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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

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We should note that Tavistock's influence in America has expanded since it began its own bureaus here in 1946. Tavistock has brought the art of disinformation to a finetuned pitch. Such disinformation campaigns start with carefully crafted rumors. These are, generally speaking, planted in right wing circles, where they grow and spread like wildfire. Tavistock has long known that the right wing is a fertile breeding ground for rumors to grow and be spread. In my experience, hardly a day passes that I am not asked to confirm some rumor or another, usually by people who should know better. 

The clever strategy of spreading disinformation through rumor has a double benefit: 1) It gives a semblance of credence to stories planted on conservatives. 2) By the time the information is proved to be false, the disinformation has tainted its purveyors to the extent where they may safely be described as "crackpots", "the paranoid fringe of the conservatives", "extremists" and a whole lot worse. The next time you hear one of these kinds of rumors, think long and hard about the source of the rumor before you pass it along. Remember how Tavistock manipulators work: The juicier the rumor, the greater is your inclination to spread it, will unwittingly make you a part of Tavistock's insidious disinformation machine.
Turning now to another area of expertise in which Tavistock initiates its graduates, we refer to the assassination of politicians of importance who cannot be bought, and who have to be silenced. The murders of U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy are all linked to British intelligence MI6, and since 1923, associated with the Tavistock Institute. Pres. Kennedy proved to be impervious to mind control by Tavistock, so was chosen for public execution as a warning to those who would aspire to power, that none was higher than the Committee of 300. The grisly spectacle of the public execution of Kennedy was a message to the American people; one which they may not, even now, be aware of. Perhaps the Tavistock Institute provided the blueprint for Kennedy's execution. 

Perhaps it also carefully selected each and every participant, starting with the obviously mind-controlled Lee Harvey Oswald, and to the not so obvious Lyndon Johnson. Those who would not comply, or who sought to bring out the truth, suffered a variety of punishment, from disgrace, hounding from public life, and even death. We leave Tavistock's control of U.S. Presidents, past, and future, and turn our attention to the music and entertainment industry. Nowhere is mind control "brainwashing" of huge segments of the American public so noticeable, as it is in "the music and entertainment industry. Decades later, misguided, uninitiated people still get angry with me over my exposure of the "Beatles" as a Tavistock project. Now, I fully expect the same people who tell me that they know all about the history of the "Beatles"; that they are musicians and I am not, to question the following: 
Did you know that so-called "Rap" music is another Tavistock program? So is "Hip-Hop." As inane and idiotic as the words are (one can hardly call them "lyrics,") these words have been crafted by the technician in mind control and behavior modification, so that they would fit in and became an integral part of Tavistock's gang wars program for America's major cities. The chief purveyors of this "music" and indeed all so-called "Rock" and "Pop" music (excuse the use of Tavistock jargon) are: 

Time Warner.
The Capital Group.
Seagram Canada
Philips Electronic.
The Indies.
Time Warner.

Annual revenues $23.7 billion (1996 figures). Its music publishing business owns one million songs through its subsidiary, Warner, Chappell. These include songs by Madonna, and Michael Jackson. It prints and publishes sheet music. Time Warner "Rap" and "Pop" labels include Amphetamine Reptile, Asylum Sire, Rhino, Maverick, Revolution, Luka Bop, Big Head Todd and The Monsters marketed through Warner REM. Time Warner also distributes alternative music labels through its subsidiary. Alternative Distribution Alliance, which covers the greater part of Europe, and which is particularly strong in England and Germany. It is not by accident that these two countries have been targeted by the manipulators at Tavistock.
The mostly subliminal, but increasingly open incitement to violence, unrestrained sex, anarchism and Satanism, is found in abundance among the songs owned by Time Warner. This almost cult-like dominance of the youth of Western Europe (and since the fall of the USSR, it is creeping into Russia and Japan also) is menacing civilization in Europe that has taken thousands of years to build up and mature. The huge following of youth and its seemingly insatiable appetite for this kind of utter junk "music" is frightening to behold, as is Tavistock's grip on the minds of those who listen to it. Time Warner distributes music through music clubs, which it owns outright, or else is in partnership with others. Columbia House is one example. Sony has a 50 % share in Columbia House. 

