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Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States.

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Europe after WWI and the close of the Bolshevik Revolution was forced to change according to the Tavistock blueprint. When, thanks to the British engendered and instigated First World War, Europe fell off a precipice into the end of their world, or perhaps it might be more appropriate to say, shambled along like zombies until the last of the era vanished into the darkness of the abyss, the forced changes became very much apparent. This is not a book about the First World War per se. Hundreds of thousands of words have been written about the cause and effects of the greatest tragedy ever to befall mankind, and yet it has not been adequately addressed and probably never will be. One thing that many writers -myself included - are agreed on. The war was started by Great Britain out of sheer hatred of Germany's rapid progress toward becoming a major economic power in competition against Britain, and Lord Edward Grey was the principle architect of the war.

That it was unpopular and not approved of by a large majority of the British people called for "special measures" a new department to handle the challenge. In essence, that is the reason why Wellington House came into existence. From such a small beginning, it progressed into the gargantuan Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, by 2005, the world's premier brainwashing institution and a most sinister force. That it will have to be confronted and put out of business if the United States is to survive as a constitutional Republic with a Republican form of government guaranteed to the 50 States is the considered opinion of a number of members of the U.S. Senate, who were consulted in preparation for this book, but who asked not to be named.
The aftermath of the First World War and the failed attempts to form a League of Nations served only to emphasize the gap 
between the old Western civilization and the new. The economic disaster of postwar Germany hung like the smoke
from a funeral pyre over Western culture adding to the dismal, sad and fearful climate that began in the 1920s.
Historian agree that all of the combatants suffered economic ravage of varying degree, although Russia was somewhat
spared, only to be destroyed by the Bolsheviks, while Germany and Austria were the hardest hit. A strange kind of a forced gaiety descended on Europe in the 1920s (in which I include Britain) and the United States. It was put down to "rebellious youth" and people generally being "sick of war and politics." In point of fact, people were reacting to the long-range penetration and inner-directional conditioning of the masters at Tavistock.

In the period between the end of WWI and 1935, they were as much shell-shocked as were the troops who had survived the hell of the trenches with shot and shell flying all around them, only now, it was economic shot and shell and vast changes in social mores that numbed their senses. 
But the end result of the "treatment" was the same. People threw discretion to the winds and the moral rot that was set in motion in 1918, is ongoing and gathering momentum. In the state of forced gaiety, nobody saw the coming of the world economic crash and subsequent world depression.
It is agreed by most historians that this condition was engineered and we are led to believe, that Tavistock played a role in the feverish publicity campaigns of various factions in that period. In support of our contention that the crash and depression was a contrived event. See Appendix of Events. Spengler foretold what was to happen and as it turns out his predictions were amazingly accurate. "Decadent society" and "loose women" characterized by the "flappers", and men in coats fitted with hip flasks, who demanded and got a lessening of female modesty that came in with higher hemlines, bobbed hair and excessive make-up, women smoking and drinking in public
As money became harder to come by and soup kitchen and unemployment lines grew longer, hemlines grew shorter, while the writings of Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence drew gasps, the latest Broadway shows and nightclub acts revealed a lot more of women's hidden charms than ever before, and put them out on public display. It was noted by fashion designers in 1919 in the New Yorker magazine that "hemlines this year are six inches from the ground and very daring."
But that was only the beginning. In 1935 with Hitler rising to power, guaranteed by the impossible conditions forced upon Germany at Versailles, hemlines were also rising to the dizzy height of the knees, except in Germany, where Hitler was demanding modesty from German womanhood and getting it, along with wholesome respect, which did not suit Tavistock's book. People who stopped to think at all said they hated the way "times are changing," but what they did not and could not know was that times were being made to change according to a carefully laid out Tavistock formula. Everywhere else in Europe and America the revolt was on as "emancipation" fever spread.

In the United States it was silent screen idols who led the way, but this was no match with what was happening in Europe where every single "pleasure" was being indulged in, including homosexuality, that had long been hidden in darkness and never mentioned in polite society. Homosexuality emerged alongside lesbianism to shock disgust, and it seemed, to deliberately affront those who still lingered in the old orderA study of this aberration showed that homosexuality and lesbianism became rampant not out of any inner or latent desires, but as a means to "shocking" the old establishment with its rigid codes of good order. Music too suffered and "went to the dogs" in all manner of jazz and other "decadent" forms.
Tavistock was now in the most crucial stage of developing its plan that called for womanhood to be reduced to a lessening
standard of morality and of feminine behavior never thought possible. Nations were in a state of numbness, "shellshocked"
by the radical changes forced upon them which seemed impossible to stop, in which a complete absence of female modesty reflected in learned behavioral attitudes that made the 1920s and 1930s, look like a ladies Sunday school teacher's convention.

