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Conspiracy FACT: The Great Reset

Far from a mere conspiracy theory, the Great Reset is being carried out by globalist forces as we speak.

“What you heard from the president today was a clear articulation of the stakes,” said Biden administration economic adviser Brian Deese last week while his boss was at the NATO summit. “This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm.”

What do you mean “we,” kimosabe?

We’re not sure what a “liberal world order” has to do with record-high gas prices or pumping $54 billion and counting of American taxpayer dollars into Ukraine, but Deese must. Or else he wouldn’t have said it. Deese, by the way is the director of Joe Biden’s National Economic Council, and he’s also a former executive at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager and one of the leading “strategic partners” of the World Economic Forum, whose founder and executive director, Klaus Schwab, is the driving force behind the Great Reset.

Yes, the Great Reset, and, no, it’s not a conspiracy theory. Here’s how columnist James Delingpole described this revolutionary global enterprise in November 2020, as the Biden regime was preparing to replace the Trump administration:

Put simply, it is the blueprint for a complete transformation of the world economy. There will be no money, no private property, no democracy. Instead, every key decision — what you do for a living, how much stuff you consume, whether you can take a vacation — will [be] decided for you by a remote, unaccountable elite of ‘experts.’

It sounds like a conspiracy theory — and is often dismissed as such by people who imagine they are being savvy and sophisticated. In fact, though, the people pushing for the Great Reset are perfectly open about their plan. Indeed, they can scarcely stop talking about it.

World leaders have bought in, too — which is why they keep heading to those exorbitant getaways at Davos, Switzerland, and keep using terms like “sustainability” and “saving the planet” and “Green New Deal” and “Build Back Better.” Even the term “social justice” is tethered to this movement. As Schwab himself has said, the world must “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies,” with every industry “transformed” as part of “a Great Reset of capitalism.”

The Great Reset isn’t exactly new. It officially launched at Davos in June 2020, at the World Economic Forum’s 50th annual meeting, and we at The Patriot Post have written about it here and here. But it’s been sneaking up on us since Schwab founded his WEF as the European Management Forum back in 1971. It was then that he introduced a concept that has since become known as “stakeholder capitalism,” a concept arguing “that the management of a modern enterprise must serve not only shareholders but all stakeholders to achieve long-term growth and prosperity.”

Stakeholder capitalism requires that corporations not only respond to pandemics and environmental issues such as climate change, but also to “vulnerable communities within their ecosystems.” This is the “social justice” aspect of the Great Reset.

So when you hear the term “stakeholder capitalism,” think: socialism. And think: the Great Reset. And when you think “Great Reset,” think: an erosion of Liberty and a movement away from the free-market capitalism that has brought more wealth and more prosperity to more people than any economic system in the history of the world.

It’s already happening. Much of it happened during the past two years of COVID-19. As Michael Rectenwald writes in this excellent primer on the Great Reset:

In October 2019, the WEF collaborated with Johns Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on another pandemic exercise, “Event 201,” which simulated an international response to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus. This was two months before the COVID outbreak in China became news and five months before the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic, and it closely resembled the future COVID scenario, including incorporating the idea of asymptomatic spread.

[This simulation and a previous one] anticipated almost every eventuality of the actual COVID crisis, most notably the responses by governments, health agencies, the media, tech companies, and elements of the public. The responses and their effects included worldwide lockdowns, the collapse of businesses and industries, the adoption of biometric surveillance technologies, an emphasis on social media censorship to combat “misinformation,” the flooding of social and legacy media with “authoritative sources,” widespread riots, and mass unemployment.

Corporations are also being squeezed, coerced. Take, for example, this passage of a letter from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to the world’s CEOs:

We have long believed that our clients, as shareholders in your company, will benefit if you can create enduring, sustainable value for all of your stakeholders. … As more and more investors choose to tilt their investments towards sustainability-focused companies, the tectonic shift we are seeing will accelerate further. And because this will have such a dramatic impact on how capital is allocated, every management team and board will need to consider how this will impact their company’s stock.

It reads like a threat, doesn’t it?

All isn’t lost, however. As Rectenwald points out:

Because the goals of the Great Reset depend on the obliteration not only of free markets, but of individual liberty and free will, it is, perhaps ironically, unsustainable. Like earlier attempts at totalitarianism, the Great Reset is doomed to ultimate failure. That doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t, again like those earlier attempts, leave a lot of destruction in its wake­ — which is all the more reason to oppose it now and with all our might.

Early Wednesday, at around 4 a.m., an explosion ripped through a massive and mysterious granite monument in northeast Georgia called the Georgia Guidestones — a monument state officials say is known as “America’s Stonehenge.”