Time Warner's manufacturing division, WEA, makes CDs; CD-ROMS, Audios, Videos, digital versatile discs, while another subsidiary, Ivy Hill, prints CD covers and inserts. American Family Enterprises, another subsidiary, markets music, books and magazines in a 50% holding with Heartland Music. Time Warner Motion Pictures has studios and production companies comprising, Warner Bros; Castle Rock Entertainments; New Line Cinemas. Time Warner Motion Pictures owns 467 screens in the U.S. and 464 screens in Europe. (1989 figures: The numbers are much greater today in 2005.) Its broadcasting network includes WB Network, Prime Star; Cinemax, Comedy; Central Court TV; SEGA Channel; Turner Classic Movies (Ted Turner owns 10% of the stock in Time Warner).
It broadcasts to China, Japan, New Zealand, France and Hungary. Its Cable Franchise lists 12.3 million subscribers. TV/
Production/Distribution includes Warner Bros Television; HBO Independent Productions, Warner Bros. Television Animations; Telepictures Productions; Castle Rock Television; New Line Television, Citadel Entertainment; Hanna Barbara Cartoons; World
Championship Wrestling; Turner Original Productions; Time Warner Sports; Turner Learning; Warner Home Videos and in its library it has 28,500 television titles and animated shorts. Time Warner owns CNN Radio, which acquired from Ted Turner. It also owns 161 retail outlet stores, Warner Books, Littel, Brown, Sunset Books, Oxmoor House and the Book of the Month Club. 

Time Warner owns the following magazines: People; Sports Illustrated; Time; Fortune; Life; Money; Entertainment; Weekly; Progressive Farmer; Southern Accents; Parenting; Health; Hippocrates; Asiaweek; Weight Watchers; Mad Magazine; D.C. Comics; American Express Travel and Leisure; Food and Wine. Time Warner also owns a number of Theme Parks: Six Flags; Warner Bros; Movie World; Sea World of Australia. I hope that at this point the reader will pause to reflect upon the enormous power for good or evil which rests in the hands of Time Warner. Obviously, this giant could make or break anybody. And then, remember, it is a client of the Tavistock Institute. It is frightening to contemplate what this mighty machine could do to public opinion and shaping the minds of the young, as we have seen with "Gay Days" at Disney World.
Sony's revenues in 1999 were estimated at $48.7 billion. It is the largest electronics company in the world. Its music division control Rock/Rap/Pop; Columbia; Rutthouse; Legacy Recordings; Sony Independent Label; MIJ Label; (Michael Jackson); Sony Music Nashville; Columbia Nashville. Sony owns thousands of Rock/Pop labels including Bruce Springsteen; So-So Def; Slam Jazz; Bone Thugs in Harmony; Rage Against the Machine; Razor Sharp; Ghost-Face Killa; Crave; and Ruthless Relativity. If you have ever stopped to wonder how this awful idiocy with its highly suggestive word and incitement to violence got so big in such a short time, now you know. It is backed to the hilt by Sony. Tavistock has long regarded Rap as a useful messenger to precede anarchy and chaos—which is getting closer and closer. Sony distributes Punk Alternative rock label Epitaph Record; Hell Cat; Rancid; Crank Possum Records and Epitome Surf Music by Blue Sting Ray. 

In addition Sony publishes music through Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Sony owns all of Michael Jackson's "songs" and nearly the entire range of the "Beatles." Sony owns Loews Theatres, Sony Theatres, and its television interests include network game shows. It has about 15% of the market in music sales, sheet music, and is the largest international music company in the world. Sony's other products are CD records, optical discs, audio and videotapes. Loews Hotel property in Monte Carlo is a clearinghouse of information for drug trafficking, and its employees report directly to the Monet Carlo police, any "suspicious activity" going on in the hotel.
("Suspicious" mean any outsiders trying to bust into the trade.) Several of the senior level front desk employees are Monte Carlo police-trained to keep and eye on things. This is not to stamp out drug dealing; it is merely to keep "upstarts" getting into the drug trade. "Outsiders" arriving in Loews Hotel are informed on and are promptly arrested. Such events are sold to the press and world news media as "drug busts." Sony's Motion Pictures Division consists of Columbia Pictures; Tri-Star Pictures; Sony Pictures; Classic Triumph; Triumph Films with rights to Columbia Home Tri-Star movies. Its television interests include network game shows. Bertelsman's A.G. A German privately held company owned by Reinhard Mohn, its estimated revenues were $15.7 billion in 1999. Bertelsman owns 200 music labels from 40 countries, which labels cover Rap/Rock/Pop. 

