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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

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Let us look at the way in which an election is run. The American people do not vote for a president. They vote for a party candidate chosen by the elect of the party, more often than not, entirely under the control of the Committee of 300. This is not a vote for a candidate of choice, as we are so often told. In truth, voters have no choice other than selecting from pre-chosen candidates. The candidates the pubic think it is voting for by choice (our choice) have been thoroughly vetted by the Tavistock
Institute, and we were then brainwashed into thinking of them in a virtuous manner. Such impressions or sound bites are created in the studious of think tanks like Yankelovich, Skalley and White, run by Tavistock graduate Daniel Yankelovich. Tavistock-controlled "think tanks" tell us how to vote in their chosen manner. 

Since the advent of Yankelovich, the number of profiling" industries has proliferated to over one hundred and fifty such institutions. Take the examples of James Earl Carter, and George Bush. Carter came from relative obscurity to "win" the White House, which the media moguls said, proved that the U.S. system works. In fact, what Carter's election proved was that Tavistock rules this country and can sway the majority of voters to vote for a man about whom they know almost nothing. Saying that "the system worked" in relation to Carter, and later, in relation to William Jefferson Clinton, was exactly the maladaptive response Tavistock expected from a mass-brainwashed populace.
What Carter mirrored was that voters will vote for a candidate pre-selected for them. No thinking person would have wanted Skull and Bones man George Bush as Vice President, yet Bush is what we got. How did it come about that Carter was able to reach the White House? It happened thusly: A certain Dr. Peter Bourne, Tavistock's in-house social psychologist was given the task of finding a candidate Tavistock could manipulate. In other words, Bourne was to find the "right" candidate for the job according to Tavistock's rule, one that could be sold to the voters. Bourne, knowing Carter's history, put forward his name for
consideration. Once Carter's record was approved, American voters were given "the treatment," that is to say; they were 
subjected to a sustained brainwashing campaign to persuade them that they had found Carter as their choice. 

In fact, by the time Tavistock was finished with the job, it was not really necessary to hold an election. It became a mere formality. Carter's victory was a personal victory for Reese, while Bush was a victory for Tavistock's methodology. An even greater "success story" was to follow in the selling of William Jefferson Clinton as a candidate for the White House, a feat which might have been impossible in any other country. Then came the selling of George W. Bush, a failed businessman and one who had sidestepped serving in Vietnam and a man with very thin experience. Tavistock had to go into high gear, but even that was not enough. When it was certain that Bush was not going to win, the U.S. Supreme Court illegally intervened in a STATE election and awarded the prize to the loser.
A stupefied (shell-shocked) electorate let the enormous violation of the U.S. Constitution go unchallenged thereby assuring their future will be lived in a New World Order - International Communist One World Government International Communists dictatorship. Reese continued to expand Tavistock's base of operations, taking on board Dorwin Cartwright, a highly skilled
population profiler. One of his specialties was measuring population reaction to a food shortage. The object was to gain
experience when the food weapon is brought into play against a population group unwilling to conform to Tavistock regulations.
Tavistock has planned it this way: The international food cartels will corner food production and distribution of the world's food resources. Famine is a weapon of war, just as weather modifications is a weapon of war. 

Tavistock will use the famine weapon without restraint, when the time is right. Continuing with the expansion of Tavistock, Reese recruited Ronald Lippert. What Tavistock had in mind when it hired Lippert, was to get a foothold in the future control of education, starting with young children. Lippert was an expert in tinkering with the minds of the very young. An ex-O.S.S. operative, he was highly skilled theoretician, and a specialist in race mixing as a way of weakening national boundaries. Once installed at Tavistock, Lippert began his work by establishing a "think tank" devoted to what he called, "community interrelations," which involved seeking methods whereby natural race barriers might be dismantled. The so-called "civil rights" legislation is pure Reese and Lippert, and has no constitutional basis in fact.
(See "What you Should Know About The U.S. Constitution for a full explanation on so-called "civil rights.") In passing I should say that all civil rights legislation in the U.S is predicated on the 14th Amendment, but the problem is that the fourteenth was never ratified. Thus it is not a part of the U.S. Constitution and all laws predicated upon it are null and void. In essence there is no such constitutional provision for civil rights. Lippert established the rationale for Martin Luther King's "civil rights" over the fact that no basis for it existed in the Federal Constitution. Busing children past their schools was another Lippert-Reese brainwashing success. Busing children past their destination was certainly not a "right." 

