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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

There is a great and compelling need to educate the millions of people as to what the secret manipulators are doing, and more importantly, just how, and why they are doing it. Urgent constitutional action is needed to bring this about. There are many leading citizens, who have the power and the financial means to start a grass roots campaign. What is not wanted, is a third political party. A grass roots movement, properly educated and acting in concert is the only way (at least in my opinion) that we are going to win our country back from the dark and evil forces that have it by the throat. Together, in a grass roots movement, we can shake America free from the grip of foreign powers, powers the Tavistock Institute serves so well, foreign powers that are bent upon the destruction of America as constituted by our Founding Fathers. 

This work on the Tavistock Institute is another "first" in my series on major organizations whose names will be new to most readers. Tavistock is the most important nerve center in the U.S., and it has poisoned and gradually altered for the worse, every facet of our lives since 1946, when it began its North America operations. Tavistock has played and is playing the leading role in shaping U.S. policies and world events. It is undoubtedly, the mother of all mind control and mind conditioning centers in the world. In the United States it has a great deal of control over day-to-day affairs and has a direct hand in the course and direction of such American think tanks as Stanford Research, Esalen Institute, Wharton School, MIT, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Georgetown University and even more directly, extends its influence to the White House and the State Department. Tavistock has a profound influence in shaping U.S. domestic and foreign policy.
Tavistock is a study center devoted to the service of the Black Nobility and those devoted to promoting the New World Order inside a One World Government. Tavistock does work for the Club of Rome, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the German Marshall Fund, the Mont Pelerin Society, the Ditchley Group, the Quator Coronati Freemason control lodge and the Bank of International
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Tavistock's story begins with its founder, Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Reese in 1921. It was Reese who evolved Tavistock's methods of mass "brainwashing". Tavistock was founded as a research center for British Special Intelligence Service (SIS). It was Reese who launched the method of controlling political campaigns, as well as mind control techniques, which continue to this very day, and it was Reese and Tavistock who taught the USSR, North Vietnam China and Vietnam how to apply his techniques—all they ever wanted to know about how to brain wash individuals or a mass of people. Reese was a close confidant of the late Margaret Meade and her husband Gregory Bateson, both of whom played major roles in shaping U.S. institutions that make government
policy. He was also a friend of Kurt Lewin, who was expelled from Germany after being accused of being an active Zionist. 

Lewin fled Germany when it became apparent that the NSDP would control Germany. Lewin rose to become Tavistock's director in 1932. He played a major role in preparing the American people for entry into WWII. Lewin was responsible for organizing the greatest propaganda machine known to mankind, which he directed against the whole German nation. Lewin's machine was responsible for whipping the American public opinion into favoring the war by engendering a climate of hatred against Germany. What was it that made the Reese method so successful? Basically, it was this: The same psychotherapy techniques used to cure a
mentally sick individual could be applied in the opposite direction.
It could also used to make healthy people become mentally ill. Reese began his long series of experiments in the 1930s using
British Army recruits as test cases. From there Reese progressed to perfecting mass brainwashing techniques, which he was later to apply to countries slated for change. One such country was the United States, which remains the focus of attention of Tavistock. Reese began applying his behavior modifications techniques against the American people in 1946. Few if any realized the extreme threat to America, which Reese posed. The British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau was set up at Tavistock through secret agreements with Churchill, well before Churchill became prime minister. The agreements gave the British Special Operations Executive, commonly known as the SOE, full control over the policies of the U.S. Armed Forces, acting through civilian channels, and which invariably, became official U.S. Government policy. 

That agreement is still firmly in place, as unacceptable to patriotic Americans today, as it was when established. It was the discovery of this agreement that led Gen. Eisenhower to issue his historical warning about powers accumulated in the hands of the "military industrial complex." So that we fully understand the influence of Tavistock in the daily political, social, religious and economic life of the U.S., allow me to explain that it was Kurt Lewin, the second in command who was responsible for founding the following American institutions, many of whom were responsible for making profound changes in U.S. foreign and local policies: 
 * The Harvard Psychological Clinic
* The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
* The Committee on National Morale
* Rand Corporation
* National Defense Resources Council
* The National Institute for Mental health
* The National Training Laboratories
 * The Stanford Research Center
* The Wharton School of Economics.
* The New York Police Department
*The FBI
*The CIA
* The Rand Institute