Whitney Houston; The Grateful Dead: Bad Boys: Ng Records, Volcano Enterprises; Dancing Cat; Addict; Gee Street (Jungle Brothers) and Global Soul.  All these contain explicit incitement to sex aberrations, drug taking, anarchy, and violence. Bertelsman's owns Country & Western properties Arista Nashville (Pam Tillis); Career (LeRoy Parnell) RCA Label Group; BNA (Lorrie Morgan.) Other titles it owns are the sound track from Star Wars; Boston Pops; New Age and Windham Hill etc. The company publishes sheet music through BMG Music, which controls the rights to 700,000 songs, including The Beach Boys; B.B. King; Barry Manilow; 100,000 Famous Music of Paramount Studios. It own seven music clubs in the U.S. and Canada, and makes credit cards for MBNA Bank. Bertelsman A.G does tremendous book business worldwide and is very much a Committee of 300 affiliate.
Bertelsmann holdings include Doubleday; Dell Publishers; Family Circle; Parent and Child; Fitness; American Homes and Gardens, with 38 magazines in Spain, France, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Bertelsman's television and satellite channels are in Europe, where it is the largest broadcaster. This company is very vindictive and will not hesitate to attack anyone who dares to reveal what it thinks might not be in the company's best interests. EMI. A British-based company with estimated revenues of $6 billion in 1999, the company owns sixty music labels in forty-six countries: Rock/Pop/Rap; Beetle Boys; Chrysallis; Grand Royal; Parlaphone; Pumpkin Smashers; Virgin; Point Blank. 

EMI owns and controls The Rolling Stones; Duck Down; No Limit; N00 Tribe; Rap-A-Lot (The Ghetto Boys) with an immense sheet music publishing business. It has a direct interest or owns outright 231 stores in seven countries, including HMV; Virgin Megastores: Dillons (USA). EMI has network stations throughout Britain and Europe, some of which work in conjunction with Bertelsmann. The Capital Group. This Los Angeles-based investment group sold 35% of its stock to Seagram's, the Bronstein's liquor company and a high-ranking Committee of 300 property. Seagram's has an 80% stake in Universal Music Group (formerly MCA) now Matushita Electric Industries property. Its 1999 revenues were estimated as $14 billion. Seagram owns in excess of 150,000 copyrights, including the copyrights to Impact: Mechanic; Zebra; Radioactive Records; Fort Apache Records; Heavy D and the Boys.
The Capital Group has joint ventures with Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen. In its Country and Western Division, the company owns Reba McIntyre, Wynona, George Straight; Dolly Parton; Lee Anne Rimes and Hank Williams.
Through Seagram, the company owns concert halls at Fiddler's Green (Denver); Blossom Music Center (Cleveland); Gorge Amphitheater (Washington State); Starplex (Dallas). It has expanded to Toronto and Atlanta. The Capital Group through its Motion Pictured Division owns Demi Moore, Danny De Vito, Penny Marshall and a host of minor figures in the movie-making business. Universal Films Library is a Capital Group property, as is Universal Films Library. The company owns 500 retail stores, several hotels as well as Universal Studios in Hollywood. 

The Indies. One of the smaller companies in the music and entertainment, its annual revenues is estimated at $5.billion. The company has a substantial portfolio of Rock/Rap/Pop labels, mostly of the more bizarre kind. Its Country and Western Division owns Willie Nelson and distribution is done through "The Big Six." Even without ownership of any independent retail stores or outlets, the company managed to capture an astonishing 21% of U.S. music sales. The significance of this is that most of its revenues come from bizarre Rap/Pop/Rock sales of the violent, abusive, foul language, sexually-suggestive titles, anarchy—which shows the way the youth of America is going.
Philips Electronic. This Dutch company had revenues of $15.8 billion in 1996. While it is mainly an electronics company, it is in the "Big Six" category primarily because of ownership of 75% of Polygram Music. Its portfolio of labels is in Rock/Pop/Rap.
Elton John is one of its properties. Philips ranks third in the music publishing business with 375,000 copyright titles. Through its subsidiaries in Europe and Britain, in 1998 Philips produced 540 million CD's and VHS tapes. Its Motion Pictures Division owns Jodi Foster, while Philips Television own Robert Redford's Sundance Films and Propaganda Films. The foregoing information should give you, the reader, and some idea of the immense power this giant industry wields over our daily lives; how it is shaping the minds of the youth of America. 

Without the control and the advanced techniques made available to these companies through Tavistock, the giant strides the industry has made would not have been possible. The information I have provided should shake you to your very foundations when you come to the realization that Tavistock controls what "news" we see, what "home movies" and television network movies we are allowed to see; what music we listen to. Behind this gigantic enterprise stands the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. As I have clearly demonstrated, America is marching in lock-step with the gigantic moviemusic industry; hitherto unknown forces— powerful forces whose sole aim and object is to pervert, twist and distort the minds of our youth, to make it all the easier for the Committee of 300 to usher in the Socialist New World Order
- One World Government, in which the new Communists rule of the world.

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