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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

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Kurt Lewin's topological psychology—standard fare at Tavistock institutions—was taught to selected American scientists sent there to learn its methodology, and the group returned to the U.S. to spear-head the drive to force Americans to believe that support for Britain—the instigator of the war— was in our best interests. Topological psychology is still the most advanced method of inducing behavior modifications, whether in individuals or in mass population groups. Unhappily, topological  psychology was used all too successfully by the mass media in rushing America into a British-contrived situation in Iraq, another war in which we had no business involving ourselves. 

The professional liars who run this country, the whores of the media, the treasonous, treacherous "spokesmen" for the One World Government—New World Order, used exact topological psychology against those who said we should not be attacking Iraq. Bush, Baker, Haig, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, General Myers, Cheney and those in Congress who fawned all over them in a servile display of bootlicking—brainwashed the American people to believe that Pres. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was a monster, an evil man, a dictator, a threat to world peace, who had to be removed from power, even though Iraq had never done anything to harm the United States. While there may have been some truth to the allegations that Hussein had done some terrible deeds, the same could be said of Wilson and Roosevelt magnified a million times.
Tavistock's war on the U.S. Constitution had completely dumbed-down the American people to where they somehow believed that the U.S. had the right to attack Iraq and remove its leader, even though the Constitution expressly forbids such action not to mention that it violated international law and the Nuremberg Protocols. As already stated, it takes a "contrived situation" to get the American people fired up. In WWI it was the "atrocities" committed by the Kaiser. In WWII it was Pearl Harbor, in Korea it was the "ghost torpedo boats" of North Korea's attack on the U.S. Navy that never happened. In Iraq it was the deceit and lies of April Glaspie; in Serbia, it was the "concern" of Madame Albright for the alleged "persecution" of Albanian illegal aliens flooding into Serbia to escape the economic misery of their homeland that was the excuse for her self-righteous crusade against Serbia.

Tavistock coined a new name for the illegal Albanians; henceforth they were to be called "Kosovars." Of course the profiled and programmed American public made no objection when Serbia, without just cause and without ever having harmed the United States, was mercilessly bombed for seventy-six days and nights! The real danger to peace comes from our one-sided policy
toward Middle East nations, and our attitude toward Socialist governments. Appeals to rally around the flag in the early stages of WWII were pure Reese topological psychology— and it was repeated in the Gulf War, the Korean War, Iraq (twice) and Serbia.
Soon it will be North Korea again. The U.S. has persecuted that nation for more than 25 years-only this time the excuse will be that North Korea is about to drop a nuclear bomb on an American city! In all these wars, the American people succumbed to the big drum of Tavistock brainwashing under the guise of "patriotism" tinged with a heavy dose of fear, banged night and day. Americans believed the myth that Germany was the "bad guy" bent upon ruling the world; we rejected the threat of Bolshevism.
Twice we were whipped into frenzy against Germany. We believed our controllers because we did not know that we were brainwashed, manipulated and controlled. And so our sons were shipped off to die on Europe's battlefields for a cause, which was not America's cause. 

Immediately after Winston Churchill became Britain's Prime Minister after he ousted Neville Chamberlain because he had 
succeeded in making a peace agreement with Germany; Churchill the great paragon of belief in respect for international law began breaking international laws that governed civilized conduct during wars. Acting on the advice of Tavistock theoretician Richard Crossman—Winston Churchill adopted Tavistock's plan for terror bombing of civilian population. (We were to see the 
same policy being carried out in Iraq and Serbia.) Churchill gave the Royal Air Force (RAF) orders to bomb the small German city of Freiberg, an undefended city, one on the list of such cities in Germany and Britain, which both sides had agreed in a written pact was an "open, undefended city" not to be bombed.
On Saturday afternoon, February 27 1940, a raid on Freiberg was carried out by RAF "Mosquito" bombers, killing 300 civilians including 27 children at play in a schoolyard, plainly visible as a school. This was the start of the RAF's terror bombing campaign
against German civilian targets; the infamous Tavistockinspired Prudential Bombing Survey, which was directed solely against German worker housing and the civilian infrastructure. Tavistock assured Churchill that such mass terror bombing would bring Germany to its knees once the target of destroying 65% of German worker housing was reached. Churchill's decision to launch terror bombing against Germany was a war crime and remains a war crime. Churchill was a war criminal and should have been put on trial for his hideous crimes against humanity. 