To Lewin fell the task of selecting key personnel for these and other highly prestigious research institutions; including Esalen, the Rand Corporation; the United States Air Force, the Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the State Department. In later years Tavistock conditioned those chosen to operate the ELF weather modifications facilities located in Wisconsin and Michigan, as a defense against those operated from the Kola Peninsula in Russia. 
It was through institutions like Stanford and Rand that the treasonous, infamous "MK Ultra" project got its start. "MK Ultra" was a 20-year experiment utilizing LSD and other "mind-altering" drugs, carried forward under the direction of Aldous Huxley and the guru of the "Ban the Bomb" movement, Bertrand Russell (the senior statesman of the 300) for and on behalf of the CIA. In the second Gulf War Tavistock-trained operatives showed U.S. General Miller how to run systematic torture to extract "information" from Muslim captives held at Abu Graib prison in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba that shocked and disgusted the world when they were exposed. Through these and other similar mind control, mood-altering drugs, Lewin, Huxley and Russell were able to do indescribable damage to the youth of America, damage from which we, as a nation, will probably never fully recover. 

Their horrible drug experiments were carried out from Stanford Research, McGill University, and Bethesda Naval Hospital and at U.S. Army locations scattered all across the land. It is worth repeating that the movement, which sprouted among our youth in the 1950s--1960s, known as the "New Age" and or the "Age of Aquarius", was a Tavistock program. There was noting spontaneous about it. Nudity was introduced in conformity with the course taken to demean women. By 2005 the "new" fad is called "Hip-Hop" a type of dance game played mainly by children in the poorest suburbs of America's cities. It was picked up by Tavistock and turned into a full-blown industry with their specialists writing the "music and lyrics" until it is one of the best profit-makers for the recording industry.
Reese's methods were closely followed by Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Arnold Toynbee and Alistair Crowley. Russell was particularly adept at working Tavistock methods in forming his "CND": "Ban the Bomb" campaign which opposed U.S. nuclear experiments Tavistock "think tanks" received massive U.S. Government funding. Such institutions conduct research experiments with mass population conditioning. The CND movement was a front from behind which Huxley dispensed drugs for the youth of Britain. In these experiments the American people have been more of a target than any other national group in the world. As I
disclosed in 1969 and 2004, since 1946 the U.S. Government has poured billions of dollars into projects, which may be classed as "undercover operations", that is, the experimental programs go under other name and titles so that the unsuspecting American people raise no protest at such lavish government spending. In such Tavistock experiments, every aspect of America's
way of life, its customs, its traditions, its history, are examined to see if they can be subjected to change. 

Every aspect of our psychological and physiological life is constantly under scrutiny at Tavistock's U.S. institutions. The "change agents" work tirelessly to change our way of life and make it look as such changes are merely "changing times" to which we must adapt. These forced changes are to be found in politics, religion, music, the way the news is manufactured and reported, the style of delivery of the news readers with the preponderance of American women readers who had every last trace of femininity driven out of them; the style and delivery of speeches made by Mr. Bush (short staccato sentences) accompanied by facial contortions and body movement taught by change artists, his manner of walking (U.S. Marine style), the rise of the so called Christian fundamentalists in politics, the overwhelming support for "isms", the list is endless.
The outcome, the net result of these experimental programs determine how and where we shall live in the present and the
future, how we will react to stressful situations in our national and personal life, and how our thinking on a national level
regarding education, religion, morals, economics and politics can be channeled in the "right direction." We, the People, have been and are being endlessly studied at Tavistock's Institutions. We are dissected, profiled, thoughtread, and the data entered into computer data banks for the purposes of shaping and planning how we will react to planned future shocks and stressful situations. All this is done without our consent and in gross violation of our constitutional right to privacy. 

