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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.



The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is situated in London and on the grounds of Sussex University, Sussex, England, where most of its research facilities are located. 

Tavistock remains as important today as it was when I first revealed its existence early in 1969. I have been accused of having been a part of Tavistock because I worked in close proximity to Tavistock's Sussex facility, and knew so much of its history. Most of Tavistock's more recent activity has had, and is still having, a profound influence upon the way we live in America, and upon our political institutions. 

Tavistock is believed to be behind the pro-abortion publicity, the proliferation of drugs, sodomy and lesbianism, family traditions, and the fierce attack on the Constitution, our misconduct in foreign policy and our economic system, programmed to fail. Apart from John Rawlings Reese no two men made such a difference to world politics and world events as shaped at Tavistock than Edward Bernays (the double nephew of Sigmund Freud)
and Kurt Lewin. 

A "third man" must be included here, although he was never on the faculty at Tavistock and I refer to Willi Munzenberg whose propaganda methods and applications so crucial to the modern age of mass communication earned him the title, "the greatest propagandist in the world." Undoubtedly the most brilliant man of his era, (he began his work before WWI) Munzenberg was responsible for sanitizing the Bolsheviks after they overthrew the Romanov Dynasty.
Munzenberg definitely shaped the ideas and methods put into practice by Bernays and Lewin. His legendary exploits in handling Leon Tepper the Kappelmeister of the Rot Kappell (Conductor of the "Red Orchestra" spy ring) made Munzenberg the master spy of every intelligence agency in existence. Tepper was trained by Munzenberg and he never got caught. Tepper was able to obtain all of the secrets of Britain and the United States in WWII. 

There was hardly a single secret plan the "allies" launched that was not already known to Tepper, who passed the information to the KGB and the GRU in Moscow. In his field, Bernays was equally brilliant but I suspect that most of his ideas originated with his famous uncle Sigmund. As for his ideas on propaganda, there is little doubt that he "borrowed" from Munzenberg and this is reflected in the 
Bernays classic Propaganda that was published in 1928. 

The thesis of the book is that it is entirely proper and a natural right for government to organize public opinion to conform to official policies. We shall return to this subject later. Munzenberg was bold enough to put his basic tenets about propaganda into practice well before Bernays, or Joseph Goebbels, the German Minister of Popular Enlightenment (as the Ministry of Propaganda was called.) The propaganda specialist of the Nazi Party greatly admired Munzenberg's work and modeled his own propaganda program closely upon Munzenberg's methods. Goebbels always took care to credit Munzenberg as the "father" of propaganda even when few knew very little about him. 
Goebbels had made a particular study of how Munzenberg had used his mastery of the science of propaganda when Lenin drafted him to blunt the appalling publicity generated in 1921, when 25 millions peasants in the Volga region died from the ravages of famine. Thus it came about that German born Munzenberg became the darling of the Bolshevik. To quote from a recent history account: "Munzenberg, who by then had returned to Berlin where he was later elected to the Reichstag as a Communist deputy, was charged with setting up a bogus 'charity', the Foreign Committee for the Organization of Worker Relief for the Hungry in the Soviet Union, the purpose of which was to pretend to the world that humanitarian relief was coming from a source other than Herbert Hoover's American Relief Organization. 

In this Munzenberg was altogether successful." Munzenberg gained the attention of the directorate of the former Wellington House which in 1921 had changed its name to the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations under the direction of Major General John Rawlings Reese, formerly of the British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau School. It will not come as a surprise to readers who have followed my work that much of the techniques adopted and perfected by Munzenberg were adopted by Bernays and his colleagues, Kurt Lewin, Eric Trist, Dorwin Cartwright, and H.V. Dicks W.R. Bion at Tavistock, who then taught the methods to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Munzenberg was not the only Communist to profoundly influence events in the United States. I happen to believe that Tavistock aided in preparing the "abortion brief," that was subsequently presented to the Supreme Court in 1973, as an original work, when in fact, it was merely a recital of what Madame Kollontei, the founder of the "women's
liberation " movement and "free love" proponent in the USSR had written.
A Bolshevik commissar and leading light, her book is a diatribe against the sanctity of marriage and the family as the most important social unit in Christian countries. Kollontei, of course, took her "feminism" straight from the pages of the Communist Manifesto of 1848.

George Orwell, the MI6 operative who wrote the famous 1984 had studied the work of Munzenberg in great detail. In fact his best-known statement was based on what
Munzenberg had said was the basis of propaganda: "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind."

