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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

The same thing would have happened had Hess not been kept a solitary prisoner at Spandau in Berlin, guarded for years after the end of WWII by troops drawn from Britain, the United States and the USSR, against all logic and at a tremendous cost (estimated at $50,000 a day). Because a changed Russia felt they could embarrass America and Britain—especially Britain, they suddenly announced Hess would be released. The British could not afford to run the risk of having their wartime leaders exposed, so the order was given to kill Hess. Tavistock provides services of a sinister nature to those people we find all across the United States, in every city of note. They have the leading personalities of those cities in the palm of their hand, whether it is in the police department, city government or any other authority. 

This is the case in every city also, where the Illuminati and Freemasons join with Tavistock in exercising their secret powers to walk all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. One can only wonder just how many innocent people are in prison today because they were not knowledgeable about their Constitution and the Bill of Rights; victims of Tavistock, one and all. Pay close attention to the television series, "COPS." It is standard Tavistock mind control and opinion making fare. In it you find every possible violation of the constitutional rights of persons stopped, and or arrested by the police. It is my firm opinion and belief that "COPS" is meant to condition the public and make us believe that such gross violations of rights we witness is the norm; that the police actually have such excessive powers, and that constitutional safeguards to which every citizen is entitled, do not exist in practice. 
"COPS" is a most insidious brainwashing, opinion-making controlling program, and it would not be at all surprising to find Tavistock mixed up in it, somewhere.
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Among the many international agencies Tavistock serves, is David Rockefeller's private intelligence service, better known as INTERPOL. It is in total dereliction of its legal duty that this illegal entity is allowed to go on functioning on Federal property in Washington, D.C. and under government protection. (U.S. law forbids private foreign police agencies from operating in America. INTERPOL is a private foreign police agency operating on U.S. soil while Congress looks the other way, fearful that one day they might be forced to grasp this noxious nettle, and pull it up by the roots.) What is INTERPOL? The U.S. Justice Department tries to
explain INTERPOL by sidestepping crucial issues. According to its 1988 manual, "Interpol conducts intergovernmental activities, but is not based on an international treaty, convention, or similar legal documents. 

It was founded upon a constitution drawn up and written by a group of police officers who did not submit it for diplomatic signatures, nor have they ever submitted it for ratification by governments." How interesting! What an admission! If Interpol does not trample the U.S. Constitution, then nothing does. Where are watchdogs of the House and Senate? Is it that they are afraid of Tavistock and its powerful backer, David Rockefeller? Is the Congress afraid of the Committee of 300?" It certainly seems that way. Interpol is an illegal entity operating within the borders of the United States, without the sanction and approval of We, the People in flagrant violation of the Constitution of the United States and the constitutions of the 50 States.
Its membership consist of individuals appointed by various national governments without any consultation with the government of the United States. The list of members has never been submitted to a House or Senate committee. It's presence in the U.S has never been sanctioned by a treaty. This has given rise to series accusations that certain governments under the control of the drug trade: Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Lebanon and Nicaragua, perhaps choose as their representatives, persons involved with the drug trade. According to Beverly Sweatman of the U.S. Department of Justice National Central Bureau (NCB), (whose existence is itself a violation of the Constitution), this U.S. Government agency exists solely to exchange information with Interpol. 

Owned and controlled by David Rockefeller, Interpol is a private agency with a communications network stretching around the globe, heavily involved in one way or another with the drug trade from Afghanistan to Pakistan to the United States. The interaction of Lt. Colonel Nivaldo Madrin of Panama, Gen. Guillermo Medina Sanchez of Colombia, and certain elements of Mexico's Federal police with Interpol status, point in this direction. Their histories of involvement with the drug trade while serving Interpol are too long to include here, but suffice to say that history is a sordid one. Yet, in spite of the fact that Interpol is a private organization, it was granted "observer status" by the United Nations (U.N.) in 1975, which stature (totally in violation of the U.N. Charter) enables Interpol to sit at meetings and vote on resolutions, even though it is not a member-country and has no government status. According to the U.N. Charter, only States (in the full definition of the word) can be members of the U.N. Since Interpol is not a state, why does the U.N. violate its Charter?
It is believed that the U.N. is counting heavily on Interpol networks to help it find private arms in the hands of American citizens held by them under their Second Amendment rights, once the U.N. signs a "treaty" with the U.S. Government to disarm all civilian populations of member-states. Where are America's lawmakers who are supposed to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution? Where are the great statesmen of yesteryear? 