These profiling results and prognostications are entered into data bases in computers at the National Security Agency, the FBI, the Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency to name but a few places where such data is stored. The lines between internal and external spying are being blurred as the American people are conditioned for the coming One World Government wherein surveillance of individuals will reach unprecedented levels. It was this kind of information which allowed the FBI to get away with burning David Koresh and his Branch Davidians, while the nation watched it happening on national television, without hardly a whimper of protest from the people and, an astonishing lack of protest from Congress. 
In one move, the States rights of Texas were destroyed. Waco was meant as a test case to see how the population would react to witnessing the 10th Amendment being destroyed before their very eyes, and, as profiled, the people of Texas and the United States acted precisely in the manner of the Tavistock profile; they acted like sheep peacefully grazing on grass as the Judas goat that would lead them to the slaughterhouse circled the flock. What has happened, and is happening on an ongoing basis, was foretold by Carter's national Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his New Age book, "The Technocratic Era" published in 1970. What he predicted is happening before our eyes, but the deadly sinister nature of these unfolding events is lost upon the people. 

The reality of what Brzezinski foretold in 1970 has come to pass. I suggest that you read the book—if it is obtainable—and then as I have done, compare events that have transpired since 1970 with what is stated in "The Technotronic Era." The accuracy of Brzezinski's forecasting is not only amazing, but also rather frightening. If you are still skeptical, then read 1984 by George Orwell, a former M16 British intelligence operative. Orwell had to write his startling revelation as fiction to avoid being 
prosecuted under Britain's Official Secrets Act. Orwell's "newspeak" is now everywhere to be found, and just as he predicted, arouses no opposition. Readers thought Orwell was describing Russia, but he was foretelling the coming of a regime far worse than the Bolshevik regime, the New World Order government of Great Britain.
One has only to look over the legislation passed by the Blair regime to see that liberties have been crushed, political dissent has been crushed, the Magna Carta put to flames and in its place, a set of draconian laws that makes for ominous reading. "As goes England today, so goes the United States tomorrow" according to an old saying. Like it or not, Brzezinski predicted that We, the People, would have nothing left of our right to privacy; every little detail of our lives would be known by government, and
subject to instant recall from data banks. By the year 2000, he said, private citizens would be in the grip of government control as never before experienced by any other nation. 

Today, in 2005, we are under constant surveillance such as could not be imagined a few years ago, the Fourth Amendment has been trampled, our best protection from a gargantuan state, the 10th Amendment no longer in existence, and it has all been made possible through the work of Reese and the Social Sciences scientists who control the Tavistock Institute. In 1969, by an order of the Committee of 300, Tavistock established the Club of Rome, as first reported in my monographs of 1969. The Club of Rome then established the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a political alliance. By 1999, we were discovering the truth about NATO; it is a political entity with military support by its member-nations, Tavistock provided key personnel for NATO from its inception and it still does. They write all the key policies for NATO. In other words, Tavistock controls NATO.
Proof of this can be seen in the way in which NATO was able to bomb Serbia for 72 days and nights and get away with it,
although it violated the four Geneva Conventions, the Hague Convention, the Nuremberg Protocols, and the United Nations charter. There was no outcry from the American people or the British people against such barbarous action. Of course this had all been predetermined from Tavistock's data banks: They knew exactly how the public would react or not react to the bombing. Had an unfavorable determination been made beforehand as to how the public would react, there would have been no bombing raids over Serbia. Precisely the same Tavistock studies were used to ascertain public reaction to raining down cruise missiles and bombs on the open city of Baghdad in 2002, Rumsfeld's infamous "shock and awe" tactic. 

Barbarous behavior of this magnitude was indulged in because the President and his men already knew beforehand that there would be no outcry from the American public. Both the Club of Rome and NATO have considerable influence in foreign policy decisions taken by the U.S. Government, and they continue to do so, today, as we saw in the case of the unprovoked attack on Serbia and Iraq acceeded to by the Clinton and Bush administrations, respectively. History provides other examples of national control of the U.S. by Tavistock. When the Second World War broke out, the United States was subjected to a preplanned brainwashing campaign of the most massive proportions, prepared and executed by the Tavistock Institute.
This would pave the way for a smooth entry of the U.S. into a war that was none of our business and muzzle those opposed to it. All of Roosevelt's grand speeches were composed by technicians skilled in mind control at Tavistock, many of them emanating from the Fabian Society. Americans were told that the war was started by Germany; that the danger of Germany to world peace was far greater than the threat of Bolshevism would ever be. A substantial number of socials scientists working at Tavistock's U.S. institutions were selected to lead the charge in persuading the American people that America's entry into the war was the
proper course for it to take. However, they did not succeed until Japan was "forced to fire the first shot" at Pearl Harbor.

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