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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

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For centuries the British oligarchy has been the home of occultism, the metaphysical, mysticism and mind control. Bulwer Lytton wrote "The Secrets of the Egyptian Book of the Dead", and so many of Annie Besant's adherents of the Theosophist Society came from British upper classes, which even today is popular with them. The descendants of the Catharists and Albigensians of Southern France and Northern Italy had migrated to England and adopted the name "Savoyard." Before them came the Bogomils of the Balkans and Pelicans of Asia Minor. All these sects had originated from the Babylonian Manicheans. Inroads were made into this type of occultism by the Tavistock Institute, using some of its mind control techniques developed by Kurt Lewin and his team of researchers. (See "The Committee of 300" for details.) 

The East India Company (EIC) and later, the British East India Company (BEIC) was the original "300," whose descendants rule the world today. Opium and the drug trade was the stock in trade then, and remained so. From this highly organized, complex structure, grew Socialism, Marxism, Communism and National Socialism and Fascism. Beginning in 1914, extensive mind control experiments were carried out at Cold Spring Harbor in New York, the raceeugenics center sponsored by Mrs. E.E, Harriman, mother of Averill Harriman, governor of New York State at the time, who became a prominent public and political figure in the U.S. and Europe.
The grand lady poured millions of dollars of her money into the project and invited German scientists to share the forum. A great many of Tavistock's mind control techniques especially "reverse psychology" technique taught by Reese, originated at Tavistock, which today, forms the basis of mind-controlling exercises to implant the notion in the minds of the American public that the black and colored races are superior to the white race, "racism" in reverse. 

German scientists were invited to attend Cold Harbor indoctrinations by Mrs. Harriman and her group, comprised of some of the leading citizens of the period (1915). After a year or two at Cold Spring Harbor, the German contingent returned to Germany, and under Hitler, put race eugenics learned at Cold Spring Harbor, into practice. All this information lay hidden from the American people until it was exposed in my book "Codeword Cardinal" and in my several monographs, which preceded the book and subsequently in my work "Aids-The Full Disclosure." Tavistock and the White House. 

Tavistock mind conditioning techniques have been consistently in use in the United States by some of the highest and most important political figures in our history, beginning with Woodrow Wilson and continuing with Pres. Roosevelt. Every U.S. President after Roosevelt has been under the control of the "300" and the Tavistock Institute. Roosevelt was a typical mind-controlled programmed subject trained in Tavistock methodology. He would talk peace while preparing for war. He seized powers he was not entitled to under the U.S. Constitution, citing the illegal actions of President Wilson as his authority, and then explained away his actions through "fireside chats," which
was a Tavistock idea to deceive the American people. Like another Tavistock robot, James Earl Carter, and Pres. Bush,
his successor, convinced the American people that everything he did, no matter how blatantly unconstitutional, was done for
their benefit. This was unlike Roosevelt, who knew full well when he was doing wrong, but who nevertheless, relished his task and carried out his Tavistock-British royal family mandate with gusto, and with total disregard for human life, as is common to all cultists. When Pres. Bush, the elder, ordered invasion of Panama, it was a blatantly unconstitutional action at the cost of the lives of 7,000 Panamanians over which Mr. Bush never lost any sleep, nor did he blink an eye over the death of 150.000 Iraqi
soldiers in the undeclared (illegal) war against Iraq that was to follow his "trial run" to gauge public opinion. Carter was no stranger to the occult; one of his sisters was a leading witch in America. 

Carter believed that he was a "born again Christian," even though his entire political career was shot through with Socialist and Communist ideals and principles, which he never hesitated to put into practice. Carter is a true split personality product of Tavistock. This was noted by Hugh Sidey, a well-known columnist for mainstream media who wrote in July of 1979: "The Jimmy Carter now at work behind the closed doors of the White House is not the Jimmy Carter we grew to know in the first 30 days of his presidency." Carter, programmed by Tavistock  graduate Dr. Peter Bourne, had been through the hands of another Tavistock psychologist, Admiral Hymen Rickover, during Carter's stint at Annapolis.
Carter was pre-selected by the Rothschilds as being admirably suitable for special training, and one who would be "adaptable to changing circumstances", willing to depart from principles. John Foster Dulles was another Tavistock indoctrinated figure of note that was close to the White House, holding the position of Secretary of State. Dulles blatantly lied to a U.S. Senate Committee during the United Nations (UN) hearings, brazenly testifying under oath about the constitutionality of the U.S. belonging to this world body. Dulles dazzled and deceived the senators as to the constitutionality of the U.S. joining the U.N. and swayed enough senators to vote in favor if the so-called treaty, which is not a treaty, but an ambiguous agreement. 