Interpol demonstrates, that what we have in their place are politicians turned lawmakers who do not enforce the laws they make, terrified to correct the obvious mistakes that abound on every hand, because, if the were to uphold their oath of office, they would more than likely find themselves without their cushy cozy jobTo recap on some of the information already provided: Tavistock Institute was established in Sussex, England, in 1921 by command of the British monarchy, for the purposes of mind control and public opinion making, and to establish on a carefully-examined scientific basis, at what point the human mind would break down under subjection to prolonged bouts of psychological distress. Elsewhere we shall show that it was first founded in pre-WWI times by the 11th Duke of Bedford, the Marquise of Tavistock. In the early 1930s, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation Fund also contributed heavily to Tavistock.
The fact that so many of the chief practitioners of mind control and behavioral modifications were, and are, closely associated with the secret societies that embrace cults of many different ideas and beliefs, notably Isis-Orsiris, Kabala, Sufi, Cathari, Bogomil and Bahai (Manichean) mysticism should be noted. For the uninitiated, the very idea that prestigious institutions, and their scientists would be involved in cults and even with Satanism and Illuminists would be a very difficult thing to believe. But the connection is very real. We can see just why Tavistock was so interested in these subjects. Random school shootings by young people subjected to prolonged bouts of stress, and under the influence of habitforming drugs, are remarkable in that in a large number of these tragic happenings, the perpetrators nearly always claim that they were directed "by voices" to do their deadly work. 

There can be no doubt that mind control was very much at work in these tragic instances. Unfortunately, we shall see many more such tragic episodes before the public realizes what is going on. Cultism, mind control, psychological stress application and 
behavioral modifications are very much a part of what is taught by Tavistock's scientists. In fact, alarmed by leaks showing its connection with Tavistock scientists, the British House of Commons passed a law making it legal for places like Tavistock to conduct what the bill called, "physical research." Now, the term, "physical research" is so ambiguous as to give rise to serious doubts about what it truly means, or whether, as some critics contended, is merely a term used to cover what really goes on.
In any event, Tavistock was not about to take the public into its confidence. But I can say with absolute certainty that British intelligence MI6 and CIA operatives receive training at Tavistock in metaphysics, mind control, behavior modifications, ESP, hypnotism, the occult, Satanism and Illuminists and the Manichean cults. These are not just beliefs based on relics from the Middle- Ages. This is evil force being taught in a way that will make a difference to the level of mind control, such as would not
have been thought possible a few short years ago. I will make this prediction without fear of contradiction: In later years we are going to discover that all of the random shootings at schools, post offices, shopping malls, were not random shootings at all. 

They were carried out by conditioned, mindcontrolled subjects who were carefully sought out and put on dangerous, mood-altering drugs like Prozac, AZT and Ritalin. The common denominator between several of the random shootings, starting with David Berkowitz, the so-called "Son of Sam" murderer; all without exception, told investigators that they "heard voices" telling them to shoot people. The case of Klip Kinkel, the Oregon youth who shot his mother and father, before shooting up his high school is his confession to investigators who interviewed him. Asked why he shot his father and his mother, Kinkel replied that he heard "voices" telling him to shoot them. Nobody will ever be able to prove that Kinkel and the others were victims of mind
control experiments carried out by the CIA or that they did indeed "hear voices" induced by through transference carried out by DARPA computer programmers.
The responsible House Oversight Committee must call for the CIA's documents covering mind control and search them for a connection with the school shootings. I believe it is imperative that such an order be sent out to the CIA without any further loss of time. Apart from my own research into the subject of "physical research," Victor Marachetti, who was with the CIA for 14
years, revealed the existence of a Tavistock-designed physical research program, where CIA operatives tried to contact the spirits of former agents who had died. As I said in my above mentioned monograph, I have had a great deal of personal experience in the "metaphysical" realms and know for a fact, that a large number of British and American intelligence agents are indoctrinated in it. Tavistock calls it "behavioral science," and it has advanced so rapidly in the last ten years that it has become one of the most important types of training agents can undergo.

In Tavistock's ESP programs, each participant is a "volunteer", who agrees to have his personality "correlated" with ESP; that is to say, they have agreed to help Tavistock find an answer as to why certain people are psychic and others are gifted with ESP. The object of the exercise is to make each and every MI6 and CIA agent highly psychic with sharply developed ESP. Because a number of years have passed since I was directly involved in such matters, I consulted a colleague who is still in the "service", to find out how successful Tavistock has been with its experiments? He told me that Tavistock has indeed perfected its techniques and that it was now possible to make selected MI6 and CIA operatives "ESP-Perfect." Here it is necessary to explain that the CIA and MI6 maintain a very high degree of secrecy about such matters.
The majority of intelligence agents who are in the programs are for the most part members of the Illuminati and or Freemasonry, or both. In short, the "long range penetration" technique applied with such success to the normal world is now being applied to the spirit world! Tavistock's "Long Range Penetration and Inner Directional Conditioning", developed by Dr. Kurt Lewin, whom we have already met a few times, is primarily a program where thought control is practiced on mass groups. What gave rise to the
program was the British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau's all-pervasive use of propaganda in WWI. The extensive propaganda it ran was intended to convince the British workingman that war was necessary. Another part of it was to convince the British public that Germany was an enemy, and its leader a veritable demon. 