The bombing of Freiberg Germany, without consultation with France, was the first departure from civilized conduct in WWII and the British Government was solely to blame for the air raids by the Germans, which followed. Churchill's terror tactics were followed to the letter by the U.S. in the undeclared war against Iraq, Serbia, Iraq again and Afghanistan, which began in March of 1999, in the same vein of no mercy as displayed by Churchill. Kurt Lewin, whose hatred of Germany knew no bounds, developed the policy of terror bombing of civilian housing. Lewin was the "father" of the Strategic Bombing Survey, deliberately designed to destroy 65 percent of German worker housing and kill in an indiscriminate manner, as many German civilians as possible.
German military casualties were far exceeded by civilian casualties of the war, as a result of "Bomber" Harris and his heavy bomber night raids by the RAF on German worker housing. This was a major war crime that has still gone unpunished. This gives the lie to the propaganda put out by Tavistock that Germany began such terror raids. The facts are that it was only after eight weeks of terror-raids on Berlin had caused heavy damage to civilian housing and non-military targets had taken thousands of civilian lives that the Luftwaffe retaliated by attacks on London. German retaliation came only after countless appeals by Hitler, directly to Churchill to stop breaking their agreement, which the "great man" ignored. Churchill, the master liar, the consummate liar, with the help of, and under the direction of Lewin was able to persuade the world that Germany started civilian bombing as a deliberate policy when, as we have seen, it was Churchill who initiated it. 

British War Office and RAF documents reflect this position. The damage done to London by the Luftwaffe was relatively mild when compared with what the RAF did to German cities, but the world never heard about that. The world saw only what amounted to small sections of London damaged by German air raids with Churchill striding over the rubble, his jaw jutting out and a cigar clenched between his teeth, the epitome of defiance! How well Tavistock had taught him to stage such events! (We see the echo of Churchill's affected mannerisms appearing in George Bush who appears to have undergone some "training" of his own.) Churchill's "bulldog" character was created by Tavistock. His true character was never revealed. The callous bombing
of Freiberg paled into a shadow compared with the callous, barbaric, un-Christian, inhuman fire-bombing of the open,
undefended city of Dresden that took more lives than the subsequent atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. The bombing of Dresden and the timing of the raid was a cold-blooded decision taken in consultation with Tavistock by the "great man" to cause "shock and awe" and impress his friend, Joseph Stalin. It was also an outright attack on Christianity, timed to take place during Lent. There was no reason military or strategic reason to fire bomb Dresden, which was selected as a target by Lewin. In my
view, the fire bombing of Dresden, crowded with German civilian refugees fleeing from the Russian onslaught from the East, when Lent celebrations were being observed, ranks as the most heinous war crime ever committed. Yet, because the British and American people had been thoroughly programmed, conditioned and thoroughly brainwashed, hardly a murmur of protest was heard. 

The war criminals, "Bomber" Harris, Churchill, Lewin and Roosevelt, got away with this terrible crime against humanity.
On May 5, 2005, during a State visit to Berlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a joint conference with Germany Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder told the German newspaper Beeld that Allied forces cannot be absolved for the horrors of WWII, and that included the bombing of Dresden: "The Western allies didn't abound with any special humanity," he said. "It is incomprehensible to me to this day why Dresden was destroyed. There was no military reason for it." Perhaps the Russian leader did not know about Tavistock and its Prudential Bombing Survey that ordained the terrible bombing, but certainly, readers of this work will now know why the barbaric and horrible atrocity was carried out.
To return to Reese and his early work at Tavistock involving brainwashing experiments on 80,000 British Army troops. After a five-year "re-programming" of these men, Reese was confident that his system of making mentally stable people ill, would work on any mass group. Reese was sure that he could give "treatment" to mass groups of people, whether it was desired by them or not, and without the victims even being aware of what was being done to their minds. When questioned about the propriety of his actions, Reese responded that it was unnecessary to first obtain permission from the "subjects" before commencing with his experiments. The modus operandi developed by Reese and his gurus, proved to be successful. The Reese-Lewin method of
tampering with minds proved highly effective and is still in wide use in America today, in 2005. 