As his German counterpart Munzenberg said: "All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news." It is useful to know about Munzenberg as it helps us to
understand how politicians operate and how secret forces control access to information, and how public opinion is shaped and molded. Bernays certainly followed the master and never deviated from his methodology. Without knowing these things, we can never understand how President George Bush is able to do the things he does and not have to face the consequences.  It has certainly enabled me to trace the origin of the so-called "Neo-Conservatives" that shape his policies, right back to its founder, Irving Kristol who admits to having been an avowed follower of Leon Trotsky.
Tavistock remains the mother of all research facilities connected with behavior modifications, opinion making and shaping of political events. What Tavistock did was to create a "black hole of deception in the 20th century." Its task would have been made a great deal more difficult had it not been for the prostitution of the media and its role in disseminating "the gospel according to George Orwell." Lord Northcliffe the chief of Tavistock's predecessor, Wellington House, had been a media mogul and at one stage went so far as to ship thousands of copies of his Daily Mail to France each week and then have them delivered by a fleet of
motor trucks to British troops at the front lines, "to win their hearts and minds in support of the war" (WWI). Especially here in the United States, it has virtually taken over the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford Research, Esalen Institute, the Wharton School of Economics, Hudson Institute, Kissinger Associates, Duke University, and many more institutions we have come to think of as wholly American.

The Rand Research and Development Corporation, under the tutelage of Tavistock has had a profound influence on so many institutions and segments of our society. As one of the principal research institutions directly controlled by Tavistock, Rand runs our ICBM program, does prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy makers, and advises on nuclear policies, does hundreds of projects for the C.I. A. in the field of mind control. Some of Rand's clients include AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Energy and B.M. Rand is one of the major Tavistock-controlled institutions in the world, and working on brainwashing at all levels, including government, military, religious organizations. The Anglican Church's Desmond Tutu was one of Rand's projects. Take another example; Georgetown University, perhaps one of the top institutions of higher learning in America. Starting in 1938, the entire structure of Georgetown was made over by Tavistock - all of its learning formats and programs altered to suit a blueprint drawn up by Tavistock's "brain trust team."
This has had great significance for U.S. policies, especially in the area of foreign policy relations. Without exception, United States State Department field officers are trained at Georgetown. Some of Georgetown's (Tavistock) better-known graduates are
Richard Armitage and Henry Kissinger. Just how much damage these two members of the John Rawlings Reese Invisible Army have done to the well-being of our country will have to be told at another time. There is mounting evidence of increased input into our intelligence agencies by Tavistock. When we think of intelligence in the U.S. we generally think of the CJA or Division Five of the FBI. But there are a great many other intelligence agencies receiving instruction from Tavistock. These include the
Defense Department Intelligence (DIA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI,) the Treasury Intelligence Service (TIS), the State Department Intelligence Service, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and at least ten others.
How and when did Tavistock begin its career? As I said in my 1969 and 1983 works, when we think of Tavistock we automatically think of its founder, British Army Major John Rawlings Reese. Up until 1969, there were very few people in Britain outside of intelligence circles, who knew of the existence of Tavistock, let alone what was being done at its facilities in London and Sussex.
Tavistock provided services of a sinister nature to those people we find in every city across this land; people who have local and state government officials and police departments in the palm of their hand. This is the case in every major American city also, where the Illuminati members of Freemasonry use their secret powers of control, to walk all over the Bill of Rights, intimidating
and brutalizing innocent citizens at will. Where are the statesmen who once made this country great? What we have in their place are lawmakers who do not enforce the laws they make, and who are terrified to correct the obvious wrongs that abound on every hand, afraid, because if they obeyed their oath of office, they might find themselves without a job. 

They are also lawmakers who do not have even the vaguest idea of what Constitutional law is, and they do not seem to care. They pass "laws" that were never tested as to their constitutionality. The majority of the legislators do not know how to do this, anyway. As a result, anarchy prevails in Washington. It may well come as a shock to most candidates who run for the House and Senate, that each and every one of them is carefully checked and profiled by the behavior modification scientists at Tavistock, or one or more of its affiliates in the U.S. Any candidate who is pliable to suggestions and found to be easy to control is "puffed." 
Suffice to say that a spirit of unconstitutional lawlessness pertains in the Congress, which is why we are insulted by such measures as the "Brady" bill and the Feinstein "assault weapons" bill. "Assault weapons" and in 2003 the "Homeland Security Bill" and the "Patriot Act," do not appear anywhere in the Constitution and all are, therefore, a prohibition. Feinstein's "law" looks suspiciously like the work of the Tavistock Institute. The Constitution being the supreme law of the land, "gun control" laws are null and void. Guns are private property. Guns do not come under Interstate Commerce. Every U.S. citizen of sound mind, of legal age and not a felon has the right to keep and bear arms in any quantity and in any place. 