There was no stopping the "sexual revolution" that swept the world during that era and the planned degradation of womanhood that went with itSome voices were heard, notably G.K. Chesterton and Oswald Spengler, but it was not enough to blunt the assault launched by the Tavistock Institute that had in effect "declared war on Western civilization." The effects of "long
range penetration and inner directional conditioning" were everywhere to be observed. The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today is not some social phenomenon or the result of something abstract or sociological that just "happened". Rather it was the outcome of a carefully planned Tavistock program.
What we are seeing is not accidental, some aberration of history. Rather it is the end product of a deliberately induced social and moral crisis evident everywhere and in such personages as Mick Jagger, Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, "reality" television shows, "music" seemingly an amalgam of every base instinct, Fox News (Faux News,) near pornographic movies in mainstream theaters, advertising in which modesty and decency are cast to the winds, loud uncouth behavior in public places, especially in American
restaurants; Katie Curic and a host other of female non-entities suddenly "created" to become highlypaid "television anchors" or talk show hosts, all of whom have been trained to talk in a hard, grating monotonous voices totally lacking in cadence, as if talking through clenched jaws, in a manner that is harsh, strident and hard on the ears. Whereas television news readers and "anchormen" had always been men, suddenly, there were no more than a dozen men in the field.

We see it in non-entity "stars" in the movie industry that churn out movies of an increasingly low cultural standard. We see it also in the glorification of interracial marriages, divorce on demand, abortion, and blatant homosexual and lesbian behavior, in the loss of religious beliefs and in Western civilization family life. Such "stars" are Ellen DeGeneres, who have absolutely no talent and nothing of any cultural value to offer, are held up as models for impressionable young girls who are increasingly on parade
with as much as 75 percent of their bodies exposed. We see it in a massive increase in drug addiction and all manner of social evil as in Canada passing a "law" making homosexual and lesbian "marriage" legal under the threadbare guise of  civil rights."

We see it in wholesale corruption of the political system and constitutional mayhem where the House and Senate permits
flagrant violations of the highest law in the land, at every level of government and nowhere more so than in the Executive branch of government, where every president since Roosevelt has taken powers to which the President is not entitled. We see it in the illicit taking of war powers by the President when such powers are explicitly denied to the Executive by the U.S. Constitution.
We see it in a new dimension of constitutional disobedience added to an ugly list of "laws" not empowered by the Constitution, one of the most recent and most shocking being the U.S. Supreme Court's blatant exceeding of it powers in breaking down States rights and electing George Bush, the younger as the President. This had to be one of the most savage blows struck against the Constitution in the grossest contravention of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in the history of the United States. Yet, so dazed and shellshocked are the American people that no protest was voiced, no mass demonstrations; no calls for the Supreme Court to be reined in. In this one incident alone, the power of Tavistock's "long range penetration and inner directional conditioning" proved to be a huge triumph.
No, this condition of disintegration of our Republic in which we find ourselves in 2005 did not simply evolve; rather it is the end product of a carefully planned social engineering brainwashing project of immense proportions. The truth is reflected in the death throes of what was once the greatest nation on Earth. The physiological conditioning papers written by the social
scientists at Tavistock are working well. Your reaction is a programmed one. You cannot think in any other way unless
you make a supreme effort. 

Nor can you take steps to free yourself from this condition unless you can first identify the enemy and his plan for the dissolution of the United States and Europe in particular and the Western world in general. That enemy is called the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and it has been at war with Western civilization since its earliest days before it found form and substance at Wellington House and from there evolved into its present facilities at Sussex University and the Tavistock Clinic in London. Before I unmasked this institution in 1969, it was unknown in the United States
It is without doubt the world's premier brainwashing social engineering establishment. We shall see what it achieved in its early days in pre-WWI England and since then in the run-up to WWII and post WWII to the present time. During WWII the Tavistock
Institute was headquartered at the British Army Physiological Warfare Division. We have covered its history during its
formative years at Wellington House and we now proceed to the pre- World War II and post WWII activities.

Dr. Kurt Lewin was its chief theoretician who specialized in the teaching and application of topological psychology, which was and remains the most advanced method of behavior modification. Lewin was assisted by Major General John Rawlings Reese, Eric Trist, W.R. Bion, H.V. Dicks and several of the "greats" of brainwashing and social engineering like Margaret Meade and her husband, Gregory Bateson. Bernays was the top consultant right up to the time George Bush was placed in the White House by the Supreme Court. We do not want to get too technical and thus will not get into specifics of how they applied the Social Scientists sciences. Most will accept the generic term of "brainwashing" as an overall explanation of the activities of this, the "mother of all think tanks."