To sell the idea of "civil rights" to the American populace at  large, three "think tanks" were established: The Science Policy Research Center, The Institute for Social Research, The National Training Laboratories, Through the Science Policy Research Unit, Lippert was able to place thousands of his brainwashed "graduates" in key positions throughout the United States, West European (including Britain), France and Italy. Today, Britain, France, Italy and Germany all have Socialist governments, the groundwork for which was prepared by Tavistock. Hundreds of upper-level executives from some of America's most prestigious corporations were trained at one or another of Lippert's institutions. The National Training Laboratories gained control of the 2-million strong National Education Association and with this success, came complete control over education in American schools and universities. 
But perhaps the most profound influence exerted on America came with Tavistock's control of NASA, partially because of the Special Report on NASA's space program, written by Dr. Anatole Rappaport for the Club of Rome. The startling report was released at a seminar in May of 1967 to which only the most carefully selected and profiled delegates from the top echelons of business and governments of the most highly industrialized nations were invited. Among the attendees were members of the Foreign Policy Institute, while the State Department sent Age of Aquarius conspirator, Zbigniew Brzezinski as its observer. In its final report, the Tavistock-controlled symposium derided NASA's work as "inappropriate" and suggested that its space programs be halted immediately. 

The U.S. Government duly obliged by cutting off funding, which caused NASA to lie dormant for 9 years—enough time for the Soviet space program to catch-up and forge ahead of the U.S. The United States has never been able to close the gap. 
Rappaport's Special NASA Report stated that the agency was producing "too many skilled people; too many scientists and 
engineers," whose services would not be needed in the smaller, more beautiful post industrial society, mandated by the Club of Rome. Rappaport called our highly skilled and trained space scientists and engineers, "redundant." The U.S. Government, which I have already indicated appears to be under the thumb of Tavistock, thereupon cut funding. Interference with NASA is a perfect example of how Britain controls U.S. domestic and foreign policies.
Jewel in Tavistock's crown is the Aspen Institute of Colorado, which for years was under the direction of Robert Anderson, a graduate of the University of Chicago, preeminent for brainwashing in the United States. The Aspen facility is the North American home of the Club of Rome teaches that a return of the monarchy would be very good for America. John Nesbitt, another Tavistock graduate held seminars on a fairly regular basis at Aspen at which instituting a monarchy was promoted among top businessmen. One of Nesbitt's students was William Jefferson Clinton, already then favored as presidential material. Nesbitt, like
Anderson, is dazzled by British royalty and follows their Cathari doctrines of bogus concerns for ecology. 

The Philosophical Radicals had introduced the Bogomils and Catharists beliefs into Socialist circles in Britain. Anderson's 
proteges were Margaret Thatcher and George Bush whose actions in the Gulf War showed that Tavistock had done its homework rather well. Anderson is typical of the duped, brainwashed "graduate leaders" and his specialty is teaching targeted groups of business leaders in environmental training. Ecology issues are Anderson's forte. Although Anderson funds some of his activities from his own huge financial resources, he also receives donations from around the world, including donations from Queen Elizabeth and her consort, Prince Philip. Anderson founded the militant "Friends of the Earth" ecology movement and the "United Nations Conference on the Environment. " 
Aside from his Aspen activities, Anderson is president and CEO of the Atlantic Richfield Company—ARCO, on whose board of directors is to be found the following notables: Jack Conway. He is best remembered for his work for the United Way Appeal Fund and as a director of the Socialist International Ford Foundation, both about as un-American as it is possible to get. Conway is also a director of the "Center for Change," a specialist Tavistock shock troops clearing house. Philip Hawley. He is chairman of the Los Angeles Company, "Hawley and Hale," which interfaces with "Transamerica," a company specializing in making anti Christian, anti-family, proabortion, pro-lesbian, pro-homosexual, pro-drug movies. 

Hawley is associated with Bank of America, which funds the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, a classic Tavistock brainwashing institution think-tank for the promotion of drug usage and legalization of drugs. Dr. Joel Fort. This British national, Fort was on the board of directors of the London "Observer" newspaper along with the Honorable David Astor and Sir Mark Turner, a director of the Royal Institute for Inter-national Affairs (RIIA), whose abject American servant is Henry Kissinger. The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) Founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as a sister 
organization, America's de- facto mid-level secret government, is the executive arm of the Committee of 300. In May of 1982, Kissinger proudly announced Tavistock's control of America.
The occasion was a dinner for RIIA members. Kissinger lauded the British Government as is expected of a Tavistock graduate. In his best gravel-voiced manner Kissinger said: "In my White House days, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed than I did the U.S. State Department." The common denominator between the three Lippert institutions is the brainwashing methodology originally taught at Tavistock. All three of Lippert's institutes were funded by government grants. At these institutions, the top administrators and policy makers of the government were and are trained how to undermine America's established way of life, founded on Western civilization and upon the United States Constitution. The intent is to weaken and eventually break down the institutions that make up the foundation of the United States. 

