Iran, the Philippines, South Africa, Nicaragua and South Korea. The demise of the Shah of Iran was run to a plan devised by Bernard Levin and Richard Falk, and supervised by Robert Anderson's Aspen Institute. Levin was the author of a work entitled "Time Perspective and Morale" which is a Club of Rome publication concerning how to break down the morale of nations and individual leaders. Here is an extract of the document: "One of the main techniques for breaking morale through a strategy of terror consists in exactly this tactic: keep the person hazy as to where he stands and just what he may expect. 

In addition, if frequent vacillations between severe disciplinary measures and promise of good treatment together with the spreading of contradictory news make the structure of the situ-tion unclear, then the individual may cease to know whether a particular plan would lead toward or away from his goal. Under these conditions, even those individuals who have definite goals and are ready to take risks are paralyzed by the severe inner conflict in regard to what to do." This Club of Rome blueprint applies to COUNTRIES as well as to individuals, particularly the government leaders of those countries. We in the U.S. need not think that "Oh well, this is America, and those kinds of things just do not happen here." Let me assure you that they ARE happening in the U.S., and perhaps more so than in any other country

The Levin-Club of Rome plan is designed to demoralize us all so that in the end we feel we should follow whatever it is that is planned for us. We WILL follow Club of Rome orders like sheep. Any seemingly strong leader who SUDDENLY APPEARS to "rescue" the nation must be regarded with the utmost suspicion. Remember that Khomeini was groomed for years by British intelligence, especially during his time in Paris, before he sud-denly appeared as the savior of Iran. Boris Yeltsin is from the same M16-SIS stable. The Club of Rome feels confident that it has carried out it Committee of 300 mandate to "soften up" the United States. 

After 45 years of waging war on the people of this nation, who will doubt that it has indeed accomplished its task? Look around and see how we have been demoralized. Drugs, pornography rock and roll "music," free sex, the family unit all but totally undermined, lesbianism, homosexuality and finally the ghastly murder of millions of innocent babies by their own mothers

Has there ever been a crime so vile as mass abortion? With the U.S. spiritually, morally bankrupted, with our industrial base destroyed throwing 30 million people out of work with our big cities ghastly cesspools of every imaginable crime with a murder rate almost three times higher than any other country, with 4 million homeless, with corruption in government reaching endemic proportions, who will gainsay that the United States is ready to collapse from within, into the waiting arms of the New Dark Age One World Government? The Club of Rome has succeeded in splitting the Christian churches; it has succeeded in building up an army of charismatics fundamentalists and evangelicals who will fight for the Zionist State of Israel

During the Gulf War of genocide I received scores of letters asking me how I could oppose "a just Christian war against Iraq." How could I doubt that Christian fundamentalist support for the (Committee of 300's) war against Iraq was not Biblical-- after all didn't Billy Graham pray with President Bush just before the shooting started? Doesn't the Bible speak of "wars and rumors of wars"? These letters give an insight into just how well the Tavistock Institute has done its work. The Christian fundamentalists will be a formidable force behind the state of Israel, exactly as planned. How sad that these fine people do not realize that they have been GROSSLY MISUSED by the Club of Rome and that their opinions and beliefs are NOT THEIR OWN, but those created for them by the hundreds of Committee of 300 "think tanks" that dot the American landscape

In other words, like any other segment of the United States population, the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals have been thoroughly brainwashed. We as a nation are ready to accept the demise of the United States of America and the American way of life, once the envy of the entire world. Do not think this has happened on its own-- the old "times are changing" syndrome. Time does not change anything, PEOPLE do. It is a mistake to think of the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome as European institutions. The Club of Rome exercises great influence and power in the United States, and has its own chapter based in Washington D.C. Senator Claiborne Pell is its leader, and one of its members is Frank M. Potter, a one-time staff director of the House Sub-committee on Energy. It is not difficult to see how the Club of Rome has maintained its grip on U.S. energy policies and where "environmentalist" opposition to nuclear energy is coming from. Perhaps the Club's greatest success story is its hold over Congress in regard to nuclear energy which has had the effect of preventing the U. S. from entering the 21st century as a strong industrial nation. 

The effect of the anti-nuclear policy of the Club of Rome can be measured in terms of silent blast furnaces. derelict railroad yards, rusting steel mills, shipyards long since closed down and a valuable trained work force scattered across the United States, which may never again be assembled. Other Club of Rome members in the U.S. are Walter A. Hahn of the Congressional Research Service, Ann Cheatham and Douglas Ross, both senior economists. Ross's task, in his own words, was to "translate Club of Rome perspectives into legislation to help the country get away from the illusion of plenty. " Ann Cheatham was the director of an organization called "Congressional Clearing House For The Future."