It will come as no small surprise to learn that Lewin and his team founded the Stanford Research Center, the Wharton
School of Economics, MIT and the National Institute of Mental Health among scores of other institutions fondly
believed to be "American" institutions. During the course of years, the Federal Government contributed millions upon
millions of dollars to Tavistock and its expanded web of interlinking institutions, while corporate America and Wall
Street came up with matching amounts. We make bold to say that without the amazing growth and advanced techniques for mass brainwashing developed by the Tavistock Institute, there would have been no Second World War, nor any of the wars that followed, and certainly not the two Gulf Wars, the second of which is still raging in November 2005.
By the year 2000 there was hardly any aspect of life in America into which Tavistock's tentacles had not reached and that included every level of government from local to federal, industry, trade, education and the political institutions of the
nation. Every mental and psychological aspect of the nation was analyzed, recorded, profiled and stored in computer
memory banks. What has come out of this is what Tavistock calls "a three system response" and it is how population groups react to stress resulting from "contrived situations" that become crisis management exercises. What we have in the U.S. and Britain
is a government, that creates a situation viewed by its citizens as a crisis, and government then manages that "crisis."
An example of a "contrived situation" was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941

The attack on Pearl Harbor was "contrived" as previously explained herein with the transfer of Rockefeller cash to Richard Sorge the master spy, and then to a member of the imperial family to prompt Japan to fire the first shots so that the Roosevelt
administration could take the United States into WWIIThe economic strangulation of Japan by Britain and the United States unilaterally choking off the flow of essential raw materials to the island factory that was Japan, had reached a point where a decision was made to put an end to it. Tavistock played an enormous role in crafting the massive wave of anti-Japanese propaganda that swept the United States into the war in Europe via war against Japan.
Unbearable economic pressure was put on Japan while at the same time the Roosevelt administration refused to
"negotiate," until the Tokyo government could see no way out but to attack at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had conveniently
obligingly shifted the Pacific Fleet into harm's way by moving it from its safe-haven at San Diego to Pearl Harbor,
for absolutely no valid or strategic reason, thereby placing it squarely in reach of the Japanese Navy.

Another example is more recent; the Gulf War that began when a hue and a cry was raised about Iraq's alleged stocks of
nuclear and chemical weapons, the so-called "weapons of mass destruction," (WMD's.) The Bush administration and
the Blair government knew the issue was a "contrived situation" without foundation or merit; they knew that there
were no such weapons. Indisputable proof existed that Hussein's weapons program had been nullified after the 1991
Gulf War and through continued brutal sanctions

In short, the two Western "leaders" were caught out in a web of lies, yet such is the power of the Committee of 300 and the brainwashing power of Tavistock, that they remained in office although it is an accepted fact that because of their lies, at least one million Iraqis and more than 2000 American servicemen dead and 25,999 wounded (Russia's GRU Military Intelligence figures) of which 53 percent are maimed, with the cost in monetary terms as of October 2005, exceeding $550 billion.
The Iraqi death toll is the total of both Gulf Wars of which the majority are civilians who died from the lack of food,
clean water and medicine as a result of the criminal sanctions imposed by the British and U.S. Governments under cover of
the U.N. 

In carrying out sanctions against Iraq, the U.N. violated its own charter and from then on became a crippled institution
lacking credibilityThere is no parallel in history where a man holding the highest office was proved to be a liar and deceiver and yet could remain in power as if nothing had stained his office, a state of affairs that demonstrates the power of the Tavistock
Institute's "long range penetration and inner conditioning" treatment of the American people, that would cause them
docilely to accept such a turgid, horror-filled situation without ever taking to the streets in rage.

Well did Henry Ford say that "people deserve the government they get" if the people do nothing to turn that government out of office, such as is the right of the American people under their U.S. Constitution, then they deserve to have liars and deceivers running their nation and their lives. On the other hand, the American people may well be going through the one of the three phases of what Dr. Fred Emery, at one time the senior psychiatrist at Tavistock, once described as "social environmental turbulence." According to Emery: "Large populations groups manifest the following symptoms when subjected to conditions of violent social changes, stress and turbulence which can be divided into well-defined categories: Superficiality is the condition that manifests itself when the threatened population group reacts by adopting shallow sloganeering, which they attempt to pass off as ideals."
Very little "ego investment" takes place making the first phase a "maladaptive response" because, as Emery stated, "the cause of the crisis is not isolated and identified" and the crisis and tension is not abated, but continues for as long as the controller want it to last. The second phase of the crisis reaction (since the crisis is continuing), is "fragmentation", a condition in which panic strikes, "social cohesion" falls apart with the result that very small groups form and attempt to protect themselves from the crisis with little or no regard for the expense or cost to other fragmented, small groups. This phase Emery calls "passive maladaption," while still failing to identify the cause of the crisis. The third phase is when the victims turn away from the source of the induced crisis and the resulting tension. They take "fantasy trips of internal migration, introspection and obsession with self." This is what Tavistock calls "disassociation and self realization." Emery goes on to explain that "the passive maladaption responses are now coupled with "active maladaptive responses."

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