This was stated by the great St. George Tucker who declared: "The Congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate or interfere with the domestic concerns of any of the States, it belongs to them (the States) to establish any rules respecting the right of property, nor will the Constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people or peaceful assembly by them for whatever purpose and in any number, whatsoever they may see the occasion." (Blackstone's Views on the Constitution, page 315) Any candidate who is not going to be easy to control or who does not fit the Tavistock profiles is ushered out. In this, the print and electronic media— under Tavistock's direction—or one of its affiliates, plays a key role. Let the voter beware, let the public beware.
Our election process has become a farce, thanks to the work done by Tavistock in controlling the thoughts and ideas of the
people of this nation by means of "inner directional conditioning" and "long distance penetration" of which the mind-control science of polling is an integral part. Tavistock serves the Black Nobility in all of its elements, working to rob us of the victory of the American Revolution of 1776. If the reader is unfamiliar with the Black Nobility, of course, the term does not refer to black people. It refers to a group of extremely wealthy people, dynasties, whose history dates back for more than five hundred years and who make up the backbone of the Committee of 300. 

On the international front, as well as in areas of those institutions in the U.S. who decide foreign policy, Tavistock does psychological profiling at all levels of government, as well as intruding into private life, on a truly vast scale. Tavistock developed profiles and programs for the Club of Rome, the Cini Foundation, the German Marshall fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bilderbergers, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, the Ditchley Foundation, the Bank of International Settlements, the I.M.F. the United Nations and the World Bank, Microsoft, Citibank, the New York Stock Exchange and so on. This is by no means a complete list of institutions in the hands of Tavistock planners. The propaganda barrage that preceded the 1991 Bush Gulf War was based around a psychological profile of huge population groups in the U.S. prepared by Tavistock. The results were passed on to the opinion makers, also known as "advertising agencies" on Madison Avenue.
So effective was this propaganda, that within two weeks, people who didn't even know where Iraq was on the map, let alone who its leaders were, began to shout and clamor for war against "a dictator who threatens America's interests." Frightening? YES, but unfortunately 100 percent true! The very words "gulf crisis" were crafted by Tavistock Institute to arouse maximum support for the Bush war on behalf of a Committee of 300-flagship company, British Petroleum (BP). We now know—at least some of us know—just what a big role Tavistock plays when it comes to creating public opinion based on obfuscation, lies, dissembling, misrepresentation and outright fraud. There isn't any other institution in the world that can hold a candle to the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. 

Quoting from my updated 1984 report: "There are a few institutions and publishing businesses that are catching on to the changes that are occurring. The latest issue of "Esquire Magazine" carries an article entitled "Discovering America." 'Esquire' did not mention Tavistock by name, but this is what it said: During the social revolution (a very significant phrase) of the 70s, most of the rituals and personal inter-action and the institutional life were radically altered. Naturally, these changes have affected the way we perceive the future... The economic base of America is changing and new services and products are being offered." The article then went on to state that our professional lives, our leisure time, our educational systems are being altered, and more importantly, the thinking of our children is being altered. The writer of the 
"Esquire" article concluded: "America is being transformed as is the direction it will take in the future...Occasionally our new American section (promised for future editions of Esquire), won't seem so new, since most of the new thinking has been creeping into the main stream of American life, but until now, it has gone unnoticed." I could not have given a more fitting description of the fallacy "time changes things." Nothing changes on its own, all changes are engineered, whether in secret or in public. While "Esquire" didn't say who is responsible for the changes - for the most part about unwanted changes - that We, the People, attempted to resist. (Capitals intended.) "Esquire" is not alone in its contention. Millions of American is living in total ignorance of the forces shaping their future. 

They are unaware that America is being thoroughly "conditioned" by Tavistock's "inner directional long range penetration method." The worst part of it is that these millions, because of Tavistock conditioning (making Americans think in the way Tavistock would have them think), no longer seem to care. They have been "Inner Conditioned" through "Long Range Penetration"—the master control plan set up by Tavistock to brainwash the nation for so long that they now suffer a constant state of "shellshock." As we shall see, there is good reason for this apathy and ignorance. The unwanted, forced changes we have been subjected to as a nation, were the work of several master theoreticians and technicians who joined John Rawlings Reese at the Tavistock Institute.

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