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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.
Yesterday I visited the battlefields of the last years. The place was scarcely recognizable. Instead of a wilderness of ground torn up by shells, the round was a garden of wild flowers and tall grasses. Most remarkable of all was the appearance of many thousands of white butterflies which fluttered around. It was as if the souls of the dead soldiers had come to haunt the spot where so many fell. It was eerie to see them. And the silence! It was so still that I could almost hear the beat of the butterflies' wings. (From records in the British War Museum in London) My intense feelings of outrage made me determined to find out everything I could about a terrible war that began with massive gout of propaganda, the scourge of the modern world. It was another decisive reason for writing this book and exposing the evil of Tavistock. 

Sir Roger Casement thought Lord Bryce ought to have been hanged for treason and I feel Wilson ought to have suffered a similar fate, which would have stopped Roosevelt and Churchill from plunging the world into a second round of carnage. Propaganda 
prevailed, and the western civilized world was lost. The world we knew, the world established by western civilization, is gone. Spengler's gloomy predictions proved right. In place of our western civilized world we shall soonsee the ghastly edifice of the new Communist Socialist One World Government looming up through the darkness of the coming long night. Let there be no doubt that the First World War was caused by Britain and her ally, the United States of America with the aide of Wellington House. The war could not have been mounted without the dark forces of Wellington House. The name of Lord Grey, its principal architect will go down in history as traitorous dishonest politician.
There is no consensus as to why Britain started WWI. But by 1916, the German Army had defeated the French and British armies in a most decisive manner. Wilson was under heavy pressure to get American troops shipped to Europe, so Wellington House unleashed an all-out propaganda war against the American people, but which nevertheless, remained ineffective until the Bryce Report was published. To understand what is happening in Iraq is impossible unless we make ourselves fully cognizant with the terrible propaganda deployed against the British and American people in 1913 and 1940. It was one of the darkest and most
foul chapters in history, with Wilson mouthing such lies as a" just war", and "a war to end all wars", a war "to make the world safe for democracy." 

What the war was about was to make trade safe for Britain especially, and France now being threatened by German industry. But they were words in obfuscation of his true intent and meaningless in that context, just what you'd expect from a politician. The kind of bunkum one find's on a society page. Wilson's talk of "making the world safe for democracy" was nothing more than colored gas bubbles. He was proposing to go into the war on the side of the English, who were at that very moment making sure there was no popular democracy in the Empire. The English had just brutally finished off the Boers in South Africa in a cruel war that lasted three years. If Wilson wanted to make the world "safe for democracy", he ought to have gone to war on the side of Germany against England, the aggressor and instigator of the war.
Instead of "making the world safe for democracy" it turned out to be the greatest calamity ever to befall civilized nations that had fallen into the clutches of men who were corrupt immoral liars, into a war quite properly called, "The Great War." It was of course only "great" in its size and scope. We will never understand how the United States became the "sole great power," unless we confess to the sins of Wilson and the British establishment of 100 years ago. The United States has continuously entangled itself in the affairs of other sovereign nation's affairs, despite the dire warning of George Washington, and the first instance of this was our entry into WWI and the failed League of Nations. Wilson made full use of the master propagandists of Wellington House using sloganeering as a sword, told the reluctant Senate that if it did not ratify the League of Nations "it will break the heart of the world." 

Thanks to Senator Cabot Lodge, and a number of U.S. Senators who after sober reflection and examination of the U.S. Constitution, declined to ratify the League of Nations treaty because they discovered it sought to kill U.S. sovereignty. Using and abusing his penchant for propaganda, Wilson tried to carry the day by declaring his re-election campaign "a great and solemn referendum for acceptance of the treaty" but not having Lord Bryce to back him, lost, and was swept away. Unfortunately it did not take the pliers of propaganda long to stage a comeback with the revamped United Nations version of the League of Nations. Truman, (not the simple hat seller from Missouri but the Master Mason) betrayed the American people by permitting this one-world edifice in the U.S. and Truman used propaganda left over by Wilson to persuade key senators to vote for his lies.
What Truman did was force the American nation to enter into a pact with the devil-the devil of power over justice and truth,
justice from the barrel of a gun. We applied that "justice" in WWII through mass bombing of civilian centers without regard to loss of life and we used atomic bombs on Japan, although the war was over, in the propaganda ploy of "shock and awe" echoed by Rumsfeld in the unconstitutional war against Iraq.

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The Second World War followed an almost identical pattern as WWI. For concluding a peace deal with Hitler, Neville Chamberlain was at once subjected to a mighty propaganda barrage directed by the Tavistock Institute. Chamberlain had defied the Committee of 300 and backed a newcomer, a rank outsider who was seen as a threat to world Socialism. The world did not learn the truth about Chamberlain or that he was an able politician bent upon avoiding another war, or that he was well experienced and had worked out an equitable peace plan - which of course - did not suit the munitions merchants vultures sitting on the fence waiting to pick clean the wealth of nations and the corpses of their sons. 

The vast propaganda machine set up at the Tavistock Institute in London immediately swung into action against Chamberlain, after he announced his successful peace plan. Shakespeare said that "the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." The good done by Chamberlain did not suit the warmongers and they buried Chamberlain under a catalogue of propaganda and outright lies. These lies were the work of specialists in propaganda employed at the Tavistock Institute, notably, Peter Howard, Michael Foot and Frank Owen. One of these men, employing the pen-name of "Cato" so vilified Chamberlain that the odium they attached to his name lives even to this day in July of 2005. Such is the power of the might Tavistock propaganda machine.
In later years, long after the deceitful propaganda experts had done their work, British historian and scholar David Dutton wrote a book, Neville Chamberlain in which he gave a balanced assessment of the former prime minister. Far from being a "dupe of Hitler" and "a fool" Chamberlain showed considerable negotiating skill and was a highly competent leader, who fought valiantly to prevent another war. But that ran contrary to the wishes of the Committee of 300. Churchill got his "delicious war," but by 1941, the "Allies" had virtually been driven off the continent of Europe with huge loss of manpower. France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark were occupied. Germany offered generous terms to England but warmonger Churchill rejected peace overtures, and turned to his old workhorse ally, the United States, to provide men, money and materials to continue "the delicious war."