Her task was to profile members of Congress who would be susceptible to astrology and New Age mumbo-jumbo. At one stage she had in excess of 100 Congressmen in her classes. Daily sessions were held in which a variety of astrological "forecasts" were made based on her "occult perceptions." Besides Congressmen, other prominent people who attended her sessions were Michael Walsh, Thornton Bradshaw--A LEADING MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300--and David Sternlight, a senior vicepresident of Allstate Insurance Company. Some of the more important members of the Committee of 300 are also members of NATO, a fact which we ought to remember. 

These Committee of 300 members often hold several offices. Among the NATO-Club of Rome membership are found Harland Cleveland, a former U.S. ambassador to NATO, Joseph Slater, a director of the Aspen Institute, Donald Lesh, a former staffer in the U.S. National Security Agency, George McGhee and Claiborne Pell, to name a few examples. It is important that we remember these names, make a list of them if you wish, so as to recall who they are and what they stand for when their names come up in television programs and news services. Following intelligence modus vivendi, leaders of the Committee often appear on television, usually in the most innocent of guises

We ought to be aware that nothing they do is innocent. The Committee of 300 has planted its agents in the muscle and sinew of the United States, in its government, in Congress, in advisory posts around the President, as ambassadors and as Secretaries of State. From time to time the Club of Rome holds gatherings and conferences which, although they appear under innocuous titles, break up into action committees, each of which is assigned a specific task and a specific target date by which time their assignments must be completed. If it does nothing else, the Committee of 300 is working to a very specific time- table. The first Club of Rome conference in the United States was called by the Committee of 300 in 1969 under the title: "The Association of the Club of Rome. " The next meeting was held in 1970 under the title "Riverdale Center of Religious Research" and was directed by Thomas Burney. Then followed the Wood-lands Conference held in Houston, Texas, starting in 1971 Thereafter, regular conferences have been held at Woodlands every year. Also in 1971, at a later date, the Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation held its energy strategy meeting for the Club of Rome: The recurring theme: LIMIT THE GROWTH OF THE U.S.A. 

Then to crown it all, the First Global Conference on the Future was held in July of 1980, attended by 4000 social engineers and members of think tanks, all of whom were members of or affiliated with various institutions operating under Club of Rome umbrella organizations. The First Global Conference on the Future had the blessing of the White House which held its own conference based on the transcripts of the First Global Conference forum. It was called the "White House Commission on the 1980's" and OFFICIALLY recommended the policies of the Club of Rome "as a guide to future U.S. policies" and even went so far as to say that the United States economy is moving out of the industrial phase. This echoed the theme of Sir Peter Vickers Hall and Zbibniew Brzezinsky and provides further proof of the control exercised by the Committee of 300 over U.S. affairs, both domestic and foreign. 

As I said in 1981, we are set up, politically, socially and economically so that we remain locked into the Club of Rome's plans. Everything is RIGGED against us. If we are to survive then we must break the stranglehold the Committee of 300 has on our government. In every election since Calvin Coolidge ran for the White House, the Committee of 300 has been able to plant its agents in key positions in government so that it matters not who gets the White House post. For example, every one of the candidates who ran for the Presidency, from the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, were selected, some like to call it "hand picked," by the Council on Foreign Relations acting on the instructions of the RIIA. Especially in the 1980 election, every candidate for the highest office in the United States was run by the CFR. Therefore it was of no consequence to the conspirators who won the presidential race

Through such Trojan Horses as the Heritage Foundation and the CFR, ALL key policy making positions in the new administrations were filled by the Council on Foreign Relations nominees, and before that, since the 1960's, by NATO-Club of Rome yes-men, thereby ensuring that key policy decisions bore the indelible stamp of the Club of Rome and the CFR, acting as the executive arms of the Committee of 300. Both the 1984 and 1988 elections followed this long-established pattern. Secretary of State George Schultz was the perfect choice of the Committee of 300 for the office of Secretary of State. Schultz was always a creature of Henry Kissinger, the ruling ordergiver for the CFR. Moreover, his position with Bechtel, a key Committee of 300 company of global dimensions, gave him access to countries that might otherwise have been suspicious of his Kissinger connection

The Carter Administration accelerated the process of key pro-conspiracy personnel in key positions. Before Carter was elected, his key campaign strategist, Hamilton Jordan, said that if Cyrus Vance or Brzezinski received appointments in the Carter cabinet, he, Jordan, would resign. They did. Jordan did not resign. Carter's choice of Paul Volcker (in fact he was told to appoint Volcker by David Rockefeller) started the collapse of the U.S. economy according to the plan laid down by the Club of Rome. We are up against powerful forces who are dedicated to the goal of a One World Government. We have been engaged in a devastatingly crippling war for the past 45 years, only it is not perceived as such. We are brainwashed, methodically and systematically, without ever being aware of it