We are tampered with, our opinions manufactured for us, all without our permission. What was the purpose of these behavior modifications? It was to bring about forced changes to our way of life, without our agreement and without even being aware of what is happening. From his brightest students, Reese selected what he called "my first team" to become the first level of his "invisible college graduates" "shock troops" that were to be placed in key positions inside British Intelligence, the Army, 
Parliament and later, inside the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF). The "first team graduates" went on to fully control General Eisenhower, who became no more than a puppet in their hands. "First team graduates" were insinuated into every policy making body in the United States.
The "first team graduates" made U.S. policy decisions. The "Secret Team" as they were to become known, was responsible for the public execution of President. John F. Kennedy, in full view of America and the world as a lesson to future Presidents that they were to obey all directives received from the "Olympians". Kissinger was one of many "first team graduates" placed in a position of authority inside the U.S. Government, in the O.S.S. and the FBI. A Canadian citizen, Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield ran
Division Five counterintelligence of the FBI during WWII. In Britain, it was H.V. Dicks who was responsible for placing "first team graduates" in key intelligence positions, the Church of England, the Foreign Office and the War Office, not to mention the Parliament. 

Tavistock was able to conduct wartime experiments in peacetime, given all of the facilities made available to it, and
with this experience, could tighten its grip on the U.S. and British military establishments and intelligence services.
In America, Tavistock's sinister experiments changed the American way of life, completely and forever. When this truth is recognized by the majority of our people, when the far-reaching control of Tavistock exercises over our daily lives is comprehended, only then will we be able to fight back, if indeed we have not by then become total shellshocked automons.
By 1942 the command structure of British and U.S. military and intelligence services had become so enmeshed that they could no longer be separated or distinguished from each other. This gave rise to the many weird and strange policies followed by our government, most of which policies directly contradicted the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and ran contrary to the wishes of We, the People, as expressed through our elected representatives in the Congress. In short, our elected representatives had lost control of our government. Winston Churchill called it "a special relationship." 

At the close of WWII, a number of carefully selected and profiled senior political and military figures from Britain and the United States were invited to attend a conference chaired by Reese. What Reese told the group is taken from confidential notes compiled by one of those who attended the meeting but who has asked to remain anonymous: "If we propose to come out in the open and attack national, social problems of our day, then we must have shock troops, and these cannot be provided by psychiatry based wholly on institutions.  We must have mobile teams of psychiatrists who are free to move around and make contact with local situation in particular areas. In a world driven completely mad, groups of psychiatrists linked to each other, each capable of influencing the entire field of politics and government must be the arbiters, the power cabal."
Could anything be clearer? Here was Reese advocating lawless conduct by a group of psychiatrists linked together to make up first teams for his invisible colleges, free from all social, ethical, and legal restraints, who could be moved to areas of mentally well population groups, which in the opinion of Reese and his team, needed to be made ill by reverse psychology "treatment". Being "well" included any community that had successfully resisted mass brainwashing, as the results of "polling" showed.
"First teams" would be followed by "shock troops" such as we see among the environmentalist groups. And this is not surprising as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a monster created by Tavistock's "environmental concerns," which concerns were generated by Tavistock themselves and passed on to the Environmental Protective Agency via shock troops. 

The EPA is not the only Tavistock-generated creature. Abortion and homosexuality are Tavistock created and supported aberrations. Because of Tavistock-created and supported programs, we in the United States have suffered a terrible degradation of our moral life, our religious life; debasement of music through the aberration of rock and roll "music," which became progressively worse following a relatively tame introduction by The Beatles followed by Rap and Hip-Hop; destruction of art, as we see pushed by PBS in the Mapplethorpe degenerate objects of derision. We have seen a proliferation of the drug culture and an intensified worship of the Golden Calf. The lust for money has never been higher in any civilization than the current one.
These are the bitter fruits of Tavistock policies implanted in our society by "invisible college graduates", who became school board members and insinuated themselves into leadership roles in our churches. They also insinuated themselves into important party political positions, at city and State levels, wherever their influence would be felt. The "graduates" became members of labor mediation boards, school boards, university boards, trade unions, the military, the church, the communications media, the entertainment media and the civil service; as well as the Congress, to the extent where it becomes obvious to the trained observer that Tavistock has taken over the reins of government. Reese and his Tavistock colleagues succeeded beyond their
wildest dreams, having captured control of the major institutions upon which government rests. 

The parent, - the Committee of 300—must be delighted with the progress made by the young infant Club of Rome. The Fourth of July has been rendered meaningless. There is no longer any American "independence" to celebrate. The victories of 1776 have been negated, largely reversed, and it remains only a matter of time before the U.S. Constitution is discarded in favor of a New World Order. In the tenure of G.W. Bush, we see that process accelerated.

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