The U.S. Constitution does not recognize "agreements", only treaties signed by the nations concerned. However the problem Dulles had was that the U.N. is not a country, so Tavistock got around the impediment by advising the State Department to call the document, an "agreement." Dulles was a Satanist, Illuminist, and a member of a number of occult societies. George Herbert Walker Bush is another "product trained" certified graduate of Tavistock's mind control system. The actions of this 33rd Degree Mason, in Panama and Iraq, speak volumes. In Panama, acting under the orders of the RIIA and the CFR, Bush, the elder, moved to protect drug money in the Rockefeller owned banks in Panama, after General Noriega had exposed two of them as money laundering facilities in the drug trade chain.
Bush ordered U.S. Armed forces to invade Panama without having the authority expressed in the only constitutional way, a joint declaration of war by the U.S. House and Senate of the Congress, and in gross violation of his constitutional powers as President.
The office of the president is expressly forbidden war-making powers by the Founding Fathers. But notwithstanding the lack of empowerment, Bush repeated his gross violations of the U.S. Constitution in ordering the U.S. Armed forces to invade Iraq, again without a the mandated declaration of war and in excess of his powers. The "inner conditioned" American public, the shell-shocked victims of Tavistock's war on them, did not turn a hair as they watched the Constitution being ripped to shreds.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, warmly praised Bush, the elder, for his "successful" war against Iraq, and knighted him for his acts of defiance of the U.S. Constitution. This is not the first time that Elizabeth had rewarded American law breakers with high honors. British and American cultists and Illuminists in the oil cartels are still carrying out a war of attrition against Iraq in 2005.
They will not stop until they have laid their greedy, bloodstained hands on Iraq's oil riches in the manner in which Milner stole the gold from the Boers in the Anglo- Boer War (1899-1903.) Do you find yourself responding to this information in a
"maladaptive way"? Do you say, "These actions cannot be the actions of an American President? This is nonsense.
If this is your maladaptive response, then turn your attention to the Boer War and you will soon see that Bush was only emulating the Satanic barbarity of General Lord Kitchener and Lord Milner in their war of extermination against the Boer nation. Also, it behooves us to recall that the tragedy of Waco began on the Bush watch, and that vendetta against David Koresh was carried on by the leader of the Republican Party. While Attorney General Reno and Clinton carried out the actual policy of destruction for which Koresh was slated, George Bush played a leading role in the ghastly tableaux in which Koresh and 87 of his followers died.

Although it is not generally known, Tavistock had a hand in the planning and might even have directed the onslaught by the FBI and the ATF on Koresh and the Davidians. Tavistock was represented by units of the British SAS who had been involved in training the ATF and the FBI on how to destroy Koresh and his followers and burn their church to the ground. Waco was unholy black arts Satanism in action, no more and no less. 

The fiery end of Koresh and his followers was typical Satanism at work, even though most of those who participated in the high crime and violations of human rights and the violation of the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 10th Amendment rights of the victims, were not aware that they were in the hands of Satanists. They did not have the faintest inkling that they were being used by spiritual forces of the darkest kind. Tavistock's massive brainwashing of the America turned the public against Koresh and the Davidians, setting the stage for the destruction of lives and property at Waco, in utter defiance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 
The wanton destruction of innocent lives and property by agents of the Federal Government who had no jurisdiction in the State of Texas (or any other State for that matter) and consequently, no authority to do what they did—violated the 10th Amendment, the citizen' protection against excesses by the Federal Government. The State of Texas did not step in and stop the violation of the 10th Amendment that was in progress at Waco as it was the Governor's duty to do under the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Texas. Tavistock had come a long way since Ramsey McDonald was sent to the United States in 1895 to "spy out the land for Socialism." Ramsey reported back to the Fabians that for the U.S. to become a Socialist state, the State and Federal constitutions (in that order) had to be destroyed; Waco was the embodiment of that goal. 