To the American people we say in deep sorrow: "When will you ever learn? When are you going to distinguish between 
propaganda and genuine information? When are you going to put proposal for war to the constitutional test?" Wilson was a consummate liar and a hater of the U.S. Constitution; yet, thanks to a huge propaganda drive organized run and maintained by Wellington House, he was able to accomplish his mission by operating under a banner of patriotism, which overcame vigorous opposition to the war. Between Wilson, Churchill and Roosevelt, tremendous damage was done to western Christian civilization. Yet in spite of this fact, a wave of propaganda continues to wash over their names, as if to rid them of the blood on of millions
on their hands.
Instead of being vilified, numerous monuments to their honor are to be found all over Europe, and in America a multibillion
dollar monument is to be erected in honor of Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose treason engineered the Japanese "to fire the first shot" as the Stimson Dairies record. Pearl Harbor opened the way to Communist control of China, and ultimately the way to a new Communist-Socialist New World Order inside a One World Government. Our only hope in a vale of despair is that this work might help to open the eyes of the American people, so that they will resolve never again to fall for propaganda, although in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, it now seems a vain hope. We recently lived through the disturbing experience of being rushed into an unnecessary war in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq through the expanded propaganda tools in the hands of Tavistock's experts, the same tool used to vilify the Kaiser and Chamberlain. 

President Milosevic was demonized vilified, belittled and finally driven from office. President Milosevic was illegally arrested and illegally transported to Holland for "trail" by a kangaroo court that has been trying for nearly four years to convict him of "war crimes." George Bush the younger refused to give the mediators in Iraq time to work because he knew that it would prevent war.
He refused to give the UN weapons inspectors to complete their work, and instead, declared with the evil intent of all
propagandists that the world could not wait for ten day more because of the "imminent danger" posed by the "Weapons of
Mass Destruction" in the hands of "the Iraqi dictator." (The "Butcher of Baghdad.")
Thus, once again, the people of the United States were swept along by a flood tide of naked lies put out by the propagandists at Tavistock Institute and echoed by the American media, especially the chief propaganda organ in the United States, Fox News Channel. In one respect Americans are more fortunate this time: We have not had to wait for a 100 years to pass for the truth to
come out: There were no "Weapons of Mass Destruction", no "chemical and bacteriological factories," no long range rockets to cause a "mushroom cloud over Boston," (courtesy of the apologist for Tavistock propaganda and mass brainwashing, Ms. Rice), and Mr. Bush and his copartner in crime, British Prime Minister Blair. But in spite of being caught in a web of lies, all the abovementioned remain in office. 

They have not been sacked for the scores of lies they swore was the truth, and from which they are now not even bothering to extricate themselves, shrugging of criticism with the help of spin masters (polished liars) like Karl Rove and Alaister Campbell. Let us hope that the cause of justice will be served, and that those responsible for the tragedy of the bombing of Serbia and Afghanistan, and the unwarranted invasions of Iraq will be brought before the bar of international justice to account for their crimes. The voices of the dead cry out from the battlefields of Europe, the Pacific, from Serbia and Afghanistan; and from Iraq, lamenting that they died because "brainwashing" triumphed and propaganda prevailed, the scourge of the modern world, rolling out from the Tavistock Institute like some foul miasma from a dank and noisome bog, enveloping
the world, blinding it to the truth.
 (1) Lord Northcliffe.
(2)Walter Lippman.
(3) Edward Bernays.
(4) Edward Bernays and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Social Science scientists at Tavistock
(1) W.R.Bion.
(2) Gregory Bateson.
(3) R.D. Laing.

(1) Eric L. Trist. Social Science scientist at Tavistock Institute.
(2) Leon Trotsky. Marxist leader (Real name Lev. Bronstein.)
(3)Willy Munzenberg. The brilliant Russian spy and leading
(4) Lord Northcliffe and Adolph Hitler.

(1) H.G. Wells. British Author. Leading Fabianist, and secret
service agent. Wrote War of Worlds.
(2) George Bernard Shaw. Irish Playwright and Fabianist.
(3) Walter Rathenau. Leading German industrialist.
Financial advisor to Kaiser Wilhelm II.
(4) Lord Bertrand Russell. British Socialist, Author, and
Elder Statesman of the "300."

(1) Kaiser Wilhelm II Wellington House falsely
maligned the German leader as a "Bloody Butcher."
(2) Queen Victoria, was a cousin of Wilhelm II.
(3) King George V.
(4)Woodrow Wilson U.S. President. An avowed Socialist.

The infamous propagaanda drawing depicting Kaiser Wilhelm II
standing over Belgian women and children he had shot. This
drawing and one like it produced by Wellington House with
Wilhelm II standing over Belgian children with a sword dripping in blood from their severed hands, appeared in newspapers across Britain and the United States.
(above) Trotsky "reviews" his "troops" in Moscow. 
This is one of the hundreds of propaganda photographs that
flooded willing Western newspapers.

(below) A depiction of one of the scores of dreadful
hand to-hand battles of WWI. The brutality and slaughter
left survivors on both sides mentally crippled and
haunted by what they had experienced.



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