This massive effort had to be launched between 1912 and 1914 because the British working class did not believe that Germany wanted war, anymore than the British people wanted it, and did not even dislike the Germans. All that public perception had to be changed. A secondary, though no less important task for the bureau was to get America into the war. A key element in that plan was to provoke Germany into sinking the "Lusitania" a large trans-Atlantic liner built along the lines of the doomed Titanic. In spite of warnings in press advertisements in a New York newspaper that the ship had been converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser (AMC) and was therefore fair game in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, the Lusitania sailed for Liverpool carrying a full compliment of passengers, among them many hundreds of American passengers.
The ship's holds were packed with a large compliment of munitions destined for the British Army, forbidden under international the rules of war to be carried by passenger liners. At the time it was hit by a single torpedo, the Lusitania was essentially an Armed Merchant Cruiser (AMC). The press on both sides of the Atlantic was filled with accounts of German barbarity and unprovoked attack on a defenseless passenger liner, But the American and British public who still needed a lot more "conditioning" did not buy the story. They felt there was "something rotten in the State of Denmark." The sinking of the Lusitania with heavy loss of life was the type of "contrived situation" that President Wilson needed and it inflamed American public opinion against Germany. 

Profiting from this experience, the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare set up the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations on the orders of the British monarchy and placed British newspaper magnate, Alfred Harmsworth, the son of a barrister born in Chapelizod near Dublin. He was later awarded the title the 12th Duke of Bedford, Lord Northcliffe. In 1897, as a run-up to the war that was coming, Harmsworth sent one of his writers by the name of G.W. Steevens to Germany for the purpose of writing a serialized sixteen part article entitled Under the Iron Heel. In true reverse psychology the articles were lavish in their praise of the German Army while in the same breath warning that the British nation would be defeated if war broke out
against Germany.
In 1909, Northcliffe commissioned Robert Blatchford, a senior Socialist to go to Germany and write articles about what a danger the German Army posed to Britain. Blatchford's theme was that he believed from his observations that Germany was "deliberately preparing to destroy the British Empire." It was in line with Northcliffe's prediction published in the Daily Mail (one of his
newspapers) in 1900 that there would be war between Germany and Britain. Northcliffe wrote an editorial saying that Britain needed to use a greater part of its budget for defense spending. When the war broke out, Northcliffe was accused by the editor of The Star newspaper of having propagated a climate of war. 

"Next to the Kaiser, Lord Northcliffe has done more than any living man to bring about the war." The poor editor did not know that he himself had become a victim of propaganda, as the Kaiser had done little to promote war and was looked upon with some disdain by the British military establishment. Historians are in general agreement that the Kaiser was in no position to control the Germany Army. It was General Ludendorff to who The Star should have referred. It was Northcliffe, who began agitating for conscription from the very day that war broke out between the two nations. This was to be an institution where every aspect of mass brainwashing and public conditioning would be brought to a fine art. A policy and set of rules were established, culminating in Tavistock's 1930 "Long Range Penetration and Inner Directional Conditioning," that was unleashed against Germany in 1931.
In the period before the first years of WWII, Roosevelt, (himself a 33rd degree Mason and a member of the Illuminati through the Society of Cincinnati,) sought Tavistock's help in getting American into the war. Roosevelt was under the direction of the "300" to help pull British chestnuts out of the fire, but to do so, he needed a major incident to latch on to. All during the period 1939 - 1941 U.S. Navy submarines based out of Iceland attacked and sank German shipping, although neutrality laws forbad engaging in hostilities with the combatants. But Germany would not be drawn into retaliating. The major incident that was to precipitate
America's entry into WWII was Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. 

This was a Tavistock conspiracy against both nations. In order to foster such an attack, Secretary of State Marshall refused to meet with Japan's envoys seeking to head off the coming conflict. Marshall also deliberately delayed warning his commander at Pearl Harbor until after the attack had begun. In short, Roosevelt and Marshall both knew about the pending attack, but deliberately ordered the information to be withheld from their officers on the ground at Pearl Harbor. Tavistock had told Roosevelt that "only a major incident" would get America into WWII. Stimson, Knox and Roosevelt knew about the impending attack, but did nothing to stop it. From time to time thoughtful people have asked me: "But wouldn't leaders like Lord Haig, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Bush realize how many lives would be lost in a world war?"
The answer is that as programmed individuals, the "great men" didn't care about the high cost of human life. General Haig—a noted Freemason/Illuminist/Satanist— declared on more than one occasion his dislike of the British lower classes, and he proved it by throwing wave after of wave of "common British soldiers" against impregnable German lines, a tactic any decent military strategist would have shunned. As a result of Haig's callous disregard for his own troops, hundreds of thousands of young British soldiers from the "lower classes" died tragically and needlessly. This made the British public hate Germany, exactly as the British Army Psychological Warfare Bureau had predicted. Much of what I have included in this book I deliberately held back in the first exposure. I did not feel that the American people were ready to understand the metaphysical side of Tavistock. You can't feed a baby on meat; milk comes first. By introducing Tavistock in this way, many minds were opened, which otherwise would have remained closed.

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