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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

The information I have put before you should be a source of great alarm as you contemplate the future of your children and the youth of America, having come to the knowledge and understanding that they are being fed a diet of anarchistic ideas, revolutionary fervor, and incitement to take drugs, free sex, abortion, lesbianism and homosexual acceptance. Without this giant music and entertainment industry, Michael Jackson would only have been the puerile, insipid nonentity, but he was "puffed" and Tavistock told the youth of our land just how great he is, and how much they, - the youth of the Western world love him! It also has to do with the power to control the media. 

Inasmuch as the music and entertainment industry is what I call an "open secret" designed by Tavistock, I do not expect my work on this vital subject to be accepted as the whole truth, at least up to the year 2015, which is the year I anticipate the outbreak of "Armageddon" the all-out nuclear- CAB war, when the full wrath of God will fall on the United States of America. But with regard to massive media control it is not difficult for even the untrained observer to see, hear and read that indeed, the U.S. has a controlled media, the product of the Tavistock Institute. 

This factor is what got President Bush elected, and then, to the astonishment of all of Europe and at least half of the American voters, saw him elected for a second term in spite of his deplorable record. How did this happen? The question is easily answered: Due to the breakdown of America's national media. Traditional broadcasters abandoned their obligation to promote the public interest; they no longer felt an obligation to report two sides of the questions.
The national media intensified its policy of "mixing news with fiction" that began with "War of Worlds. " While this attracted viewers and increased revenues it did nothing for the long-held doctrine of fairness in broadcasting so essential to the flow of information in a free society. In recent years this grave problem has been exacerbated by the rise of the rightwing "thunder squad" who will tolerate no contra-opinion but. They broadcast only the Bush administration's opinion, and they are not above twisting and "spinning" the news in the best Tavistock manner. 

This was confirmed by a joint survey in 2004 carried out by the Center on Policy Studies, the Center on Policy Attitudes, the Program on International Policy Attitudes, and the Center for International and Security Studies. What they found is really the key to why Bush is still in the White House, and a tribute to the power of professional propaganda: * 75 percent of the Bush faithful were not convinced by the President Commission's finding that Iraq had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. * The majority of Bush supporters believed that a greater part of the Islamic world supported the U.S. in its invasion of Iraq. 

This is totally at variance with the facts. Egypt, a Muslim state does not support the USA and the majority of Egyptians want the U.S. out of Iraq. Turkey, which although a secular state is overwhelmingly Muslim, by a vote of 87 percent is opposed to the U.S. being in Iraq and reject the reasons given for the invasion. * Seventy percent of the Bush faithful believe that Iraq possessed WMD's.
What I have written here is the indisputable truth, but it will take a major event to confirm it as such, just as it took 14 years for my Committee of 300 book and 25 years for my Club of Rome Report to be confirmed by Alexander King himself. But let there be no doubt that Tavistock, today, in-2005, is in full control of every aspect of life in America. Not one thing escapes its notice.
In 2005 we are witness to the amazing influence and power of the Tavistock Institute and its upper-level masters, the
Committee of 300 in the manner in which the United States is run by President George Bush and the acceptance of what Bush says and does without question or doubt. 

The reasons for these mistaken beliefs are not hard to find. The Bush administration told the American public many times in 1994 that Iraq did have nuclear weapons ready for use. Also passed off as truth were Bush administration reports that President Hussein was supporting Al Qaeda units in Iraq and that Al Qaeda was responsible for the World Trade Center (WTC) attack, all of which was without foundation. Yet members of the Roaring Right Radio Network (RRRN) happily repeated these errors, notably Hannity and Combs and Fox News. Mr. Hannity obligingly told his audience that the weapons had been moved to Syria. He never offered a shred of evidence to support his statement. In addition to Fox News and other talk radio shows churn out masses of propaganda. Chief exponents of radio propaganda on behalf of the Bush administration are:
 Rush Limbaugh
Matt Drudge Sean
Hannity Bill
Tucker Carlson
Oliver North John
Stossell Gordon
Liddy Peggy
Noona Larry King
Michael Reagan
Gordon Liddy
Dick Morris
William Bennett
Michael Savage
Joe Scarborough
Larry King is one of the best trained Tavistock puppets.
When on the rare occasion he has an opponent of the Bush war on his show he will give them about 2 minutes to make their case, immediately followed by five pro-Bush "experts to rebut the daring dissenter." Nearly all of the foregoing radio personalities have received instruction from the experts at Tavistock to a greater or lesser degree. When one studies their methodology, it bears a distinct resemblance to the methods of presentation perfected at Tavistock. 