John Marshall, the Third Chief Justice of the United States, and the Lopez case decided by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, for once and for all made it clear that Federal Agents had no jurisdiction inside the borders of the States except where counterfeiting of U.S. dollars was being investigated. This in itself is an oxymoron, as so-called "U.S. dollars" are not U.S. dollars, but "Federal Reserve Notes"- not the currency of the United States—but the notes of a privately-owned non-governmental central bank. Why protect fraud, even if it is being perpetrated by the U.S. Government? When the Constitution was written, the Founding Fathers felt that their denial of a central bank would prevent any bogus operation like the Federal Reserve coming into being. The constitutional provision protects U.S. Treasury Notes from being counterfeited. It is doubtful whether a Federal Reserve note, which is not a U.S. dollar, enjoys the protection of the U.S. Constitution. 
At Waco, the Sheriff failed in his duty to order Tavistock's agents and the FBI out of the county, as the FBI was not investigating counterfeiting in conformity with the U.S. Constitution. The FBI was at Waco illegally. It was all a part of a carefully planned exercise to ascertain just how far the Federal Government could go in violating the Constitution before being brought up short.
Just as the British lower and middle classes were inflamed against Germany at the commencement of WWI, through propaganda lies that the Kaiser had ordered his soldiers to cut off the arms of little children when they invaded Belgium and Holland, just so Tavistock programmed Americans to hate Koresh. Tavistock's blast of lies about Koresh went out over the airwaves, day and night: Koresh was having sex with very young children in the "compound." 

His church, a simple wooden structure, was labeled a "compound" by the mind controllers at Tavistock. Another of Tavistock's gross lies was that the Davidians were running an amphetamine lab in the "compound". "Compound" became the Tavistock-coined buzzword. That Clinton gave the go-ahead to have the Davidians, gassed, shot at, subjected to devilish music night and day, and finally, burnt alive, is not surprising. Through the late Pamela Harriman Mr. Clinton was introduced to Tavistock and passed its mind control indoctrination initiation, during his stay at Oxford. Thereafter, he was introduced to Socialism
/Marxism/Communism before being approved by Tavistock to succeed Mr. Bush, the elder, who had outlived his usefulness. 
Tavistock planned and executed a massive media drive using their polling profiling to implant Clinton in the minds of the American people, as one well suited to run the nation. It was Tavistock that arranged the strictly controlled Clinton interview with CBS, after Geniffer Flowers revealed that he had been her lover for the past 12 years, and it was Tavistock that took control of the reaction of the American people in the aftermath of the CBS interview. Thus, through its far-flung network of polling and opinion-making assets the Clinton presidency was not torpedoed, although without Tavistock having been in control from start to finish of the CBS interview, it is certain that Clinton would have been forced to resign in disgrace. 

If you are looking for proof; if your response is "maladaptive", then compare Clinton's escape with Gary Hart's conviction on a far lesser charge. The first "New Age of Aquarius" White House lawyer to be trained in Tavistock methodology was Mark Fabiani. His deft handling of situations, which every single observer expected would sink Clinton, became the talk of Washington. Only 13 people in the inner circle of the Illuminati and the Freemason hierarchy knew what the secret of Fabiani's success was Lanny Davis, who took over from Fabiani, enjoyed even greater success. Known as "Dr. Spin", Davis outflanked and outfoxed two special prosecutors, Judge Walsh and Kenneth Starr blunted every attack launched by the Republicans in Congress, leaving the Republican Party in total disarray.
This Tavistock-trained lawyer carried out an audacious raid against Clinton's host of enemies in Congress. Davis' masterstroke came with the Thompson Committee hearings into DNC campaign funding and a host of Arkansas scandals. The Tavistock plan was simple, and like all simple plans, it was a stroke of genius. Davis collected every newspaper in the country, which had ever carried even the smallest story about Clinton's misdeeds, fund raising scandals and Whitewater. 

On the very day the Thompson committee was in full cry, baying for the blood of the President, one of the many assistants serving Davis threaded his way through the packed hearing room, and gave each of the committee members a file of clippings compiled by Davis. With the file came a memo signed by Davis: What the committee was investigating at the cost of millions of dollars was nothing but a collection of "old news". What was there to investigate when the charges against Clinton were yesterday's news? 

The Thompson Committee had been bushwhacked and thereafter ran out of steam and went out of action, a great victory for Tavistock and the White House. Prime Minister Blair was to use the same formula in disarming Parliamentary critic's charges that he had lied about his reasons for going to war alongside Bush the younger. The "Daily Mirror" accounts were all "old news," Blair said in responding to what might have been a damning question. The MP asking the question was leading a move to have Blair impeached. Instead of answering, Blair deflected the question. Under Parliamentary rules, the MP had had his "turn" and would not get another opportunity to try and force the truth out of Blair.

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