SoZo Ministry Concepts

I just learned about SOZO Ministry and the concepts that it involves. While going to this 3 day seminar I realized that God had already put me through a sort of SOZO experience on my own between me and HIM.

I wrote my thoughts down at certain times as the SOZO was being explained and I felt exuberant because it allowed me to realize one of the ways God works and has worked in my life. I am not going to try to explain to you my impression, or my definition of SOZO ministries. I will however, explain to you my personal sort of SOZO experience.

First things first. The two that were immediately brought to my attention was, one, the Holy Spirit in us speaks to us and as he does, we need to listen and submit.

Secondly: As the Spirit allows us to change through the power of God, then each time we recognize the prayer we prayed was answered, whether because of our own obedience or otherwise, we can grow.

Through this we begin to experience a series of cycles that go something like this. We are being obedient, we pray, our prayer gets answered, sometimes in a miraculous way, we have a sincere spiritual realization through that experience, that in turn increases our faith and the reality of what Christ just did, and has done, should always push us forward into a deeper, more trusting relationship knowing that God's sovereignty and absolute power over things is real. In this, we can trust and we should never fall backward in our faith. We should always be reflecting on the real and tangible things of God.

Now, for the next set of notes I wrote, I was made to realize, (and this is what is so similar to the teachings of SOZO) that, God has shown me that He worked in me to develop a point where I was able to listen to that still soft voice of the Holy Spirit in my life. I started to recognize each ungodly act, ungodly thought and each occurrence of ungodly behavior. Then, through having a Christ consciousness, I was able to first, bind them up in the name and by the blood of Jesus, if it was something like a spontaneous ungodly thought. For the other two things, not only did I do battle against them in the name of Jesus, but then I also prayed with a sincere heart and asked God to either take it away, or allow me to change my heart, behavior or whatever it was that needed spiritual surgery.

So as I laid each thing at His feet, He gave me strength and the ability to over come. Now, in all this, we have to be conscience of what the Holy Spirit is saying to us through our convictions. We have to keep a clean slate before the eyes of the Lord, so He doesn't set His face against us, and in this way, we can experience true Godly intervention when we need it. We can experience much quicker answers to most of our prayers according to His will, and we can really see the providence of God being carried out in our lives. Trust me people, when you come to this point in your Christian walk, your faith, trust, and confidence that God is in control will pull you through any trials or tribulations in life.

But now that I have explained this, let me share with you the fact that it has taken God, 35 years to shape my life, and it has been an enormous undertaking. It has brought me through many hot fires, trials and tribulations, and many times I was on my knees in tears, over come by grief, like Paul, shipwrecked, but not on the ocean, and I'm not looking for sympathy here. I, like many, didn't want to listen, I wanted it my way. God however, had a different plan, and He finally got His message across to me loud and clear, and through it all, I was able to give Him complete control in my life, and am I ever glad I did! It took me a long time to realize that the spiritual laws that are in effect through God's omnipotence and power, can't be beat or manipulated.