The same can be seen in the television personalities, the "news anchors" and their message "news" that differs neither in content or style of delivery. Without exception they all bear the imprint of the Tavistock Institute. The United States is in the grip of the greatest and sustained of mass mind control (brainwashing) and "conditioning" program and it is reflected at every level of our society. The masters of spin, deception, conniving, dissembling, halftruths and its twin brother, outright lies, have the American people by the throat.
Churchill, before he was "turned" declared in the House of Commons that the Bolsheviks "have seized Russia by the hair of its head." We make bold to say that "Tavistock has seized the head and the minds of the American people." Unless there is a great awakening of Spirit of 1776 and the revival that took place among the generation that followed the Founding Fathers, the United States is doomed to collapse, even as the Greek and Ronan civilizations collapsed. What is needed is the formation of our own "invisible army" of "shock troops" that will go into every village, every town, every city across the length and breadth of the United States, to deliver the counterpunch that will send the Tavistock troops into full retreat and ultimate defeat. 
Montagu Norman, then Governor of the Bank of England, and a close friend of the family of the Fabian Socialist, Beatrice Potter Webb, paid a surprise visit to the United States as a prelude to ushering in the Great Depression. As can be seen, this was a "contrived event" like the sinking of the Lusitania that brought the U.S. into WWI. Events leading up to the Great World Depression of the 1930's 
1928 Feb. 23— Montagu Norman visits M. Moreau, President of the Bank of France. 
June 14—Herbert Hoover nominated for President by the Republican Party. 
Aug. 18—Montagu Norman reelected President of the Bank of England.
Nov. 6--Herbert Hoover elected President of the U.S.A. 
Nov. 17—Montagu Norman reelected Governor of the Bank of England.
1929 Jan. 1--The New York Times states, that a heavy flight of gold from the U.S.A. was expected in 1929. 
Jan. 14—Eugene R. Black was reelected Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia. 
Jan. 26—Press reports indicate that forthcoming visit of Montagu Norman has no connection with the movement of gold from New York to London. Jan. 30—Montagu Norman arrives in New York City; claims he is merely paying a courtesy visit to G.L. Harrison. Jan. 31—Montagu Norman spends day with Federal Reserve Bank officials. 
Feb. 4—Montagu Norman states no immediate change in the sterling or gold situation expected to arise from his visit. Congressman Loring M. Black, Jr., introduces a resolution asking the Federal Reserve Board, whether it had conferred with Montagu Norman at or about the time it had issued its credit warning. 
Feb. 10--Rep. Black introduces a resolution asking President Coolidge and Secretary Mellon to clarify Norman's visit not as an official of the Bank of England 
Feb. 12—Andrews says claim that Federal Reserve Bank has lost control of the money situation is an illusion and stated the Bank can regulate the market at will through action on rediscounts. His statement "triggered repeated charges that the Federal Reserve System has lost control of the economy.
Feb. 19—Black's resolutions were defeated in the Banking and Currency Committee. Feb. 26— The New York Times reports that many banks had asked the Federal Advisory Council to cooperate in curbing loans for stock speculation.
Mar. 4 - Herbert Hoover sworn in as President. 
Mar. 12—Secretary of Treasury Mellon says he will not interfere with Board policy.
Mar. 21—Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago moves to reduce stock loans by 25 to 50% reduction in borrowing for speculation.
Apr. 1—National City Bank's April review of economy asks discount rate rise to 6% as way for curbing excessive stock
speculation. A Rockefeller bank! 
May 5~Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank raises rediscount rates to 5%. 
May 14—Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank raises rediscount rates to 5%. 
May 19 —The rise of rediscount rate to 5% is declared to be uniform; request for 6% rate by New York and Chicago denied. 
May 23-Advisory Council recommends 6% rediscount rate. 
Aug. 9-New York Federal Reserve Bank raised rate to 6%; it was called "adroit" measure. 
Sep. 3-National City Bank (a Rockefeller-Standard Oil bank) in its monthly bulletin states the effect of the increase in the rediscount rate uncertain. 
Oct. 29—Stock market crash ends post war prosperity; 16,000.000 shares, including unrestricted short selling, change hands. 
By end of year decline in value of stocks reaches $15,000,000,000; by end of 1931 stock losses reached $50,000.000.000.
Nov.—New York Federal Reserve Bank reduces rediscount rate to 5%. 
Nov. 11-Montagu Norman elected Governor of the Bank of
England for eleventh term. 
Nov. 15 --Rediscount rate reduced to 4 1/2%. Throughout the early part of 1929 there were constant reports of shipments of gold to the United States to and from London, thus creating the impression, that the report of January 1 was accurate. With the stock market crash, however, the flight of gold from the U.S.A. commenced, in earnest. 