But whereas England’s Stonehenge was built on Salisbury Plain by unknown peoples some 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, the Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980 by an unknown group of sponsors who provided its specifications. According to the state’s tourism website, the six giant slabs are 19 feet high, weigh nearly 120 tons, and display a 10-part multilingual message promoting the conservation of mankind and its future generations in languages including ancient Babylonian cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

The panels are seen by some as satanic, and by others as globalist and eugenicist given that they provide guidance for living in an “age of reason,” with one part calling for keeping world population at 500 million or below, and another part calling to “guide reproduction wisely” for “improving fitness and diversity.”

Given all this, could it be that the willful destruction of this weird monument was the first return salvo in the war against the stakeholder-capitalist one-world-government Great Reset crowd?

Nah. That’d be a conspiracy theory. The Great Reset, however, is conspiracy fact.


How Big Banks Are Planning to Force Americans into the ‘Great Reset’ Trap
Justin Haskins Mar 30, 2021 12:01 AM
In June 2020, elites from around the world gathered to announce the launch of a plan to “reset” the entire global economy, a proposal they ominously named the “Great Reset.”

Among the many world leaders and powerful institutions that pledged their support for the Great Reset at the June meeting were the International Monetary Fund, Prince Charles, the head of the United Nations, CEOs from major international corporations, and the World Economic Forum—one of the key ringleaders of the Great Reset.
“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate [in the Great Reset], and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” wrote Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in an article published on WEF’s website. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

The initial justification for the Great Reset was the COVID-19 pandemic, but from the start, supporters of the global economic overhaul repeatedly said that climate change was the long-term justification, the one that would allow a sustained, massive transformation of society. Doing nothing, they argued, would pose an “existential threat” to the human race—a completely ludicrous argument many on the left continuously make without a shred of solid scientific evidence to support the claim.

Among the most important figures in the Great Reset movement are gigantic financial institutions and/or their CEOs, including Bank of America and MasterCard. Although many Great Reset supporters have called for dramatic expansions of government welfare programs, including job guarantees, government-provided health care, etc., the heart of the Great Reset is something called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

ESG metrics offer public policy leaders, economists, investors, and banks an entirely new way of evaluating businesses. Instead of looking at how profitable a company is, how many employees it has, its business model, and other traditional metrics, ESG adds to those concerns a whole host of left-wing causes, including how “green” a company is, having the “right” ratio of minorities, whether a business is involved in politically disfavored industries (such gun manufacturing and sales), as well as other, similar considerations. Companies are then given a score or rating to determine how well they align with ESG goals.

Hundreds of the world’s largest corporations, including financial institutions, have already created ESG systems and reporting metrics within their companies, and investor groups worth trillions of dollars have pledged to prioritize these companies over those that refuse to participate. ESG systems, sustainable investment, and forcing the world to adopt “green” energy sources are all essential elements of the Great Reset plan to transform the world. (I put “green” in quotes because there is ample evidence to show wind and solar energy are not even remotely environmentally friendly, as even left-wing documentarian Michael Moore now admits).

Parts of the Great Reset are theoretical and have yet to be put into place, but some components of the plan have already been rolled out or are now being put into place. One of the most important is financial institutions’ commitment to mandate that virtually all businesses in America adopt renewable energy. In February 2021, Bank of America, citing its “longstanding support for the Paris Climate Agreement,” announced, “the company today outlined initial steps to achieve its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its financing activities, operations and supply chain before 2050.”
Note that the “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” rule will be applied not only to Bank of America’s own operations and supply chain—meaning every company that does business with Bank of America—but also its “financing activities.”
Put more simply, if you want a loan from Bank of America in the future, you better toe the globalist line on climate change.
Of course, Bank of America isn’t the only bank with these policies. Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf made a comparable announcement on March 8.

“Climate change is one of the most urgent environmental and social issues of our time,” Scharf said, “and Wells Fargo is committed to aligning our activities to support the goals of the Paris Agreement and to helping transition to a net-zero carbon economy.” Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan Chase—which, together with Wells Fargo and Bank of America, make up the six largest banks in the United States—also made similar commitments.
And do not think for a moment that these requirements will only apply to businesses, either. Some financial institutions have already started to give ESG scores to individual investment accounts, as Glenn Beck has repeatedly noted, sending a clear signal that everyone will be required to adopt the Great Reset in the coming years.

If banks are allowed to collectively decide to stop financing any group of people they want, based not on financial concerns but ideological considerations, then banks and their Great Reset allies will have, in effect, near-total control over society—especially if they begin to tie lending decisions to a vast ESG system.

Interestingly, in January 2021, the Trump-era Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued a finalized Fair Access to Financial Services regulation that would have made it illegal for large banks to engage in the sort of discrimination I warned about above. But just one week after entering the White House, President Joe Biden “paused” the rule’s implementation, signaling his clear intention to eliminate the rule before it ever has a chance to be published in the Federal Register.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you who have been following the Great Reset closely. The Biden administration’s “climate czar,” John Kerry, as well as Biden himself, are supporters of the Great Reset. The time has come for a massive populist revolt against the Great Reset, one that will hopefully have the same success as the grassroots movement against Common Core did under the Obama administration. The fate of the free world may very well depend on it.