The National Education Association An indication of just how great was Lippert's control of the National Education Association can be gauged from the enbloc vote cast for William Jefferson Clinton by its brainwashed member-teachers, in accordance with the leadership's instructions. The Corning Group. The company donated Wye Plantation to the Aspen Institute, which became the principal training ground for New Age recruits and "shock troops." James Houghton, Coming's Vice Chairman, is a messenger for the Pierepoint Morgan family of Morgan Guarantee and Trust on Wall Street. Morgan receives daily briefings from the RIIA directly from London, which briefings become INSTRUCTIONS to be conveyed to the U.S. Secretary of State.
Former Secretary of the Treasury William Fowler was part of Corning-Aspen interface. He is the chief proponent for handing over U.S. fiscal policies to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and constantly pushed for the Bank of International Settlements to control internal U.S. banking. It is significant that Wye Plantation was the site of the Arab— Israeli peace talks known as the Wye Accords. Executive Conference Center. Charged with teaching behavior modifications under the direction of Robert L. Schwartz, this "specialist training center" is run along the lines of the Esalen Institute. Schwartz spent 3 years at Esalen Institute and worked closely with Aldous Huxley, Tavistock's No. I "respectable" drug culture pusher who was responsible for introducing LSD to American college students. 

Schwartz was also a close friend of anthropologist Margaret Meade and her husband, Gregory Bateson. From Stanford and Esalen, Schwartz moved to Terrytown House, the Mary Biddle Duke property in Westchester, where with huge grants from IBM and AT&T, opened the Executive Conference Center; the first full-time Age of Aquarius-New Age "graduate school" for top-flight corporate executives drawn from every spectrum of corporate America, industry, trade and banking. Thousands of upper level executives and managers from corporate America, especially from Fortune 500 companies, the creme-del-le-creme of the business world, paid $750 per head to obtain instruction in Age of Aquarius Age methodology through seminars conducted by Schwartz, Meade, Bateson, and other Tavistock brainwashing specialists.
Schwartz was at one time strongly allied with Scientology, -and he was also an editor of TIME magazine. Aspen Institute - New Age centers were generously funded by IBM and AT&T. It is difficult for Americans who do not have access to this kind of information to believe that IBM and AT&T, two household names in Corporate America, would have anything to do with mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and transcendental meditation; Bahai sensitivity training, Zen Buddhism, reverse psychology, and all of the other New Age - Age of Aquarius programs designed to break down the morals of the American people and weaken family life. Christianity was not taught. Doubts would arise in the minds of most Americans who do not know the extent to which Corporate America rules the roost at home and abroad, in a manner dangerous to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Without Corporate America, we would never have suffered the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, war on Serbia, and a second war against Iraq. Nor would Carter and Clinton have had a ghost of a chance of sitting in the White House, against all odds! If what is written here is not accurate, these companies could always deny its truths, but thus far, they have not done so. It would come as a shock to find that a large number of corporate giants that are household names to the American public, send their executives and upper level management personnel to have their brains scrambled by Schwartz, Meade, Bateson, John Nesbitt, Lewin, Cartwright and other Tavistock behavioral modifications and mind control specialists: At the Executive Conference Center, corporate executives meet with John Nesbitt, who owes his allegiance to the Black Nobility and the House of Guelph, better known as the House of Windsor; the RIIA,
the Milner - Round Table Groups, the Club of Rome and Aspen Institute. Nesbitt is typical of the operatives used by the British Government to direct U.S. and foreign policies. Nesbitt is a staunch monarchist and a Club of Rome specialist in zero growth for industry, especially heavy industry. He believes in zero growth post industrialism to the point of returning the world to a feudal state. At one of his brainwashing sessions, he told the executives from "Business America" (my new term): "The United States is moving toward as monarchy just like Britain and a governing system in which Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court will be merely symbolic and ritualistic. 

This will constitute true democracy; the American people do not care who is President; half of them don't vote, anyway. America's economy is growing away from that of a nation-state and towards smaller and smaller power centers, possibly into multiple nations. We must substitute for the national state, a geographical, ecological state of mind." "The United States will move away from a concentration of heavy industrial activity. Auto, steel, housing will never revive again. Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, the old industrial centers will die. We are moving toward an information society. There is and will continue to be a lot of pain, but on the whole, this economy is better off than it was a decade ago." Nesbitt was actually echoing the very sentiments expressed by Count Davignon in 1982.

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