Kurt Lewin
Kurt Lewin's (1890-1947) work had a profound impact on social psychology and experiential learning, group dynamics and action research. Lewin was born on September 9, 1890 in the village of Mogilno in Prussia (now part of Poland). He was one of four children in a middle class Jewish family (his father owned a small general store and a farm). They moved to Berlin when he was fifteen and he was enrolled in the Gymnasium. In 1909 Kurt Lewin entered the University of Freiberg to study medicine. He then transferred to the University of Munich to study biology. Around this time he became in involved in the Socialist movement. His particular concerns appear to have been the combating of anti-Semitism and the democratization of German institutions.
His doctorate was received from the University of Berlin where he developed an interest in the philosophy of science and encountered Gestalt psychology. His PhD was awarded in 1916, but by then he was serving in the German army (he was injured in combat). In 1921 Kurt Lewin joined the Psychological Institute of the University of Berlin - where he gave seminars in both philosophy and psychology. He was starting to make a name for himself both in publishing and teaching. His work became known in America and he was invited to spend six months as a visiting professor at Stanford (1930). With the political position worsening considerably in Germany in 1933 he and his wife and daughter left for the United States. 

Thereafter he became involved at the Tavistock Institute in various applied research initiatives linked to the war effort (the Second World War.) These included influencing the morale of the fighting troops and psychological warfare. He was always a strong Socialist. He founded the Center for Group Dynamics at MIT. He was also engaged in a programthe Commission of Community Interrelations in New York. The "T Groups" for which Lewin had become known emerged from this program which was directed toward solving religious and racial prejudices. Lewin got funding for the Office of Naval Intelligence and worked closely in training its operatives. The National Training Laboratories was another of his mind-control mass brainwashing programs that played a profound role in the corporate world.
Niall Ferguson
Niall Ferguson is a history professor who taught at Cambridge and is now a tenured Oxford don. Those are the credential of a "court historian" whose main purpose is to protect the patriotic, political myths of his government. Professor Fergusson, however has written an iconoclastic attack on one of the most venerable patriotic myths of the British, namely that of the First World War was a great and necessary war in which the British performed the noble act of intervening to protect Belgian neutrality, French freedom, and the empires of both the French and British from the military aggression of the hated Hun. Politicians like Lloyd
George and Churchill argued that the war was not only necessary, but inevitable. 

In this they were ably assisted by the propaganda factory at Wellington House, "the house of lies" as Toynbee called it. Ferguson asks and answers ten specific questions about the First World War, one of the most important being whether the war, with its total of ten million casualties, was worth it. Not only does he answer in the negative, but concludes that the world war was not necessary or inevitable, but was instead the result of grossly erroneous decisions of British political leaders based on an improper perception of the "threat" to the British Empire posed by Germany. Ferguson regards it as "nothing less than the greatest error in modern history."
He goes further and puts most of the blame on the British because it was the British government that ultimately decided to turn the continental war into a world war. He argues that the British had no legal obligation to protect Belgium or France and that the German naval build-up did not really menace the British. British political leaders, Ferguson maintains, should have realized that the Germans were mostly fearful of being surrounded the growing Russian industrial and military might, as well as the large French army. He argues further, that the Kaiser would have honored his pledge to London, offered on the eve of the war, to guarantee French and Belgium territorial integrity in exchange for Britain's neutrality. 

Ferguson concludes that "Britain's decision to intervene was the result of secret planning by her generals and diplomats, which dated back to 1905" and that it was based on a misreading of German intentions, "which were imagined to be Napoleonic in scale." Political calculations also played their part in bringing on war. Ferguson notes that Foreign Minister Edward Grey provided the leadership that put Britain on the bellicose path. Although a majority of the other ministers were hesitant. "In the end they agreed to support Grey, partly for fear of being turned out of office and letting in the Tories." Such was the power of the lies and propaganda that flowed out of Wellington House, the forerunner of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. 

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